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A Thought To Ponder

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Bill Kenright at times gets alot of abuse, people saying he should leave and that in the long run he isnt good for the club. People accusing BK of revusing to sell, even though he says that he is waiting for the right person to come along and then he will.


Well four years ago if we had a big investment man come in, like a Randy Lerner or the fella from Liverpool or City would Moyes still be here today?


It got me thinking after reading the article on the official site about managers not being given enough time. Bill stood by Moyes because he new Moyes was building something, but if we had another chairman who was maybe not quite as patient i dont think Everton would have built the foundations that we currently have. Yes we would have money for big players . . but who would want to join us, and would it really bring us success. I truly belive that when BK find the right man then he will sell, and i am happy with that. In my opinion we need another BK but with money, when we find that then he will sell.


The were times when Moyes was here that it would have been easier to just sack him, but Bill stood by him.

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well put

it seems that there are too many clubs out their that have tons of money so they expect to just have results appear or else they fire their managers

i'm so glad moyes has been given the time he has gotten

he's building the club for the future

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