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  2. Everton are supporting a petition to make food a legal right. Damn shame that it even needs discussing but hopefully the government is forced into doing the right thing. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/562838?fbclid=IwAR10ISL4Ge0KbW_kFgIIpzKDI6PJTVSuWrUBOFYakCgqBm6VVdfnM4RxUUM Liverpool council potentially doing it. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/liverpool-become-first-right-food-19649725?fbclid=IwAR3WBVdXEpWb7BhO2KWz3KjSizgmmSr4AaOwhSJDMEgEHLKfTK-fM_pbtb8
  3. Dismissed by the club according to Myers.
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  5. This was us compared to the rest of Europe in the summer. We have lost people's lives needlessly. Ireland had a spike after Christmas. Don't see how it's relevant? It's fairer to compare us to an island surely? Why does it matter that those I mentioned aren't in Europe. Their approach isn't hindered by their location. If anything they were in a weaker position than us as they were closer to the outbreak. Being in Europe didn't stop us from adopting their same approach. Being in Europe didn't determine our approach either. Our government did. And they failed, massively, an
  6. Ah John where have you been, good to see you post!!!
  7. Trouble with Lamptey is he is going to cost a premium now. Even though he has looked decent enough - he's not played a significant amount of games to show any sort of consistency at the top level, he is young and as others have eluded to - he is quite small. Time to have purchased Lamptey was 12 months ago when Chelsea sold him to BHA. Cheslea have Reese James, so Lamptey surplus to supply with them. We just need to be on the lookout for the next Lamptey or Reese James!!
  8. Matt

    All Time Fave Joke...

    John!!! You’ve no idea how happy I am to see you posting
  9. One for CornishSteve Cornwall has been put into lockdown tier 5 as a load of pirates have returned to Cornwall and the Arr factor has gone through the roof.
  10. I agree with you and am likewise reasonably confident. There remains this lurking suspicion, though, that the president will do literally anything to stay in power.
  11. I feel oddly confident that tomorrow will go off without a hitch (or as close to without a hitch as you can get). I think right-wing extremists will know that everyone is on high alert tomorrow, and instead might look to later this week to try anything. Fingers crossed that I'm wrong in that assumption as well
  12. The countries in Europe are much of a muchness especially when compared by population. We haven't done anything particularly different to our neighbours. Ireland is now has the highest infection rate in the world. You cannot seriously compare Japan, Korea, Oz etc to us. Its like comparing apples to a watermelon. I hope you can see that. The SAGE notes are there to see. It wasnt a decision of capitalism over death, they plotted the best course they thought at the time with the limited information they had available. Again the notes show that certain members of the government wanted
  13. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/tories-misleadingly-edit-keir-starmer-23340586?fbclid=IwAR1hn9tOZzLbRIV_HDiNlEKHWcCe8-oiLQExBZRdqnvqDeuOm3BjnWuIRX4 Surely it's illegal to do this. How come the conservative government is allowed to persistently lie.
  14. It worked better than our approach. Do you disagree? There was enough information to make a decision and we were lucky to be an island so should have been able to battle the virus as Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand did. But we decided on capitalism over people. Do you believe there was any other basis for the decision? What more information did we need? The scientist said keep two metres apart meanwhile our prime minister was gleefully shaking hands in hospitals telling the public there's nothing to be scared of just wash your hands.
  15. Yeah she was! Played the wife as was incredible! Believe it was Eva Green as the main female character in the second one?
  16. So that worked well for the Irish then as well as for the rest of Europe!? You have basically just supported what I have said and today's announcement about cases being present earlier in the year supports that. It was already widespread here when the opportunity you claim arised. The WHO were still saying in January that there was no human to human transmission. On the 3rd March 2020 WHO said that the transmission was not driven by asymptomatic people in the same way influenza was, I.e. if those with symptoms self isolate then the disease won't spread. We know that isn't the case anymor
  17. I am a big fan of Walker-Peters. He has a level of composure you rarely see in young players. With Lamptey, I think he largely plays as a wing back in an attacking team so the talents he is showing now (when he isnt injured) aren't necessarily ones he would be able to show the same way with us. I would like to see more of him.
  18. Forgotten about him. I loved the first 300 movie. Lena Hedley in that too no?
  19. Can't see that being true, that'd make him our top earner or close to it. He's 29 so it'll be his last big pay day though so I'd expect him to be closer to the first team average, about £80k a week. And Everton are 57th in the global list for their wage bill, with the average annual pay standing at £4,101,760, which equates to an average weekly pay of £78,880.
  20. lol but his name sounds even more like Xerxes from '300 - the rise of an empire'. He even looks like him as well: 😶 This would be an awesome goal celebration to be fair!
  21. Im no accountant but I believe it’s just to delay payment to the summer when tv monies come in and some of our players will be released. So it’s just a way to financially juggle expenditure to delay payment and therefore save money in the short term.
  22. Only watched one Brighton match recently, against Soton. Commentators kept trying to big Lamptey up as he's flavour of the month but even they admitted it was Walker-Peters that stood out on the other flank.
  23. If this is true, don’t put him on anything and tell him to fuck off. Don’t want to pay a penny for someone coming for greed.
  24. Been a frequent thing for years. Dodging ffp, injury get out clause... no idea to be honest but it seems popular
  25. His attacking is his main strength. To be honest I haven’t really noticed how good his actual defending is - what stands out is his pace and dribbling ability. Obviously, pace will be a good defensive attribute but I’d guess teams would target him aerially.
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