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On January 24th the following was published in the Echo:

I thought "well done" as the Echo was finally publishing what I consider a fair piece of journalism as it offered both sides of the argument. It seems that Liverpool Echo's Tina Miles may have had her hand slapped by her seniors and the club for her troubles judging by the follow up.


Today (26th) this was published:

I was personally not present at the Kirkby residents meeting but I have read accounts by people who were and some state that an Everton public relations employee was in attendance but he was not happy to be asked questions as he had not brought any relevant information on the proposed move with him. I may be wrong but if an Everton employee is present but not in a capacity to speak publicly to Kirkby residents then he is not at that time an Everton representative?


KRAG's spokesman Ian Morris was in attendance at the meetings and he was not aware that the club's public relations officer was also present, I am absolutely certain he would not have publicly stated "they didn’t even turn up to a public consultation" had he known.


Did the Everton employee wear a badge on his chest proudly proclaiming 'Everton representative' on it or did he stand towards the back of the hall, away from line of questioning knowing if he introduced himself he would have been the subject of a barrage of questioning?


Originally the picture on the Everton promise to pay for Kirkby parking article was of the proposed stadium in a retail park. The original article now has the glossy picture from the voting brochure in place of the picture of a stadium in a retail park. It's a subtle change but it makes a large difference to the outcome of the article.


Something is certainly amiss here, surely. Why is the club public relations officer turning up to Kirkby resident's groups incognito and why has the picture been changed on the Liverpool Echo website?

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