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  1. Professor Ancelotti !💙💙 And I particularly like this quote "A strong part of my game is marking and the desire going in to win absolutely every ball," he explained. "I believe with my desire I can put in really good performances to win the fans over and I hope to win things as well. There will be a tremendous amount of dedication from me, a lot of dedication – a lot
  2. Perhaps it has been mentioned elsewhere but someone expanded on Allan’s characterization of Ancelotti as “professor” to make it “Professor Ancelotti and the School of Science”. It sounds like a lost Harry Potter volume but if there is any chance we can make it a thing I think we should.
  3. I understand the sentiment but flaky supporters buy kits too. If we want to grow into a club that can compete with the biggest fish expanding our fan base is a big part of it. Exposure matters. I only started following Everton 6 years ago myself and that was because I loved Tim Howard. Even if some "supporters" jump ship when a guy like James leaves there will be a percentage that fall in love with the club as I did.
  4. Tbf we played most of the games after the restart using a 4-0-2 formation so may as well have gone 4-2-4
  5. If he matches Gana I'll be happy, if he's better I'll be over the moon.
  6. I'll end with this, you yourself said in previous posts that he played really well the first season, when he had Gana helping him out. Now he has Allan and co so I believe he will again show his quality.
  7. Thought he looked very promising today, big strong lad with surprisingly good feet and used the ball well
  8. I can still see us mixing the formation up a bit. Allan as the anchor in front of defence. Doucoure and Gomes in front, with a front three of Rodriguez, Richarlison and DCL centre. Spine of the team would be solid.
  9. Plastic fans are part of football and like it or not they pump a lot of money into the club's that they follow. How much money do Barcelona make from Messi shirts, or Juventus from Ronaldo? I'd happily take the same (on a smaller scale) with James. If we can get a footprint in South America it'll only be a good thing commercially.
  10. No midfielder could function well in the shit show that was our midfield last season. With no success or energy in getting the ball back or retention, nobody could flourish. With a better midfield, more options to pass to and and a solid defence he will be given the platform to shine. He will play better football with better players around him. Like a quarterback in american football the better receivers and passing options he he has the better he can be.
  11. I think the exposure and revenue created by this transfer will be amazing. However, the most important thing for me is him delivering on the pitch.
  12. As others have said I think his price will not be an issue at all in the grand scheme. Aside from if he if improves us in the table (which has financial rewards), the social media exposure, the kit sales, the influence he has on future transfers coming here brings a lot. He makes us a more valuable club. Whatever his wages are won’t mean much in comparison to that. This is true in all sports to varying degrees. When LeBron James left his last team (not saying Rodríguez is on that level) that franchise lost 200-300m in value overnight which dwarfed his yearly salary. A player like Iwobi is far
  13. I feel like this will be the most important signing of the window. Perfect words too!
  14. As we have England’s no 1 who is still quiet young, but isn’t doing what we want, I’d think we will go for an older established which gives us time to look for and develop youngsters.
  15. For me that’s always been Brands role to look for younger players with potential who could be then brought through the ranks. Ancelotti will be more concerned about bringing players in who can do a job for the team right now not 1, 2 or 3 seasons down the line.
  16. I expect Noble wants a reaction... I’d guess he’s more popular with fans than Gold, Sullivan and Brady. It could be a way for Noble to get out of the club as a hero/‘legend’ and could help build momentum with the fan vendetta against the ownership.
  17. Assuming the other 2 signings come in, I think we're looking at something like this; Pickford Coleman Keane Holgate Digne Allan Gomes Doucouré James DCL Richarlison That instantly looks so much better. Kean to get more chances up top, Bernard, Gorden and Iwobi offering more central (or wider if needed) creative options, even Gylfi if he can concentrate on the more advanced central positions that seem to get the best out of him. Gbamin to come back, Mina and Brathwaite as CB options... I'll be happy with the window if we get these 3 in
  18. Sounds like we don’t need the backup LB anymore, brands already got it with this guy.
  19. I’m going to do what I usually do, and see how he performs for Everton with my own eyes. Past matters not. If he is shit I’ll criticise. If he’s good I’ll praise.
  20. Rodríguez is a different animal to anyone Everton have ever had in terms of marketing, given the social media age and by a long ways.
  21. A bit of talk on Twitter that James announcement could be late on so its prime time in Colombia. I hope it’s true, I hate waiting.
  22. Allan was always going to be the first announcement as I said a few days ago. As this afternoon we had the last friendly before the season I wasn’t expecting any announcements until that had concluded. Hopefully later today🤞but with the England game on now it may have to wait to get full exposure! 🤔
  23. Completely agree. Would like to see him tested defensively but from an attacking point of view I'd have no problem with him being a back up to Digne.
  24. In the next move, a deft flick from Bolasie sets John away to be 1 v 1 with the keeper. Simms does well with his run because he keeps the defenders away.
  25. About to say that he’d put a lot of effort in and playing well....and then that! 🤣
  26. Wow... that really was miss of the season. Great link up play between Siggy and Richarlison. Latter cuts the ball back and Bolasie looks as though all he has to do is beat the blades of grass between him and the goal line but he doesnt. Simms then gets the rebound and I'm not sure if it was saved or whether it hit Bolasie on the ground. Comical.
  27. Bolasie just created a chance for Richarlison. Good flick on from DCL in the build up too. Weirdly the link up between DCL and Bolasie has been better than it was with Walcott.
  28. Of course. The end goal is always better performances on the pitch. Increased exposure should ultimately help further that cause. As a brand this is an unbelievable deal for us. How much would a car company or a clothing brand pay for James to promote their brand to his 46m+ followers over the next 3 years. For those familiar at all with how much some of these social media influencers get paid the answer is in the 10’s of millions.
  29. This is me Allan Marques Loureiro knowing you Everton football club, ahaaaa!
  30. Valencia are owned by the Lim Family, who don't care about the club nor its supporters. It wouldn't surprise me at all if they accept any bids that they deem reasonable to line their own pockets. Another example of a great club being ruined by shithouse owners. I'd absolutely take Jasper at €10m too, someone who could realistically challenge Pickford for buttons.
  31. Welcome Allan, may you become a legend. Cant wait to see you in a blue shirt.
  32. That's the bit that jumped out at me too!
  33. We would be taking a real leap into the unknown with this one.
  34. It amazes me how people still don't understand this.
  35. If we secure the 3 MFs we are chasing then I see Gomes losing his place in the starting eleven, since Ancelotti’s arrival he hasn’t shown the manager anything to say I should be on the team sheet. I see a tough season a head for Gomes, I would like to think he could change his fortunes around but he may not get many opportunities to do so, Allan Rodríguez and Doucouré will be coming here to play and rightfully so, our MF was embarrassing last season.
  36. I don’t think Romero is premier league proven. How many games has he played in the premier league?
  37. loan to buy sounds like the right thing to do, we need to see what he's got and if he's an upgrade on pickford. otherwise it's a large risk and an expensive one at that. Romero is available for cheap, i'd prefer that and he's premier proven
  38. https://www.spotrac.com/epl/everton-fc/payroll/ Latest figures (from the same source as Shukes but updated). Most arent on as much as believed to be. In fact combined and bar Walcott they will probably be as much as Rodríguez. I'd also expect Walcott to sign an extension at some stage so I wouldnt expect to see him off the books just yet. I'm very surprised By Pickford's wage. He would have been on buttons at Sunderland to then be paid £100k here.
  39. Because he doesn’t live in the UK and was also staying in the Titanic hotel
  40. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/54028123 good on him
  41. Would be excellent business and a big improvement if Pickford goes for 80m.
  42. I wanted the midfield sorted and was willing to sacrifice sorting any other position, and it looks like our midfield is getting a serious upgrade which makes me extremely happy.
  43. As much as I’d like to think it was that, I think it’s the club’s directors that are the problem
  44. It was perfect Haf, went exactly as planned down to the last detail. Celebrant was superb, "wake" was joyful. Seems ridiculous to say but the best day I've had in weeks.
  45. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12058742/premier-league-clubs-to-reconsider-vote-on-use-of-five-substitutes I wonder why it's those clubs that want to reconsider...
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