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  2. I’mam happy we’re looking at this lad. 😳
  3. Disagree, I think the club bought him thinking he would hit the ground running and be a real Rom replacement. The money we paid is ALOT for a potential only player. I was watching him Weds thinking I dont know what style of forward he is. I've settled on a fox in the box. He doesn't seem to be intelligent to make penetrating runs, nor pacey to burst through defensive lines running onto the ball. Hes not a hold up the ball striker and he not a silky footed trickster. I'm a bit lost as to what striker he is... seems to just exist in the penalty area (when hes not running around like a headl
  4. Today
  5. I don’t think they will. They have Wolves on Sunday (one less day than us) and then Leicester next weekend with Spurs, City and Liverpool on the horizon.
  6. No surprise there. It's not a priority at the moment.
  7. Looks happy enough in the training videos released on YouTube today.
  8. Crystal Palace 2 Everton 1 Keane
  9. No alternative though really. Can’t hold the entire competition up for weeks. I imagine this will incentivize teams to be diligent about their Covid precautions.
  10. Just realized I fucked up his name, and the pun doesn't work.
  11. There should be some compensation to Orient for doing the right thing, then. Maybe they should receive a share of the TV revenues from the Chelsea-Spurs match. A forfeit like this disproportionately harms the small team. Incidentally, do we honestly believe Spurs would have been forced to forfeit if the situation were reversed?
  12. No it wouldn't. If clubs didn't test their players they'd not be allowed to play the game.
  13. Very unfair to Orient to be told they've forfeited their game against Spurs. It's an incentive for clubs not to test their players for the coronavirus. Mind you, this might be a double-edged sword for Spurs. Now they have a League game this weekend, a Cup game against Chelsea maybe on Tuesday, a Europa League match on Thursday, and another League game next weekend. In their shoes, I'd rather wish the Cup game was postponed or that they forfeit, too.
  14. Imma admit I've never heard of him. I hate myself.
  15. It really bothers me that they're calling him a flop at 20 years old when he's really only been getting minutes at the end of games. Yes, he hasn't lived up to expectations exactly, but christ, it needs to be put into perspective. He was never bought to come in to become an immediate superstar.
  16. Agreed. Gibson and Adeniran are a good start but lots left to sort out. Connolly, Pennington, Bowler, Beni, Besic, Bolasie, Sandro, Tosun and loans - Simms and Broadhead
  17. Jumping on your bandwagon mate, and hoping I could Shukester to bite, but the wanker let me down😂
  18. Yep. He’s played an integral part for some of the best teams in the world. The man won the Golden Boot at a World Cup. He’ll have huge credibility with our players the same way Carlo does. I’d imagine even someone like Richie will be learning a lot from him. Such a big impact on so many fronts.
  19. I’d expect we get a CB for sure and I’d think at least a couple of senior players leave the club. It would surprise me a little bit if we did anything beyond that as far as the senior team unless Kean left or something.
  20. Shut up Palf.... I'm hogging this one for myself.
  21. Ok... are we to all be really lovely and glowing about players even if they've had stinkers? I'm not sure that's gonna work. if posters start getting personal about players and wish them harm like some dickheads do then that's one thing. Talking about why their performances aren't up to scratch is another. If my opinions of him were being read by him my advice would be "get off the internet Jordan, don't read the papers or internet forums whether you have a good game or bad game cos you will read things you don't like" You can look at my comments after the spurs game if you wa
  22. So am I.... When man city were getting Aguero, kompany etc I looked on in envy. It started with them getting Robinho. James Rodriguez is a galactico .... Hes not been let go cos he's old, injured, crap.... He's been let go because Real have a manager who just doesn't like certain types of players who are specialists and require formation changes/tactical changes to get the best from him. At Everton we can give him that. Ancellotti says when certain players of talent are available you change your system to accommodate them and he learned that when not signing Baggio I think.
  23. IN: Nkounkou, Allan, James, DoucoureOUT: Schneiderlin, Hornby, Baines (retired), DowellLOAN IN: LOAN OUT: Markelo, Gibson, AdeniranYOUTH: YOUTH pro deals: Markelo, Ouzounidis, Quirk, Kristensen, McAllister, Hagan, Onyango, Kouyate, Whitaker, Welch CONTRACT EXT: Branthwaite, Keane, Gordon, J VirginiaOFFICIALLY RELEASED: Stekelenberg(Ajax), Niasse, Martina, Garbutt (Blackpool), Feeney (Sunderland), Denny (Salford), Foulds, Adedoyin (Sheff Wed), Mampala, Phillips (Huddersfield)
  24. Those aren’t even close to the American stats. You hear about it occassionslly because it makes better news than “Former athlete invests wisely” but it’s not the norm. You’ve gotta try pretty hard to blow the 10’s of millions an NFL or MLB player makes which is why it’s such a story when it happens.
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