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  1. There is no doubt in my mind that he has an exceptional talent we’ve all witnessed it, his first Derby will stick out for me as master class in midfield he was the best player on the pitch, sadly we haven’t been getting that anymore before or after the injury. As a person I love him, he’s a genuinely humble caring human being, As a footballer I respect him, but I also worry for him because we are bringing in some huge talent in the midfield, some are concerned about his mentality I hope he comes out fighting for his place and gives Ancelotti a dilemma on his starting eleven, because he has
  2. They really don't like the hierarchy to get undermined
  3. Good guess, they belong to somebody else, we haven't signed them yet. 😃
  4. Selecting only a handful of posts isn’t helping your argument Haf, nor is insisting that it’s only his mentality that’s holding him back. I bet the positive comments are about 50-1 and it is a combination of mentality, injuries and the team/players around him/the club being in disarray that contribute to his hot and cold nature.
  5. Abi left me in 2008, I’ve still not let that go either. 😴
  6. I can’t remember Gana giving it away much though. Just because you say it.... doesn't mean it happened 😉 And let’s face it, PSG were even playing him after the lockdown when apparently he had been found out. So yes they found out in under a year how valuable a player he is. You got something right for a change 😉 Edit: No no no.... I’m not letting you do this to me!
  7. Maybe it was because of him they got to second in the league and to the cup final?
  8. It is not a secret that he could have gotten a big move a year prior. You’ve ignored my point though which is that some supporters go out of their way to criticize former players who leave for clubs higher up the table. Often these are the same fans that can’t wait to disparage a player after a bad run even if he’s contributed in the past. Call it the “Pack your bags, Siggy!”Group. Personally, I think it’s petty and not a great look for the fanbase though I realize it happens everywhere in sports.
  9. If Richarlison leaves us, he will never be any good! Useless anyway. If he stays, he could be world class 👍
  10. Allegedly the fans at Goodison park were the issue for some awful team performances... Then we had lockdown games, then that argument was shattered. It's time the players took responsibility
  11. I agree in that there has been no pattern to his good or bad play. It could be playing with anyone, in any formation against any particular type of team. Having said that I think he particularly struggles in a 442 but then again he was superb against Sheffield Utd.
  12. He fall over before he could run into it to be fair...
  13. Appalling piece of journalism, don’t they know we have DCL, Holgate, Branthwaite, Kean etc.
  14. I’m in that camp as well! Watching Vettel fighting at the bottom against the Williams’ and Alfas brightens up my weekends.
  15. Didn’t get long enough to make an impression for me
  16. Honestly, I don’t see him as a progression player. He looks like he is a senior player already. Makes a few mistakes, but certainly no more than Coleman and Digne do. love the way he is ants to burst forward. Almost like a slimmer, faster Unsworth!
  17. I’ve solved it - It’s the weather.
  18. I knew there was a reason why I never open Grauniad links on my news feed. Twat
  19. can’t believe Lukaku has been dragged into another thread, and a positive one too! Ffs
  20. As much as I’d like Bolasie to succeed at Everton, I think he was probably lucky to be away last year. When our midfield went missing I could see him struggling, and he could just end up in the same group of players who deservedly got stick. Now he gets the chance to show from scratch what he can or can’t do.
  21. We missed that attacking threat last year. We need at least one wide player who scares the opposition when he’s moving towards the box. Richie was certainly that before he moved to the center. It’s not Iwobi at this point and it isn’t Walcott. I was a big fan of Gerry because he was genuinely dangerous. Gordon seems like he could also be that type of threat. I’m happy to keep Bolassie, despite the inconsistency and frustration because having that threat, even if it’s a bench option, is worth a lot.
  22. The worst part was sitting on the floor sulking.... and saving Simms shot on the line haha. Not one of his finest moments. But to give him credit, he lifted his head and set up a good chance. Didn’t he also have an effort on goal at the end?
  23. Probably because he misses open goals from a yard out...
  24. Hamilton showed, once again, that Bottas isn’t in the same league as him. It’s not even close. To finish where he did after that fuck up was incredible really. Meanwhile, Bottas looked lost and didn’t have a clue how to get past anyone really. People say anyone could win in that Mercedes but Bottas shows that that simply isn’t true.
  25. 🎣 Yep you’re right it was just down to Lukaku why they didn’t win the league. 🤦‍♂️
  26. I like the formation Zoo just a couple of changes for me Gylfi for James who I don’t think will start or make the bench, Iwobi for Bernard who feel is a stronger player and I believe Ancelotti likes, and Mina for Holgate who maybe struggling with the injury, and finally Coleman for Kenny. I think in your selection our right hand side would lack to much experience for a Spurs side and we would easily be exploited, if you are going to put Bernard or Iwobi out wide you would need the experience of Coleman behind, and at the moment if you played Kenny I feel you would need the experience of Wal
  27. I've seen him look unplayable as have many fans. He deserves a chance in my book. Looks hungrier than Walcott ever has.
  28. Just to give some absolute clarity on this..... I'm not talking about a football player who has the odd 9/10 game and the odd 6/10 game. That's normal. I'm talking about a player who can look like one of the best in the world or a total imposter.... Never before have I seen these levels of difference. The games where he plays great Vs shite have absolutely nothing in the to draw a conclusion from..... He's played awesome against great teams and shite Vs poor teams. Great when unfit and shite when fit. I'm happy for someone to tell me what it is that makes him have h
  29. No one is trying to rewrite history. No one has said he’s been brilliant all the time. No one is saying he isn’t a confidence player (think most actually acknowledge that) which reflects the mentality thing. But it is more a balance / combination of things rather than predominantly mental.
  30. Exactly my point. This whole sugar coating certain players and offering excuses has got to stop. Bolassie showed us something yesterday that Walcott hasn't in a long time... It was great to see a player written off as having some fight in him. This is how our club needs to be to move forward
  31. Palf I thought you followed football? You’ve obviously not seen how well Lukaku has done this year? 🤦‍♂️
  32. So we should buy young players with potential who do not think we are a stepping stone? And who exactly would these be? Of course any 22-year old promising player hopes to move to an even bigger club at some point.
  33. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/everton-transfer-news-allan-richarlison-18884934 Agent Richarlison on the case.
  34. Matt

    Jokes thread

    Apparently calling your dog “Shark” and taking it to the beach is a bad idea...
  35. He did look very good but it was 1 meaningless friendly against Preston. An experienced loan at LB for a year to play backup still in my opinion
  36. You say that but there were plenty legitimate starters, aside from those just signed or expected to. Holgate, Kenny, Siggy, Bernard, Walcott, Richarlison, DCL. Gordon started games last season too. It is only really the left back, keeper and a centre back that you couldn't realistically believe might start at Spurs.
  37. Gonna be so funny when Allan starts breaking up play... that sound when the penny drops is going to great! 😉
  38. I’m going to do what I usually do, and see how he performs for Everton with my own eyes. Past matters not. If he is shit I’ll criticise. If he’s good I’ll praise.
  39. Tbf we played most of the games after the restart using a 4-0-2 formation so may as well have gone 4-2-4
  40. Completely agree. Would like to see him tested defensively but from an attacking point of view I'd have no problem with him being a back up to Digne.
  41. Thought he looked very promising today, big strong lad with surprisingly good feet and used the ball well
  42. Medicals today for Him and Rodriguez. 👍
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