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  2. great news, contract expires this summer as well so we can put this one past us finally.
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  4. he is doing well, but we have 6 more games in the shortest month of the year. we will need rotation to keep everyone fresh and free of injury. it's not dropping him, carlo has shown players can be moved in/out and it doesn't mean anything. he has "dropped" people but he's had a word and said so to the media. we need to have a big club mentality, City players regularly state they understand they can't play every match, but they know they will get their playing time. It's the same with us now.
  5. Just to be clear: The problem is not that he made a mistake that cost us two points. That's going to happen to the best of goalkeepers from time to time. The issue is that it's part of a pattern, to the point where we almost come to expect it.
  6. i'm so happy chelsea and arsenal are falling apart. time is ripe for our re-emergence in the top 4.
  7. i wouldn't pay a spence for a djed player
  8. smart move carlo, "i said the point is fine if we win on saturday, the focus is on saturday now". great way to pivot and move on and he's right, if we beat newcastle it's 4 points in 2 games which is what most were realistically saying would be a good haul from these 2.
  9. Geez, he looks a decent size. From his junior highlights, decent quality with the feet.
  10. Hoping to see a better approach to this game as it's Newcastle at home ( who are crap at the moment ). Will tear out what's left of my widows peak if we go 1-0 up to then set up camp around our 18 yard line. Not a Davies fan so hopefully he will make way for Dacoure instead of Gomes, that said, Gomes didn't cover himself in glory last game. Not dropping Pickford as he would clearly benefit from a run of games. Pickford. Coleman Godrey Keane Digne Gomes Dacoure
  11. James, he really did get around and cover a lot of ground. Keane, Godfrey and Mina all played well in my eyes. Thought Davies was quite good too all things considered. The rest... average to poor.
  12. He's being linked with a return to Besiktas today.
  13. He has been of late, and long may it continue. Not seen him do any stupid “throw the leg out” defending or climbing all over people unnecessarily. If this is the real Mina, then I’ll happily hold my hands up and admit I should’ve been more patient (although, in my defence, it should never have taken this long). Carlo now has 4 solid CBs to choose from, 2 of which can play emergency FB or DCM. That’s a nice situation to be in.
  14. No no not at all mate! I was kind of the same with Keane but I’m glad to see them both doing well. More just trying to wind you up my friend!
  15. He's playing well. Would you prefer me to chat shite because I haven't rated him?
  16. https://www.evertonfc.com/news/2000654/bolasie-joins-middlesbrough-on-loan He's gone.
  17. So you think Mina is decent now.....
  18. I think James put himself about a bit more in this game, maybe he's getting up to speed for the prem. Keane and Mina get a mention, as does Godfrey, what a player this lad is turning out to be, I'm impressed evey time I see him I don't think he's had a bad game yet. James just got my vote ahead of Godfrey.
  19. Looking at that frame there are ten Everton players in there and only four Leicester players. If we are going to defend so deep and with that many players they should at least get close to an attacker, we outnumber them two to one and nobody is near enough to tackle him. Blame Pickford all you like but with that many players back nobody should be standing in open space for a free shot. I also agree that is a good spot the ball Pic, because it came through about six bodies before Pickford got a look at it.
  20. It wouldn't wind me up. He's played there a lot more than Holgate has, albeit in the lower leagues. I thought there was a decent chance he'd play there last night with Digne returning. I'd be gutted if Doucoure was out though. While his passing can be erratic we miss his energy and ball recoveries massively.
  21. Agreed. But just to wind you up a bit, I’d still have Godfrey play but as DCM if Doucoure isn’t playing for some reason.
  22. Everton 7-0 Newcastle Richarlison (hat trick)
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