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  1. I have just watched back some videos on Zaha to see if there is anything to pick up on and I think the reason he isn't an £80mil player is because he does score enough. He is strong, quick, one of the best dribblers in the league (Hazard level), he can pick a pass well enough but isn't an elite level passer like KDB or Hazard are but he clearly understands the weight and timing of the pass and he can play anywhere across the front 3 attacking midfield positions. He also turns up in the big games, ripping Liverpool and City apart, leading to Klopp calling him world class and saying he ne
  2. I'm not a massive fan of this transfer I'll be honest, seems like a self inflated big fish in a small pond that wouldn't be able to cut it in a European challenging side. His constant crying to leave the club doesn't sit well with me either, although I suppose if I was trapped at somewhere like Crystal Palace I'd do the same. For the money that it would cost to bring him in I'd rather we went for Leon Bailey (B04) or David Neres (Ajax) who are much younger and would hopefully cost a lot less - I'm also hoping that any deal would include some sort of player swap; try to wiggle Tosun or Bo
  3. Out of all of the signings I would think Doucoure is the one who will have most impact. We have missed strength and energy in the middle of the park, and I think this is what we’ll get. If ever there was a player that ticks the box to box type, he is it. He tackles, dribbles, and can make an impact in the last third. No longer will our middle be a pushover.
  4. As you've surely seen me repeat many times, "games are won and lost in midfield." We've done exactly what we needed to do, and it will most surely pay off.
  5. Being involved in 19 goals in 17 games is just crazy. Trying not to get too excited. 😂
  6. I prefer this one. I know he’s worked with Brands, but did he play under Carlo at Napoli too?
  7. Just think when you get out of hospital we'll be top of the league.
  8. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8717445/Everton-signed-James-Rodriguez-FREE-Real-Madrid-share-future-transfer-fee.html
  9. Nice!! Squier is to fender as epiphone is to Gibson. You can go with a squier precision bass or jazz bass. Either are the classic bass sound.
  10. That there is 600k per week or 31,200,000 pounds. Absolutely insane waste of money.
  11. I’ll just respond in kind and we’ll both build up enough points to be banned
  12. You mean if a player is on the right or left of midfield they aren’t automatically classed as a winger? Get the fuck out of here with that crazy talk.
  13. I think every teams going to know they’ve had a game against Everton. Allan’s going to be all over the ball and if you get a moment from him you’ll probably turn straight into Doucoure. I think we’ve nearly got the balance perfect for a team that can press and tackle in defence. Silky and direct in attack whilst having plenty big physical players to defend and attack set pieces.
  14. To be honest though lads, I’m just happy he’s playing for Everton. Wherever Carlo thinks is best I fully trust him.
  15. OK as said elsewhere I'm going under the knife next Tuesday but they've phoned today saying they want me in from Friday so they can do some pre-op bits and pieces, which means I'll be in hospital for the first four or maybe five games of the season and I don't know what sort of internet access I'll have. I'll put the MOTM polls up as and when I can but if some/all of them don't appear can someone please step in; don't mean an individual to make a personal commitment to do them all, just someone stick one up if it's not there. Ta muchly. Don't worry about totting up player totals, I'll do
  16. All the best Mike my thoughts are with you. I wish you a successful op and speedy recovery. Let’s hope the blues can give you boost and that the hospital food isn’t too bad!
  17. He said 4 or 5 games not years 😜
  18. When you make a great deal, though, you shouldn't brag about it. It makes the other party look weak, and that means others in the future will be wary of suffering the same fate. Make a great deal, yes, but keep it hush hush.
  19. Cant wait to see him and the others at Goodison with a full house, it's going to be an amazing atmosphere!
  20. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/everton-transfer-james-rodriguez-role-18897611
  21. I agree. I'm not saying that will be 100% at it from game one but that Allan and Doucoure will get up to speed very quickly. If anyone might struggle it could be James just because of the league and how much more competitive and physical it is compared to the continent. I could see him struggling to play 90 minutes (or go past 60 mins) very often whilst he acclimatises.
  22. Best of luck, Mike! I hope Everton will cheer you up during your stay at the hospital with a few very decisive wins! COYB
  23. Happy to do it if needed
  24. I don’t see him as a starter now. I wouldn’t put a price on him either, player trades are the only option. If we got rid of a few players and he came in, then it’s palatable. But for this season we don’t need him, so I’d rather see him, if at all, next season.
  25. Could you imagine if he only brings even half that level of output here?!
  26. Not lucky, well negotiated. They came for Carlo
  27. Is that ten goals and nine assists from 17 games wide right? If that’s right it’s unbelievable.
  28. Thanks Mark, I'll investigate. probably not until I get home from prison hospital now though. The Les Paul is in Wales and I planned to pick it up at the week-end but now I'm going to be locked up but fortunately the seller is happy to keep it for me until I can get there
  29. We've paid for experience where it matters. I'd rather see someone young, fast, creative, and risk-taking out wide. Throwing Delph, Sigurdsson, or Walcott into any deal would be a plus.
  30. I would agree when fees like 80M we’re getting thrown around, but at 20-30M that’s been mentioned in the media it sounds about right. Wages getting out of hand is a completely different matter though. Need to hope that the club are doing the right thing in that regard before we keep bringing in new signings.
  31. I’ll be devastated if we bring Zaha in for same amount or more as Allan, Doucoure & Rodriguez to be honest.
  32. I think we will find Ancelotti will deploy Rodriquez in a number of positions throughout the season, to suit the opposition in front of us. He will be given the licence to make things happen offensively
  33. Best of luck mike - if there’s anything else we can do to help feel free to drop me a pm. I am more than willing to help take over MOD responsibilities and issue out some serious warnings to a few people who have disagreed with me recently... @Romey 1878
  34. Hope it goes well Mike your commitment to the forum doesn't go unnoticed mate.
  35. Spot on, if James was 25 he wouldn’t be getting a two year (option for a third contract). I think Brands has done well on the price negotiation front but as Palf said I think anyone with half a brain wouldn’t give a 29 year old a decent waged 5 year deal.
  36. Put new boots all round on it yesterday and it's even better; the tyres it had were still legal but old because of few miles done every year. The only minor annoyance with it before was that the steering felt a bit heavy at low speed....not any longer!
  37. Just bought myself a Cherry Sunburst Epiphone Les Paul, always wanted one of these but my life is lived by, "fuck it, why not?" rules at the moment so did it Next is maybe a bass, any recommendations from our several bass players on here for something entry level with a budget of maybe £200 (could stretch a bit higher)? Used or new doesn't matter.
  38. In many regards I agree. Plenty of dicks out there doing exactly that. Where I think this situation is different is in the profile of the three signings. Add in Richarlison and Digne and you could argue these three signings are immediately 3 of our top 5 players in the squad. To sign marquee players on team-friendly contracts at a club like ours is very difficult to do. The credit is more down to the profile of the player rather than the age I guess, should have been more clear.
  39. It amazes me how people still don't understand this.
  40. I think / hope they want to / are going to announce all 3 signings together, and I suspect they will use De La Souls -The Magic Number over the funky transfer announcement video... We shall wait and see!!!???
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