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  1. Will be ten years to the day since our last derby win. In the stars.
  2. It's a load of shite so that people who weren't good enough to actually play football can feel they're still an important part of the footballing world by coming out with these stats. The only goal stats that matter are how many are fucking scored.
  3. Christ, he was criticised for not taking it seriously when he's fucked up and now he's showed he's pissed off with himself for a mistake it's not right either. Got to love football fans!
  4. Just on the phone to Boris, my neighbours have let in 7.
  5. Someone just commented at the BBC website about Manchester United: "Great coaching makes the difference and Ole isn't a league winning coach. Every Utd fan would swap him for Ancelotti in a heartbeat." 😃
  6. My thoughts exactly. Could this be the time to throw more money into the squad with the league being wide open? A GK and another top class forward
  7. I mentioned City in the other thread, they’re already adrift.
  8. Has anyone else started looking out for the results of the other teams who are expected to challenge for the league yet? Finding myself looking at the fixture list a whole lot more now. Hoping Leicester and Liverpool can drop some points this weekend.
  9. The team generally looks better than I could have hoped. The new signings has put appropriate pressure on players who were not giving enough of themselves... Gylfi, Gomes, Delph, Mina (concentration)... With Davies it has put him where he needed to be at the start - a young player who is there to learn - not cover the arses of lazy bastard's. The players we have bought in are clear cut first names on the sheet. James, Doucouré, Allan..... Top top quality. They are bringing the best out of Richarlison and DCL, they are helping the centre halves to be more reliable.... With r
  10. My only worry at the moment is we are still conceding a lot of chances. This is me being picky and wanting us to get even better. But yesterday a better forward could easily have scored three. They had some quite easy chances that they simply missed. Same at West Ham. If we could get 10% better in our defensive side, we could really make waves this year. I k ow this sounds negative, but I mean it in a way where we want to improve.... and I’m 100% Carlo will be thinking the same.
  11. he's got to be shitting himself thinking he's going from being relegated to top of the table playing sexy as fuck football.
  12. It's the free part that still gets me. An unbelievable bit of business done by Brands and the entire team that got this one done. Quickly building a reputation and legacy that will hopefully last for a very long time. And the JOY that is on his face when the team scores. You can just tell this is the first time he's really enjoyed playing in quite some time.
  13. Everton 5 - 1 Liverpool Rodriguez. Fuck em.
  14. I always thought that until he actually did get game time, very underwhelming for me, no where near our level now.
  15. Without fail Harry Maguire provides me with a good laugh every time he plays. Utter shite.
  16. To think we were debating which of the relegated players would help and talking about Zaha like it would be a dream or something. FFS we were too small minded, we got world class players and it’s transformed us. Granted it’s all down to carlo but credit to brands moshiri bill for getting him. He was headed on holiday to Vancouver when we got him. What a difference it has made. Wow. MentAlity, work rate, tactics, we finally have a top manager.
  17. A realistic expectation based on previous seasons would be to aim for a top 6 finish. It still has to be that.
  18. Sure he was angry with himself yesterday and showed it, pulling faces and kicking out. I worry that inner rage festers and instead of getting his brain into gear and getting on with the game he's thinking of the criticism he'll get.
  19. Guys, we’re only 4 games in, the league is far from wide open. I completely get the excitement and I’d love a couple more great signings but practically speaking, I see a CB and backup striker only now.
  20. Id rather she was looking for a plumber. 😂
  21. Definitely got to bring a striker in when he goes. And someone that can actually step in and do a good job if DCL was out for an extended period.
  22. The ex-Spurs guy? I hope not.
  23. £10m... can he play defensive mid though 🤔
  24. Leicester are 2-0 down to West Ham which is brilliant for us, as much as they will probably turn it around City imploding is good news too - just hoping that they have a poor deadline day and this bad feeling runs until Xmas. Liverpool will be OK, sadly.
  25. Well, that’s City out of the race already, 8 points behind us (though with a game in hand)
  26. Fair enough. But going back to original point, who are we going to get in a couple of days time? It’s something for next summer to sort out
  27. Ha well, since Louis hasn’t been around, someone needs to step up! It only game up on BBC gossip today in my defence, thought it was a follow up link
  28. I’ll be a bit gutted if he goes to be honest. One, I was really excited about him coming here and it just hasn’t worked out. Two, I don’t see he’ll get much time on the pitch at PSG. If it goes ahead, the best we can hope for is that he bangs in a few in a weaker league and comes back here a more confident, better player. Mind you he might then head off back to Juve. Hope we’ll see him back here. I’m sure there’s a top player in there somewhere.
  29. Kinda agree but out team got chopped and changed again through injuries. I’ve no idea why they didn’t just crossed into the box all the instead of passing it short everywhere
  30. He could’ve had a hat trick if he’d trusted his right foot yesterday
  31. With an understanding of the game yes, it's quite clear that's what he had been told. He didn't catch a single ball until past the 80th minute, as when he tried to do it in the first half he fucked up and cost the team a goal. Not hard to work out that he's probably been told by Kelly to punch whatever comes his way and get rid (especially in the conditions). I'm not saying that I'm happy with it as whenever he punched he did poorly and put is in trouble, but it was a conscious decision that's probably been agreed in the dressing room. Having played as a goalkeeper for pretty much the ent
  32. James. Two goals and an assist, and just looked silky as fuck. Big shout to Mina. I'm not a fan of his at all, but he was a rock back there today. Everton keep this up and I'm going to turn into an alcoholic.
  33. I have always backed Pickford but that ends today. What he did in todays game was embarrassing, shambolic, and just plain fucking stupid. We're not replacing him in this window, and probably not the next, but we have to go all out for a keeper at the end of the season (be as proactive as we were with the midfield this off-season). No getting someone in to push him, we pay big and we buy better than him.
  34. We won't miss him. Nice lad but one of the reasons our side was so weak in spirit and technical ability.
  35. Injury dependent but let’s hope we are at full strength-ish. Win, lose or draw I’m more interested in how we play. Gotta see if we can legitimately compete with a club of that caliber.
  36. People are going to be a different kind of unbearable after this weekend...
  37. strange one this, PSG isn't a destination that jumps out to me as a club where Kean would be guaranteed loads more minutes. You would think he would get more minutes with us. DCL is our only out and out striker ahead of him. New country and league, he's not got the hang of this one yet - strange.
  38. I don’t get all this focus on whether he can play DM. We don’t need a defensive midfielder, particularly once Gbamin comes back. He’s clearly being brought in as a CB. If he is versatile enough to play elsewhere then that’s great but that would be a bonus.
  39. Would be nice for Barkley to do us favour against the shite.
  40. You can get different types of gloves for the conditions too. If the gloves become 'waterlogged' then grip will be poor but my experience is that mainly comes with old gloves covered in mud. He would have had brand new gloves, changed at half time and I suspect he would have had a choice to wear the wet weather type that you can get. I would expect he has options in the same way players have options with their footwear for the different conditions. Cunty? I apologise if I hurt your feelings but it looked obvious to me! I would agree with you on the instruction. I don't ag
  41. Agent fees of £10 million apparently, that's before you get to signing on fee and wages, for a 33 year old. Utd fans are pissed off about him joining them. Its a "Hell No" from me.
  42. With Richarlison, DCL and James he would have to be a bench warmer. We aren’t buying anyone better than those three surely?! Even being ahead of Bernard, Walcott and Iwobi only gets you on the bench for us now.
  43. What I'm liking currently is the feeling that we will score another before the end of the game - I dont see many 0-0 games for us this season
  44. I think having signed Bale, spurs are going to be lot better that they where against us on the opening day of the season. Going to be a tough old battle at the business end of the table.
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