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  1. From an integrity point of view, and only in my opinion, of you have a loan for the season it should be completed. I wouldn’t be comfortable with Kenny coming back and finishing the season with us. He’s been with Shalke all the way through, he should see it out.
  2. I thought they have to be registered with the Prem league so he won’t of been included. The rule books are getting ripped up so who knows. As much as I really miss the football I feel very strongly that the Competition will be compromised with closed doors, possible neutral venues, 5 subs etc.
  3. I agree with the last part completely, which is why I suggested the money payments for the remainder of the deal should be adjusted rather than what’s being discussed now.
  4. I get where you're coming from, but you also have to consider the amount of influence Trump has on the public versus other "blue checks." I also do see a lot of others getting banned and/or moderated, but it's mostly for hate speech or spamming. Facebook is an interesting one to bring up though, because they are notorious for running misleading/untrue ads in favor of conservatism. I don't disagree with your broader point that silicon valley leans more left of center.
  5. Not seen it but for those guys who weren't around all those years ago his big brother Owen was actually a TT member. We took a collection and donated a trophy, probably our finest hour. http://www.toffeetalk.com/topic/8682-rhys-jones-memorial-trophy/
  6. She needs to tell me the lottery numbers if she knew Ancelotti would become our manager .
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