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The only thing I can see there that might want changing, is if staying Goodison becomes the only option there is nothing to stop the club trying to sell naming rights, particularly if it does get redeveloped.

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It'll cost more than that, i understand that Tescos are not actually giving EFC any money at all. The £50 million thats being bandied about is being paid to Knowsley Council by tesco for The land, and Tesco are allowing a Stadium to be built on some of the land adjoining their Superstore, at an extortionate annual rental i suppose.

Has anybody actually come forward and been named as investors ? no, and they are not likely to be either, after all nobody wants to go to kirkby to expand or start a new business, they want to be in the City where the money is to be made

If the LCC comes up with a site in the City which EFC agree to, investors will be Queueing up. LCC know this and have or will come forward with several sites but EFC have to stop burying their heads in the sand to look and listen to what is on offer.

Any investment in the City will bring forth more than £50m, its a no brainer really, but our board members at EFC dont appear to have any Brains.

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