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  2. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12372781/karen-carney-michael-dawson-and-michelle-owen-join-sky-sports-and-soccer-saturday-line-ups-for-2021-22-season Carney and Owen are awful.
  3. Are you responsible for our leaky defence.
  4. Supposed to be the beginning of next week now. I'm sensing there are problems with it. Oh joy!
  5. I'd pipe down then if I were you...
  6. Today
  7. I would love to hear people’s predictions before the first match of the season. The transfer window isn’t closed yet but just make some fun predictions and we can see who is the closest come year end. Make it as realistic or as idealistic as you want. I went for realistic with mine. I think villa and Leeds will be the surprise teams this year. Watford to escape the drop. 1. Man City 2. Man United 3. Leicester City 4. Chelsea 5. Liverpool 6. Aston Villa 7. Leeds 8. Spurs 9. Arsenal 10. West Ham 11. Wolves 12. Brighton 13. Everton 14. Burnley 15. Southampton 16. Newcastle 17. Watford 18. Crystal Palace 19. Norwich 20. Brentford
  8. Yesterday
  9. Good coaches will get the best of both Madness we've not done any better deal yet x
  10. Email is supposed to be getting sent out this week some time.
  11. Anyone had any news from the club about the digital season ticket? I’ve not heard anything and the season starts soon.
  12. Rate him highly.very good player. If he stays fit he's gonna get them right up the table. Nightmare with his movement and sharp finishing
  13. So if and if and if, he'd be a good signing. He's only not been "if" for two seasons at 29, no thanks. Good luck in the Villa physio room.
  14. He has had 2 fit seasons in the Premier League and in one of them he scored 11 goals for a recently promoted Burnley and 22 goals for Soton. In his previously fully fit season he scored over 20 goals in the Championship. I don't think he was properly fit last season after an early injury and yet he still chipped in with 12 goals. His all round play is also very good. If you put a fit Danny Ings into half decent side and he will score a decent amount of goals. Fit and healthy, he would be our starting striker. Far better footballer and finisher than Dom, just not the athlete he is.
  15. And I’m a plumber by trade… 🤦‍♂️
  16. Journeyman, at best he could've been another Naismith (no bad thing) but not going to help us move up a level, which is what we want/need.
  17. Purple patch 19/20 aside he's a 1 in 3 striker at best, and he's 29, I'd have been very underwhelmed if we'd signed him.
  18. All he did was score goals at Soton. I would've loved to have had him here as a backup for Dom
  19. If he stays fit, Ings will score goals. Not quite sure how they will fit him and Watkins into the same side without weakening one of their games.
  20. I'd see Ings as a very average signing personally, had his shot at the big time with Liverpool and failed.
  21. cantwell too? they will be better off after grealish leaves than they were with him! Brands needs to get his shit together and get some quality incoming, like a RB for starters!
  22. If you read my post properly you will see that I mentioned that the Brits had a part to play in this as one of the American allies who once again followed America in it’s policy against terrorism, but without doubt the Americans should be investing what ever it takes to secure Afghanistan families left to be slaughtered for aiding the Americans and it’s allies in this American policy to invade their country. So why shouldn’t they be responsible for the the most cost when it was there call to invade and they have a big enough budget to cover their own problems they created, unless of course you don’t see it as a problem that thousands will be slaughtered for helping the Americans in the Americans war on terrorism, they didn’t right it down in history as the American Afghanistan war because it was the Brits French German Canadian or anyone else’s idea to invade Afghanistan, it was the Americans in the storm of 9/11 to smash Al Qaeda and kill Bin Laden because they violated the American mainland, not a problem with that but when you’re done do the decent thing and clean your shit up don’t hang people out to die because you have no further use of them, learn from what happened to civilians in Vietnam that where left to be slaughtered as calibrators in their thousands, they shouldn’t be letting history potential repeat it’s self or should they Steve?
  23. FFS. Villa also maybe going after Cantwell when Grealish is sold. Villa leaving us behind in the dust 😂
  24. DCL definitely is back in training.
  25. I haven't seen anything from the club to say whether or not the finalists are back in training yet but I think they probably should be. Kane was expected back at Spurs on Monday so I suspect they are. I would be surprised if they play though as it would be quite a short turn around.
  26. UK did and does, pretty sure that's true of Nato in general. I've not checked for a while though. None of the European countries (combined even!) have the economy to sustain it. Also don't have an economy largely driven by arms but that's another discussion entirely. I do think the Arab States should do more though. US does carry more than its fair share but it also puts itself there.
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