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  1. IS RIGHT DOM! Not cheered a goal for England like that in a long time, so happy for him.
  2. For me the argument isn't whether Pickford will be dropped, as I'm sure he will be but whether Olsen is a suitable improvement to do the job if Jordan can't. IMO, a goalkeepers bread and butter is to be a shot stopper, so I don't buy into nor get excited about people saying that a goalkeeper is better or worse than another because they're "good shot stoppers". If they aren't good shot stoppers then they shouldn't be playing professional football and if they are, should have something extra to their game to make them special (i.e - Footwork, Aerial Ability, Leadership). Despite what
  3. Everton's Calvert-Lewin, 1st Engand goal. Get in.
  4. North America is a good idea but it’s an absolute must we have some friendlies in South America while James is with us.
  5. Stopped being for the thinking Evertonian a long time ago, we just haven’t thought of a new strap line yet.
  6. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/everton-james-rodriguez-america-news-19063812
  7. I just don’t know if he has the mental tools for it. He’s 26, an adult and acts like a lad still. Look at how DCL conducts himself, even when he was 21. You’d expect DCL to be the 26 year old international and Pickford to be the rash young kid who could be excused for not maturing.
  8. Good goal, excellent ball by Grealish and DCL being in the right place at the right time and a strikers finish. So proud of him, and the staff at Everton.
  9. I thought it came across a bit bitchy so that's why I put the smiley in the hope that it came across a bit more lighthearted! I think point 1 is a fair one but again it wouldn't explain why they then don't go back into midfield a little later in their career. The stronger likelihood is, in my opinion, that they are simply a better centre half and are only used in midfield to get experience and not because they are very good in that position. In respect of point 2, the players you have mentioned have shown they can be moved around repeatedly. Why wouldn't the same happen with centre b
  10. It makes good reading that players actively want to come to Everton.
  11. For self depreciating argumentative bitters
  12. Let’s not paper over cracks here. He’s got some serious short comings that are becoming more prevalent. He’s not improving and mistakes are becoming more consistent. Similar to Tim Howard at the end - difference being we had 10 or so solid years from Howard and he was what 35/36? He needs to swallow his ego and get his head down, otherwise he will be moved on.
  13. Surely Pickford is smart enough to have seen how Carlo and Brands have dealt with our under performing midfield. Ruthless and efficient transfers that have made our weakest department our strongest. In terms of of starting 11, we are looking strong everywhere but GK. He needs to respond or Carlo and Brands will strengthen.
  14. Whether that’s true or not is not really the question for me. Just the act of bringing in a keeper and Pickford knowing it’s a reaction to his form is enough. It’s the last warning. Work hard, focus on your job, improve or this is gonna be your last season as our #1. The carrot is Carlo speaking about him with some level of confidence to the media. The stick is signing a keeper when we hadn’t planned to previously. Jordan’s real competition isn’t Olsen, it’s next summers transfer window and every keeper we might be in for then.
  15. This forum is meant to be for the thinking Evertonian! Nothing wrong with a good debate
  16. His distribution seems to have gotten worse. It was good the first season he was here much like most of his performances. He's completely lost his head.
  17. Now there's a blast from the past, used to go there as a kid and also watch kart racing there!
  18. 10 goals in 7 so far this season. Who would have thought we'd see him be this prolific?
  19. Dominic Calvert-Lewin, England International, has a better international strike rate than Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pele, Maradona...
  20. Scored a first half brace against Romania and has had one disallowed too.
  21. Cannot be stopped. I have to say, I continue to be impressed with how he bounced back after the restart through to the end of last season. Was afraid that was going to hinder his confidence going into this season, but so glad to see how he is progressing. Really exciting times now, friends
  22. He used to be when he first came onto the scene. I’d love to see them square up to him and call him Bambi now; can just imagine his infectious grin making them squirm!
  23. just look at how much he’s developed physically. Crazy in such a relatively short period of time
  24. article said friendlies in both americas, so we're good
  25. He's been left out of the United squad for the CL squad group stages. Bet he's furious!
  26. I wish that was true, but my coach keeps saying the problem is my follow through going too far right to left. 😂
  27. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/oct/07/crisis-may-lead-to-premier-league-b-teams-in-efl-says-citys-soriano Sounds horribly like a big boy taking advantage of the smaller clubs being in a shit position.
  28. “We know that Jordan has made errors,” Southgate said. “Nick actually made errors at the weekend. I always go back to the fact Jordan’s performances for us have been excellent. I am not oblivious to his performance at Everton but there can be lots of factors within https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/football/2020/oct/07/a-moral-maze-gareth-southgate-tells-young-england-players-the-party-is-over
  29. I just hope he does himself justice and they play a way that suits him. He might be getting loads of positive media attention now but it will quickly turn if he doesn't do well. I do feel for any young lad getting into the England side. It really is a circus.
  30. This kid looks amazing!! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/54438727
  31. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/sport/amp/football/54440357 Good on Ozil, but very poor from the arsenal board. How can you make a mascot redundant after spending £45m.
  32. Personally as much as I don't believe he is good enough - this stems from watching him try and play with footballers who were hiding when the team needed them to show courage. For his courage and commitment to the shirt I want to see us patch him up. Playing with better players may help him get back to something like we thought he was. I think his attitude and everything he brings from an application is an example to players who are looking to step up. We shouldn't be casting him off as that sends the wrong message, be brave, be committed and you will get looked after.
  33. That's not boding well for me if you're asking for your own number 👀
  34. 🤣🤣🤣 brilliant that made me laugh out loud, and now I’m getting strange looks, love it mate still fucking laughing 😂.
  35. I think they are and that's why the fall from grace can be hard. In some ways there is a macho confidence in keepers. If you start doubting yourself in general its not good for your game but in goal its likely to cost points. Its worse if you have such a high opinion of yourself to start with. A lot of people weren't happy with how he reacted to mistakes in previous seasons but that was his coping mechanism, rightly or wrongly. That has gone now and to me it doesnt look like he knows what to do for the best.
  36. Just realized I fucked up his name, and the pun doesn't work.
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