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Romey 1878

Nice Article On Moyes

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Pat    2

That was the sentance that caught my attention 2 Louis.



Unless the I-view or statement was some time ago, & that sentance is just a delayed quote that in the current environment could be the cause of some mischief ?

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Journalists seem to think that if a club came in for moyes he'd go. they don't take us seriously at all. On some level I like it though. We make a good job by going at it it quietly.

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4pi    0

i kno its pathetic.


one reason why i think moyes wont leave, i really honestly feel like he thinks the job is far from done here.

yes he enjoys it and various other things. but its like fergie at utd, he still doesnt think the job is done now which i think is great for what he's done already at utd!!!!


i could understand if were jus a normal mid table club but were not!!!!!!!


we are the mighty blues on the verge of becoming one of the real big boys again, a force to be reckoned with.


there is no logic in wantin join a newcastle, he'd never get the time he has got here. thats were i think big bill is awesome.


happy days ahead, just sit back and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

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