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  3. Both actually. But I think he was referring more to the sub where Seamus did get right arsey and slapping his badge. Didn't see him after the goal though, was too busy bouncing around.
  4. If anyone can sort our defensive woes out Benitez can. We do need a new rightback and a either get Keane to rediscover his mojo, and lead Godfrey through this tough period, get Mason Holgate to switch on or get a new centre back in. I do think that when we have DCL back we will carry more of a threat, and he can hold the ball up giving us a chance to build attacks and stop the ball comming straight back at us. I would love to see a midfield 3 like we had against Burnley when Gomes came on, we looked so much more comftable.
  5. Please please come back. Just one good leg is better than what is on the pitch currently.
  6. Tough test for the England women's team tonight, not sure how they only won 10-0.
  7. He said when Richarlison scored.
  8. Everton are a cruel joke right now.
  9. I think he's referring to the sub. He came over and started scowling like only he can hitting the badge. Had nothing to do with the goal.
  10. Did Keane win a single ball in the air? Apart from the assist when he stepped forward (which was quality), he was incredibly poor.
  11. We have got in more and better forward positions this season per game I feel without looking at the stats, previous seasons we may have had slightly more possession but in our own half with sideways passing, for me Digne has been poor in all departments for over 2 seasons with the odd decent game now and then, nothing that can be blamed on Rondon he’s just played a handful of games, Digne has been pants for a very long time. I agree Godfrey isn’t the final answer but with no one else to put him and us out of our misery I believe Godfrey would be no worse and slightly better, after all he played there quite a few games last season and did a far better job of it than Digne imo.
  12. I've seen so many people who simply don't fully recover from COVID-19. I'm wondering whether Godfrey also falls into this category.
  13. It might be that they are freezing him out as he hasn't signed a new contract. I would go with the injury though, especially as it is quite common for players to pick up another injury after they have come back from a long term injury.
  14. That's a piss poor point. He was actually relegated at Notts Forest - does that mean he was shit? Clearly not cos he became the highest British transfer and then went on to win shit loads of trophies. I'll throw Tim Howard into the mix too ..... But clearly you know better than professional footballers who specifically identified his leadership as being a reason that the team became better. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/manchester-united-roy-keane-influence-21886209 You think that capitulation happens with a Roy Keane on the pitch? May happen on the odd occasion to a quality team - against Watford? Bollocks. We have a group of players who don't hold each other accountable. Shithouses. Simple as that and we have no leaders where we need them.
  15. Play him as an attacking midfielder after that ball at the weekend!
  16. I think for Iwobi's sake that it was a good job that he made it as a footballer because I am not sure there is much else going on between the ears. It is just a shame that we are paying him to be that footballer.
  17. Ah yes, I forgot that Roy Keane never experienced a heavy defeat in his career and nor did Notts Forest, Man Utd, Celtic or ROI when he was on the pitch. You got me.
  18. I think that is more to do with us not really getting forward very often again and having that yard horse up front. I have absolutely no doubts about his attacking ability. Get him on the ball in space and he will deliver. He is just letting himself down defensively at the moment. As for Godfrey, please no.
  19. Play Keane up front instead of Rondo .
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