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  1. Rumour that Arsenal might higher their transfer limit to buy him. I hope they do. 😀😀.
  2. VAR was supposed to be introduced to look back at obvious errors by the reffing team. Now they are looking at everything and it’s stupid. Chalking goals off for somebody’s finger being offside is a joke. Just rectify the glaring errors and leave the rest alone!!!!
  3. Walking it this year. Dominant throughout the weekend.
  4. Hamilton was dominant today won with 18 seconds to spare in F1 that’s a massive margin, can’t see anyone stopping him winning his 6th world championship. Well done Lewis fantastic drive.
  5. https://rochdaleherald.co.uk/2019/06/22/leave-means-leave-boris-johnsons-girlfriend/?fbclid=IwAR0aY0V_hLZg_iQ45jqOWGrZx0qndkMlaVFf5GVADAJPs3rf4vf0URn5Qrg
  6. Think his performances in the champions league indicate he can handle it
  7. I know, I’d never stop going there. But the things that are happening are just so disappointing. Then the young politicians who actually seem to have a moral compass are made out to be the villains. Just blows my mind.
  8. Maybe I'm looking thru blue-tinted glasses, but I agree. It's all speculation from the outside, but it appears the current management has greatly improved the quality inside the dressing room even more than quality on the pitch. I'm guessing a more defined "culture" and a consistent set of expectations from a management team that is unified is creating an environment the players have bought in to. I think that starts with getting good players, who are "good eggs" focused on doing the collective job the manager has set forth, and their role to achieve it - not their individual goals that may
  9. This how VAR should be done with a mic’ed up ref...
  10. I’d like it only when a “challenge flag” is laid down by the manager or captain, and there’s only 3 for the game per team. Win the challenge, keep your flag. Lose the challenge, lose the flag. That way, if there’s repeated challenges won, it shows the officials need to improve, if not there’s only 6 replays to watch. Oh, and all replays should have a 30s cap, at which point whomever is adjudicating has to make a decision either way or challenge fails because it’s not clear cut.
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