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  3. We score so many tap ins with James switching it to Traore on the left. Our striker would have a field day.
  4. Pretty sure that Traore was the lad at Middlesbrough that Tony Pulis played on whatever wing was closest to the dugout so that he could talk him through each game. Seems to be a great bodybuilder, with a decent bit of pace but not an outstanding footballer. Besides the "beast mode" videos you see littered across social media I'm yet to see anything of footballing quality to make me look up and applaud. In a nutshell, a very expensive Akinfenwa.
  5. I'm a huge fan of picking a formation and sticking with it but I don't see anyway to make our backline successful if Kenny remains sidelined. Pickford Mina Keane Godfrey Davies Allan Doucoure Nkounkou James DCL Bernard
  6. I think 5 might be realistic although I'm not sure who plays right wing back. I'd guess Davies? I'd be worried with going with a back 4 that you either put Godfrey up against someone kick and direct again like we did against Southampton or you do the same with Davies which would be worse. At least with 5 they could help each other out a bit!
  7. no thanks on traore, i want a footballer not an athlete.
  8. Me too but he’ll be playing left back unless we go to 3 CBs and wingbacks
  9. Traore is very raw... But that pace and strength is ridiculous, just having him on the pitch makes the opposition shit themselves ... Especially when you have James able to pick holes for him to run into.
  10. Not sure how cheap he would be but if it’s reasonable this sounds like a good backup striker
  11. No luck from Southampton. Aren’t they undefeated in their last four games now? We missed Coleman a lot on the right, he might be past his best but he’s still very influential, and Richarlison on the left. I hope to see Gomes back in for Gylfi next week. He’s had his game out for being not at the top of his game, and his replacement was worse. Needs to come back in.
  12. I’d rather see Nkounkou on the left wing against Newcastle.
  13. Completely agree with you on points one and two but I am still not convinced by Traore. He certainly has his moments and he is a beast physically but I wouldn't call him a "good footballer". Nuno has done really well with him to get some final product but up until last season it was sorely lacking and what I have seen this season he looks like he has gone back to being that same player again.
  14. I wouldn't say anything new has been exposed. We have shipped goals all season. We have given teams chances but the important thing is that we have been able to create chances. On another day Brighton, Palace and Liverpool could have all beaten us but we took our chances and they didn't take theirs. That was always going to change at some point. The difference yesterday was that Southampton shut down our attack. No Richarlison meant they could pay more attention to James and with no Coleman or Kenny they didn't have tow worry about the overlap. DCL is the same player he has been in that he isn
  15. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8877559/Napoli-striker-Arkadiusz-Milik-set-leave-Serie-January-Premier-League.html
  16. He has a case of the Ross Barkley's for me... Has all the physical and technical attributes to be a top player but lacks the most important bit between the ears. He was worth the punt but it hasn't worked out and I can only ever really see him coming good in patches when he has a run of games with his confidence is up.
  17. If she was a he the comments would have included t**t not idiot.
  18. Final IN: Nkounkou, Allan, James, Doucoure, GodfreyOUT: Schneiderlin, Hornby, Baines (retired), Dowell, SandroLOAN IN: Olsen LOAN OUT: Markelo, Gibson, Adeniran, Kean, Walcott, ConnollyYOUTH: Jagne YOUTH pro deals: Markelo, Ouzounidis, Quirk, Kristensen, McAllister, Hagan, Onyango, Kouyate, Whitaker, Welch, Price CONTRACT EXT: Branthwaite, Keane, Gordon, J VirginiaOFFICIALLY RELEASED: Stekelenberg(Ajax), Niasse, Martina, Garbutt (Blackpool), Feeney (Sunderland), Denny (Salford), Foulds (Como 1907), Adedoyin (Sheff Wed), Mampala (QPR), Phillips (Huddersfield), Tarashaj
  19. That's where he will earn his big bucks.....
  20. I hope so, we need to find that energy we had in the first 7 games again though.
  21. we spent a lot this summer so i'm not expecting much in january unless we can generate some sales. i realize this is a lot for january but if Brands went haywire maybe he could do all this what i'd like to see: sell - iwobi (20m), bernard (7m), tosun (5m), bolasie (loan), besic (loan) buy - backup striker, forward the striker will be cheap we need an older player with a different skill set for plan B, willing to sit on the bench and be a sub or play cup matches. We were linked with Fernando Llorente, something like that. I'd go for broke on the forward find
  22. That doesn’t mean they’ll take our shite, he can’t force that.
  23. it was a one off game, luck went their way and they magically played great, we became human and had a bad match. even the best sides have bad matches, it's ok. we were also missing players and their replacements didn't step up. on to the next, we will be fine.
  24. The reason Richarlison is so good for us is cos he has the fight in him to do the odd daft thing ..... Take that away and you are left with a Gylfi/Gomes/Iwobi ..... They go missing for more than 3 games at a time It's the clubs job to get a player in who can rotate with our front 3. It's why I was keen on Zaha.... Not a patch on richy off the ball but on it he is good..... Adama traore the other option for me.
  25. I think Zaha is in a place where he would force the issue.... Potentially justified too. I think he was promised a move..... You never know... In Jan it could happen...... Highly unlikely though.
  26. He is a well built, athletic, strong lad, and he tackles like siggy, time to get rid he is not going to get better.
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