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  2. Mazepin should not be driving an F1 car. He's a fucking danger.
  3. You and me both Matt. I actually found a discarded mask on my drive, just yards from the front door. Could only have been dropped by a delivery man. The drive is too long for it to have come from someone out in the street. Whoever dropped it was obviously taking it off as they were going back to their van, so they must have known they had dropped it. Just couldn't be bothered picking it up.
  4. But you didn't get my sarcasm?! Shame on you
  5. I was going to go the same but now... Everton 0-1 Spurs Nobody
  6. Mate don’t come back and start being sensible😉, the end of next season will tell us if the plan is working, we are 3-4 players away from being a consistently top 5 or 6 team, hopefully Ancelotti can get a couple of his targets in the summer and 1 or 2 in the winter, then following season just 1 or 2 to realise our dream of CL football.
  7. Today
  8. I think there is something in this. In our 5-a-side team, some dickhead decided we should play in a luminous pink kit. It really was a lot easier to pick someone out of the corner of your eye. It didn't help the quality of our football but at least I could see the person I was trying to pass to that split second quicker before a I passed it to the other team.
  9. With James and Allan, injuries were always going to scupper that plan!
  10. The team we saw play at the start of the season when all fit give me an inclination of where we are at ability-wise. If we can add a replacement for the Gomes/Sigurdsson role and a new RB along with a little more depth I have no doubt we will vastly improve next season. The names we've been linked with (Koulibaly/Isco etc) are really exciting and we all know Carlo is able to get big names through the door.
  11. Second jab booked for Monday.
  12. You don’t need xG to tell you that!
  13. Well that was all believable until I read that that Palfy posted something that made sense 😉
  14. Then you are saying the manager needs to go, because the players you have mentioned would walk into all of those teams with exception of Chelsea, the 3 who I believe Ancelotti was looking to take us forward if they could be played together on a regular basis was Alan Doucoure and James, but injuries have scuppered that.
  15. I will reiterate we have a far better than average MF when they are all fit, we have the protector required in Allan with the back up of Gbamin, we have the engine room of Doucoure and the back up of Davies, we have the vision of James with the back up of Gomes, there’s always room for improvement whether that’s buying a nailed on starter or a better backup, but they have to be an improvement and not just as good, and most importantly they have to have some longevity you can’t keep buying players touching 30 or over because you will struggle to get the a settled and stable team.
  16. https://www.evertonfc.com/news/2105673/mcallister-hits-double-in-dramatic-everton-youth-cup-win
  17. What a misleading headline (shock, horror!). He says we won't sign a Gbamin replacement, not that we won't sign a midfielder. He also says that we're willing to negotiate on Kean, so if he goes we will be signing a striker. What complete crap that article is.
  18. Well I wasn't naming names, I was making light of number of daft discussions which is what makes TT so great. So calm down ffs. I didn't even have you in mind when I wrote it.
  19. More so Gbamin and for his mental state. I think we need a CM though. I'm not entirely sure Moise kean is Poch's "type" of player/professional as well. I would have no issue if we sold him but also no issue if he stays - as long as he gets his head down and puts in the effort.
  20. In spite of everything we can do this lot tonight. Done it once already this season, and Mourinho is sinking.
  21. https://amp.theguardian.com/football/2021/apr/15/everton-unlikely-to-sign-new-striker-or-midfielder-says-carlo-ancelotti Bit of gamesmanship re: Kean? We may not be replacing Gbamin, but really hope we go for an elite young CM (a Gravenberch or Camavinga). Sick of all of ours losing one on ones or constantly cycling it straight backwards.
  22. Yesterday
  23. I’ll make it easy for everyone - we’re not qualifying for Europe. You're welcome.
  24. To be fair....we won't be reaching Europe lol
  25. I expect better from you Matt. In one thread you say you won’t tar all the shite fans with the same brush and then you misconstrue my opinion of brands and exaggerate. Never said he was shite. Said he was good not great and not elite. How about taking everyone where they are at, or is that just for shite fans?
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