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  1. Funny... When we've had a competent defensive midfielder like Gana and and now Allan Keane looks fine. Someone wrote a piece on it, saying that the high press without Gana left us exposed at the back and Keane does not have the pace to deal with that. Danny Gabbidon the other day said the introduction of someone like Allan after losing Gueye will improve our centre backs massively. Against spurs I thought both Keane and Mina looked good.
  2. Coke cans are also available there in blue with the Everton badge on!
  3. Absolutely embarrassing the obsession that this place seems to have with Idrissa Gueye.
  4. https://www.evertonfc.com/news/1829997/james-all-i-want-to-do-is-help-everton I'm trying, and failing, not to fall in love.
  5. One rule for them, one for the rest of us. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/coronavirus-grouse-shooting-hunting-new-rule-six-b436707.html
  6. On the subject of the Salford game, I would rotate in the sense that I'd like the main bulk of the side rested for West Brom, purely because any side that we put out should be capable of beating a team from League Two. I've kept Pickford in goal, simply because I think that our main goalkeeper should be capable of playing 40+ games a season and from what little game time Virginia saw with Reading he didn't paint a fantastic picture of himself. Keane stays in order to have some continuity in the centre-back position with Kenny coming in for Coleman and Nkounkou swapping in for Digne. I as
  7. IMO, when you haven't won anything for 25 years you don't get to pick and choose which cups are a waste of time. Rotate of course, but the strongest possible side for me in every single round to ensure that we get through and have something to lift at the end of the season. Winning breeds winning, it becomes a habit.
  8. Anyone else have a little chuckle on looking back at the media links and thoughts to where our new signing levels were (Mings, Barkley, Fraser, Periera, Ivanovic ffs)...
  9. I think you will find DCL is being used perfectly. He is a central point that needs to be defended and marked. This allows Richarlison to constantly get space to receive a pass out wide.... as perfectly illustrated several time’s against Spurs. I would be happy if they both hit 15+, with other players chipping in. We can’t afford to play to get our striker the golden boot, we need to perform as a team, just like on Sunday.
  10. That’s fine you’ve always wanted a no deal not a problem with that, but this government signed a deal under international law with EU less than a year ago that they are now renegading on. If this is allowed to happen this country will never be trusted in the world markets on deals again, even by the shithouse Trump administration, and for me anyone who agrees with that tact this government is now taking in my eyes is a back stabbing untrustworthy piece of shit, with no values worth having or mentioning, if they didn’t want a deal they shouldn’t have signed a deal, then we could have held
  11. We need Mina and Keane to play together as much as possible to build up their understanding and partnership.
  12. He’s better than Sigurdsson and Davies so there’s not really any argument against him playing atm
  13. Nice post but it's how a person defines success. Personally, I would take a league Cup this season over qualification for the Champions League. Success as you know isn't going to happen overnight, winning the League Cup would bring silverware and allow us to build on that next season by competing with a good squad at the very least Europa League level - with a team that have recent experience of winning a tropy. Finishing in a CL spot this season isnt going to make us a powerhouse team. If we play a strong squad in the league cup, get an injury and lose out on continental qualifica
  14. Allan/ Doucoure are different kind of athletes though. I'd love to say we can play a second string team and get a win here but seeing how we have been over the last few years im not totally confident. Nothing would be more Everton of the past to make such a statement in the window, first game of the season to then get knocked out of the cup by salford. We were embarrassed by liverpools U23's last year because we played our first team, now people are asking for nearly that seem team to play here and think it would be a walk over.
  15. Absolutely, I’ve found it interesting how the meeeja still sees us in a lesser light, did they really think Carlo was here to work with that calibre of player, and I still think we will see a couple more additions before the window closes.
  16. I don’t think Steve meant financial waste.
  17. Your opinion is exactly as mine and is frustrating as the club have done everything they can to alleviate their concerns. It’s annoying as it will delay the project around 6 months but even reading between the lines historic England know the outcome too. I feel it’s their sense of duty to request this rather than really wanting to or with any expectation of success. My response was really aimed at the ‘new’ article posted by Duncan which in fact is about a month behind the news!
  18. Why would they put his face up in Times Square?
  19. Sorry for being tardy to the party, didn't get to watch until last night. Longest time I've avoided football news and social media in a LONG time. Because that match was so amazing and my/our expectations have skyrocketed for the season I'd just like to point out a few things moving forward: 1. Hopefully we made Spurs look bad but I'm not confident that Spurs were ready for that match. They looked woeful. 2. Team shape - absolutely fantastic. It allows every player to thrive. Carlo is even beyond my wildest dreams. Just an incredible footballing mind. 3. Defined roles - I love
  20. For me you don’t start the season expecting the new guys to play 3 games in 6 days. Asking for trouble with the shortened preseason.
  21. I still don't see that type of return from DCL (20), albeit it is certainly a lot more likely given the players around him now. His best way of scoring that many goals is being able to win headers like he did against Spurs because that is his best asset. Bearing in mind he scored a goal almost over the line and one blocked keeper clearance last year he scored 13 goals and he should have still scored 3.62 more goals based on his stats from open play. That doesn't include the times when he should have got off a shot but didn't. Of the top 5 players in the scoring charts last season only Sal
  22. Pickford Coleman Mina Keane Digne Allan Doucoure Zaha James Richy DCL I would take him, fits perfectly.
  23. I'm on the fence with this one. A front 3 of Zaha, Richy and DCL is frightening on the break.
  24. I agree with this entirely.
  25. We saw on Sunday what our options from the bench are so I wouldn't exactly be against another midfielder.
  26. Keane likes this https://www.evertonfc.com/news/1829338/keane-on-why-new-everton-teammate-is-defenders-dream
  27. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/sep/15/neville-southall-everton-keeper-boris-johnson-jk-rowling-loose-cannons
  28. I don't think he's the brightest lad so it probably took the midfield overhaul to happen plus us being linked with Romero for him to switch on to the fact that he's close to getting jibbed off.
  29. Would others still vote leave if it was explained to them we'd leave (possibly/probably) without a deal and break international law in doing so I guess.
  30. How many Salford City defenders imagined they might be marking James Rodriguez a month ago?
  31. Davies under Alladyce. Before that McCarthy, Fellaini, and Arteta. All done it with no big deal, although McCarthy did have a little blip on the map thanks to paddy Power one time. Koeman and Walsh took the energy out of the team and then Silva took the desire.
  32. Didn't get to watch it but looking at the teamsheets I'd have been dissapointed not to get the three points against that team. I'd imagine spurs fans had as much hope in Dier, Winks, and Hojbjerg as I did seeing Keane, Schneiderlin, and Gana for us.
  33. Spurs were not poor. They’ll likely beat the likes of Chelsea, Leicester, and Arsenal. We were supremely better and very worthy winners against a good team.
  34. For me, i just want us to be competitive and i feel for the first time in a long, long time we will be. Spurs i got up at 1:30am to watch live and enjoyed it. Put the game on again last night and re watched it - i cant remember the last time i have done that. We have signed 3 very, very good players but the likes of Richarlison & DCL could explode this year and have huge seasons. 15 shots against spurs, away - lets just let that sink in. Id love to challenge the top 4, win a cup, finally beat Liverpool and i genuinely believe we can do it.
  35. Some players need an arm around them, Pickford needs a kick up the arse. He had so much talent but needs to be challenged, now he is in a talented team, with a top manager he has that challenge. I think he will revel in it.
  36. Rodriguez is 40/1 shot to be PFA Player of the year. When was the last time we had a player in the squad that genuinely has enough quality to potential be one of the best players Premiership. He's already won a fair few 'best player' awards so there is not doubt he's a bono fida baller, and if we build the team and our play around him this season ....... he might really shine, the early signs of him taking to the Premiership are good. Might be worth a £25 punt
  37. Really pivotal season for his career. Last year could be looked at as just a blip or as a sign that he doesn’t have the mentality to be be a top keeper consistently. It’s up to him now. He isn’t the first player to have reached a certain level of success and then let his foot off the gas. How he responds (and early returns are excellent) will show a lot about the type of person he is.
  38. Guardiola and City take this competition very seriously and want to win it every season. That'll do for me.
  39. I know we’ll have this conversation every year and you’ll never convince any of us. We must aim to win every game. This is a tournament that we’ve never won. It’s a route to Europe. It’s been decades since we won anything. The final is end of Feb, can you imagine the boost to moral going into the end of the season with a cup in the cabinet? It’s just basic logic to go out to win it.
  40. I don’t get the Spurs we’re poor. We made them look poor, they didn’t get a chance to show anything
  41. The saves are what we all expect from him, no ones every questioned his shot stopping but his command of area was top top quality. Especially when he went right through Mina to get on, absolutely love that.
  42. I was coming in here to specifically say that his work rate defensively was a pleasant surprise. He doesn't do it all the time, and I don't want him to because he's a silky, sexy bastard going forward, but when he needs to he does the graft as well. Moshiri has wanted a superstar signing, a proper marquee player... well, he's got it in James Rodriguez.
  43. Can't help but thinking spurs went for hoijberg cos Levy is tight and he was available for £15m. Concerned as to why we were after him based on what I seen.... No better than Davies.
  44. Regardless of what happens this has been levels above what I expected. I hoped for positives but this is like a new team.
  45. I don't know who this young number 19 lad is but he looks mint.
  46. B team all the way in every round. Focus and don’t be distracted by this waste of time Cup.
  47. Can't agree with that at all. He was unbelievably bad his first year and now gets credit for putting in a bog standard performance as we've seen just how shite he can be.
  48. You missed Gana that would have a huge step backwards when you look at what we secured. But looking at your list I would have Barkley back in a heartbeat, he’s got massive ability and under Ancelotti he would have the right coaching and direction, which he didn’t get under Koeman.
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