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  1. We concentrate on Everton, but just look at the general transfer activity in the Premiership and other European leagues. The market is really flat - very few big moves yet. I think things will busy up a little once we are in to September. Don't forget the window doesn't close until 5th Oct. I bet the fans of most clubs fell the same. I think the only way to get transfer done quickly is to pay over the odds, but nobody really know what players 'values' currently are in this 'unusual' window. lets not get fleeced again!!.
  2. And this is why I was so against us signing him in the first place. We needed a creative player and we signed him and went after him like he was a key creative player, and paid for him like he would be a key creative player for us. It was never going to be the reality and I still have no fucking clue what we were thinking going all out for him. He'd have been a nice to have player, nothing more than that, and we really should have walked away from the deal once it got past £20m.
  3. We’ve got young centre backs with potential. As good as this guy might be, I don’t really see the point in him coming here for a year and taking minutes away from our young centre backs only to go back to chelsea a better player. If we sign any centre back, they need to be a first teamer and ours.
  4. Completely disagree. You can get players fit on the training ground, but you need a certain level of intensity in the friendlies to get match fit. Winning breeds winning. Otherwise save the hassle and just have the first team play the U23s until the season starts.
  5. Do if they make the same mistakes in the Premier League. Complacency breeds complacency. ......And to get all philosophical 😂 Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.
  6. I would imagine we’re looking for a left footed centre back with all 3 senior centre backs (Keane, Holgate, Mina) we have being predominantly right footed. I expect, we’ll want to loan Gibson and Branthwaite out at Championship level.
  7. Need to be in soon or with the 14 days self isolation will mean he’ll miss the start to the season anyway!
  8. Very rare to get a player from Russia who can cope with the premier league. Would only ever take on a loan with option, but not obligation, to buy.
  9. I concentrate on Everton because it's Everton's midfield that's a bag of shite and it'll be disastrous if we start the season with the same midfield players we ended it with. I fear a few spankings early on that will completely fuck our season before it's even begun.
  10. Ancelotti cant be that naive. He knew full well that it would be difficult to get great players at Everton. The board will back him as best they can. He's going to have to work with what the club can get in.
  11. I’m surprised governments haven’t dropped that for footballers coming in on private jets. I thought they would have been pushed on it with enough testing in place.
  12. I hear what your saying but I don’t think they can be really called that as there are only three friendlies before we get going. I want Everton to be at their best every game and get into a winning habit. We all to easily throw comments like this at games that don’t go our way or against inferior opposition but that’s not the winning mentality I want our team to have. They do mean something otherwise we wouldn’t have them. Look at our neighbours over the park a win against better opposition in their opening friendly, Spurs another.
  13. Right thanks mate I’ll check that out, and maybe give them a call.
  14. Id rather go on what ive seen in the league than some shit friendly.
  15. See you switched my mind again haha. Sending those two out on loan to gain valuable experience could be good, if this lad is further along and can make an impact on our first team.
  16. Not if the Blackpool game was anything to go by!
  17. If we get Allan in before the Spurs game I’ll be more than content to wait longer for other signings. If not, then I’ll be extremely worried about our early games.
  18. I don't think the Allan transfer is too far away by the sounds of it. All the noises seem to be fairly positive on this front, but I would like to see it done and dusted as I think he will be a biggest signing for us this summer. Considering how bad we where in the middle, he should make the single most impact on the team - a defensive midfielder who acts as a deep-lying player maker. keen to see him integrated in to the team ASAP. I think other transfer activities might be a bit slow and a bit of patience is going to be needed. Just the way the market is going to be.
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    You're very welcome Irina
  20. But if you’re the kind of footballer who can only perform in one specific formation are you really that good? He is a man that has plenty of ability, but he hasn’t shown it enough here. Also seen that he’s never scored a free kick for us? It was on Twitter like, but is that really true?
  21. The last match he played advanced for us with that 4231 he played more than a few through ball, forward pass, or nice 1-2 link up play. It’s not his fault his teammates botched them. They don’t count as stats likely but I saw them with my eyes. I’m not saying he’s Eriksen’s level, but he’s not a lame duck out there either.
  22. I'm getting concerned to say the least..... all very well going last minute.com when you have a fundamentally sound team that needs a couple of players to strdgtjen/consolidate. We need an overhaul, a culture change and that needs players in who can start in the pre season. Things are very slow
  23. Just looking for some potential targets this summer, some we have already been linked with but most have not. LB Jamal Lewis (Norwich) - Subject of a failed bid from Liverpool as they don’t want to pay over £10m. If we could get him for less than the £15m mark he would be a good LB to rotate with Digne. Pacey, works hard and a good dribbler of the ball. RB Max Aarons (Norwich) - Another Norwich player. Lightening quick, a good dribbler and not a bad defender. Likely to cost around £20m but another good young option at RB for us. The question is would Kenny be worth
  24. Carlo isn’t going to bid for Zouma. He is looking for either young players with potential, or experienced players that can improve our team. This move makes sense, bring him here, show him some love and test him out.
  25. Love it when something like this happens.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/golf/53883208
  26. Fingers crossed he ends up a Mustafi, not that I'm bitter 😁
  27. Goals win games, he scores goals. Apparently for the opposition too, it was such a lazy/tired effort though he was responsible for both inter goals. I’d love him back
  28. i'd take him back in a heartbeat. could you imagine Richy DCL and Lukaku battering CB's? we'd be lethal
  29. Sign Fred from United and Malcom from Zenit to go with Alan and Bernard, we'll have our own crown green bowls team.
  30. Neither did we, we used some of it on Tosun and Sandro, not so smart
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    Completely agree. Welcome to the forum
  32. Cenk is trying to return, but does not allow the silva.Without a real striker the Everton game structure can not sit.Silva makes a mistake of trying to play Latin football in England.
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