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Everton Bigwig Philip Green

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Any ambitions Newcastle might have had of poaching David Moyes from Everton came to grief while Mike Ashley (left) was on holiday in the Far East earlier this week.


Newcastle's owner ran into Everton bigwig Sir Philip Green on his jaunt, and the two were enjoying a meal together when Green's mobile rang.


Green told the caller "you'd better tell him yourself" and passed the phone to Ashley. On the other end was Everton chairman Bill Kenwright, who barked "Hands off Moyes!"


Everton 'bigwig' Sir Philip Green indeed. :D


Has anybody else heard the rumour that he put his name down as guarantor on a club loan a few months back?

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There's at least two loans


One of £20million from earlier this season (the Manny/Yak fund)



I think he is personally accountable for a loan of £30million if Everton can't pay it (the one based on season ticket sales over 25years). £55million is repayable :(

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