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  1. Things do feel different this time around. I have to say I'm both surprised and happy about the response of the general public to George Floyd. Long may it continue.
  2. I think the fact that the protests have gone global is telling, been chatting with relatives in Canada and Australia over the last few days and it's happening there as well as all over Europe (although probably not eastern Europe). This was in Bristol not far from me but I fully support it, even if social distancing went out of the window... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52954305 Strange being of Palf's generation and being brought up in Guildford, which is an affluent town around thirty miles from London you never saw a black face, not a single kid in probably 2,500 I went to school
  3. Thanks for this, Palf. Though I do agree that having a MLK in this time would be beneficial, let's not forget that he also said "a riot is the language of the unheard." He was a proponent of peaceful protest, but he also understood the reason behind rioting. I understand why many on the left would want these protests to remain peaceful, as not to sway public opinion against them. But how many peaceful protests do we need to participate in before there is real change? Eventually there comes a time when a more drastic measure must be taken in order to show that we're not backing down this time.
  4. Turn a corner and there’s a football ground That's a big thing I'll miss about Goodison when we leave.
  5. Hi all. I figured I would start this thread and leave the Trump thread to discussing that egomaniacal dictator on Pennsylvania Avenue. We're now just shy of 2 weeks since Derek Chauvin and three other MPD officers brutally murdered George Floyd in the city I call home. I expected a response from the public. I didn't expect this response. It could just be that I have Minnesota-bias, but the current uprising feels different. It feels different than Baltimore in 2015 when Freddie Gray was murdered by the police. It feels different than Ferguson in 2014 when Michael Brown was gunned do
  6. I imagine that’s pretty much what it’s going to be like watching the PL as well.
  7. Christ knows this is a hard one to win, how to stop racism. Peaceful protesting maybe, rioting and looting no they just play into the hands of the racists. As Trump has shown he isn’t being pushed on the real issue of racism in a America, and what’s happening to blacks and other ethnic minorities in the country of the free. He’s been given the opportunity to turn the tables on the protesters, like some great general who is going to save America from the criminals who are looting and burning. We have to control the anger it will only serve to get Trump re-elected, and that would send
  8. The key, I think, is that demonstrations and protests must continue indefinitely. If they don't, the president will declare victory over the "forces of evil" and nothing will change. If peaceful protests continue, they'll win more and more support as local mayors and others bring rogue police officers to trial. We can't give up at this point. The president's impotence and cowardice must be revealed.
  9. 5 subs and 9 players on the bench gives an unfair advantage to the teams with bigger sqauds so any result is tainted. If they are really adamant on the league finishing at all costs they should wait until it is safe to do so.
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2020/jun/06/will-grand-old-goodison-park-host-merseysides-return-to-action Imagine saying the issue of a narrow tunnel is a problem when the players will then spend 90 minutes jostling and sweating all over each other.
  11. How is it sexist and non PC to admire beauty? What you’re attracted to is driven by chemistry in your brain, you don’t get a choice!
  12. Having lived in London for 15 years and worked there for nearly 20, I have learnt that racism is such a complicated evil. There is much less overt racism, but there is systemic racism in all facets of life. People of colour tend to live in over crowded social housing, have less chance of going to University and getting good jobs. I think the death of George Floyd is the tipping point, I hope and prey the protests continue and evolve into real Policy changes that looks at things like social housing, job opportunities and the criminal justice system, as well as gang culture and drug u
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