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Parking At Goodison

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whats up ToffieTalk,


I've never been to Goodison before and I just wondered will I able to find somewhere to park there? Im a Gooner (Arsenal fan) and I just got a couple of tickets for the Everton vs Arsenal game 29/12/07. I had a look on the clubs website and I found a map that shows a good few car parks at the ground but I just wondered if I'll atcually be able to find a space there? Just asking coz some grounds are a nightmare to park at. I'm really looking forward to the game, should be a tought test for the Arsenal as you've turned us over at Goodison for the last couple of years. Any help/advice about parking/getting to Goodison you could give me would be much appreciated.



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Theres lots of side streets you can park in up by Anfield, you've only got a five minute walk to Goodison, its more Difficult the nearer you get to the ground.

Looking forward to seeing the Arse, they Play some lovely football and are well worth watching.


Enjoy your day mate. :)

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