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  1. If I had an option to watch it legally, I would. But I can’t because they’re not available here. I already pay close to £60 a month on media services, but none of them allow me to watch the game. If the companies wanted more income, they’d lower the price and allow access more freely around the world. But they don’t and won’t, so I’m perfectly happy knowing it’s got fuck all to do with morality and entirely due to their greed and shortsighted business models.
  2. Imagine thinking that watching an online stream is the same as shoplifting. Jesus Christ.
  3. https://www.football365.com/news/everton-demanded-liverpool-man-utd-apology-during-meeting
  4. There’s a lot of immoral thieves on this site going by your beliefs, and they could say there’s a few mugs on this site. Regardless of your own beliefs or financial position, it’s a bit rich calling people thieves and immoral for using streaming sites, when you know nothing about them or there situation.
  5. there are no words to describe denise, just constantly amazed at her. well done.
  6. https://www.evertonfc.com/news/1862768/everton-midfielder-doucoure-reveals-personal-ambition
  7. Exactly mate, and there will be valid reasons why others watch them.
  8. Some in here could learn from that! 🤣 (want the axe emoji but not available on phone)
  9. Going to Marbella Tuesday for a weeks golf with 7 friends, unless we go into full lockdown and the flights are closed. Playing Santana, Santa Clara, Marbella Club, Torquabrada spelt wrong and Flamingos looking forward to it even though I have to isolate for 2 weeks when I get back.
  10. He just cuts instructions to a minimum. Moyes used to give players loads of instructions.... It can be counter productive. He's a manager who rules by consequences....if you are crap you get dropped and replaced and he has the pull to bring in elite level replacements. They reckon silence is a big weapon, Ferguson used it alot.
  11. The government have now started construction of their new theme park in Kent to promote their new gaming idea. The idea of the game is you hide your lorry among 7000 other lorries for 3 days and then see if you can find it again. The game is called: TRUCK AND TRACE. PS. Don't forget to bring your Kent passport or you won't be allowed to play.
  12. Not sure, Warnock doesn't seem to massively rate him, although he's got him summed up pretty spot on 😅 https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/middlesbrough-transfer-striker-yannick-bolasie-19113502 Warnock knows Bolasie well having managed him at Crystal Palace and was asked his thoughts on the forward. He said: "He can be frustrating. One minute he's unbelievable and the next minute you think, 'Is he even a footballer?' "He's a good lad but whether that will come off I don't know."
  13. Can I ask what makes you think he’s an upgrade on Davies and Delph? Not trying to be funny with that, but I’ve seen every minute he’s played for Everton (not too many minutes haha) and couldn’t come to any conclusion about his ability yet. Just curious what you’ve seen.
  14. The disparity in global pricing makes it hard to swallow in the UK I imagine. In Australia, I get every match streamed live, and on demand for the next week, free with my Optus mobile phone plan. Or I could purchase it for $14.99 per month or annually for $139. I’m sure there’s similar deals in many countries.
  15. I feel the same. Expecting an injury to pop up when he’s back in training. I hope he doesn’t though. The plus side, with Allan being fantastic and Delph actually looking like a footballer again, and then possibly Davies too, there is no need to rush the lad. If he’s fit in November, great, but keep staying fit until needed, maybe even January, and then see how he is.
  16. Never in the history of British politics has one person fucked us over so much.
  17. You mean a mate of yours occasionally works for cash in hand don't you? 😉
  18. It's good you've got your morals in place. Im sure he'd rather have an extra £60 a month to look after his family rather than line the pockets of immoral companies.
  19. Totally agree we really haven’t got much of clue what he’s going to be like from what we’ve seen of him, we’ve had lot’s of players signed in the last 5 years who have looked great on edited footage, Klaasen springs to mind the footage of him posted before he played for us made him look world class the reality was completely different. There’s a long way to go imo before Gbamin proves that he’s the player we want him to become.
  20. He would, because he believes in supporting services providing their pricing is reasonable (i.e. Spotify, Prime, Netflix) When immoral companies like Sky get involved that try to squeeze every penny out of their customers and will happily let an 80 year old man pay 3x what he could be paying for a package because he isn't aware his monthly fee went up after 18 months and doesnt understand threatening to leave is the only way to pay less.... I doubt my friend loses any sleep at night by 'stealing' from them.
  21. SteveO look at him, he’s so much prettier than Davies and Delph.... stylish vid as well, we can’t lose!
  22. I feel a little odd saying this, as a month or so back I was irritated that NBC/NBCSN had switched so many EPL matches to Peacock Premium streaming service ($5/month). I remember being chastised by several on TT for being so spoiled. I now understand that criticism, and they were right. Anyhow, mjb, you can stream all Everton matches not shown on NBC/NBCSN by purchasing Peacock Premium. Although irritated — and spoiled — I did so, and have seen Everton and a few other EPL matches. Pretty decent streaming so far. Of course, if we stay near top of the table, more Everton matches will p
  23. yeah, we don't get everton games in the US, we get a couple cherry picked games that NBC wants to show, usually a big 6 club. the only way i can watch the team is illegal streams. the league cup is on espn+ which i pay for so i'm compliant there, but saying i'm a thief is short sighted.
  24. I’ve got Calvin Green wets black bottoms blue and white top obviously 🙄, had them 7 or 8 years now cost a fortune but still look good, unlike the golf 🏌️‍
  25. It’s certainly true we haven’t seen much of him in blue. I’m basing it mostly on what I’ve seen of him before he’s arrived and the flashes he showed in our lineup. I don’t think Davies is good enough and I doubt we will want to pay the wages of an aging Delph for much longer if we have an alternative. For me the bar for Gbamin to clear is not particularly high. We shall see though, I’m sure it will take him awhile to get back up to speed.
  26. Remember the days where we paid £14 for a CD from HMV.. the internet soon put pay to that monopoly. Music companies charged an absolute fortune, only when people used limewire and torrents did cost come down. Now you pay £10 a month for Spotify and it's all hoodm
  27. Then our little short arsed keeper follows them off and blows the illusion.
  28. I think its decent value for the number of games you get to be honest - There are probably around +50 games a month on if you wanted to watch them all, plus all the other sports etc if you like them. You don't have to pay for all subscriptions, but the choice is there for people, who now can't get to the games or pubs to watch them. This season (due to there being more games) I have subscribe to BT Sport and just get a £10 day pass on Sky if Everton are playing that day. You can sign up to Amazon prime as it suits you., if they happen to have an Everton playing. TV money is vit
  29. We look pretty impressive getting off the bus these days with guys like Doucoure, Mina, DCL, Gbamin, Godfrey, Nkounkou etc..
  30. No way am I paying £34 for a NowTV sports sub, £25 for a BT sport sub and £8 for Prime. £67 a month to watch all Premier Legaue games is rediculos and in the long term will force people toward paying for illegal streams, especially in the current financial climate. A friend of mine pays £6.70 a month for all the games and much more. Maybe if the pricing of BT and Sky Sports were more reasonable he would reconsider his stance.
  31. Got a game lined up for Thursday next week with my Dad. Not played together for a couple of months. Hoping my uncle can join us too, but currently trying to get over corona. In other news, it was my five year anniversary with my current employer and they have given me some gift vouchers. Treating myself to a fancy new pair of Nike shoes for next summer.
  32. Jordan Pickford was a goalkeeper before he came here!
  33. Top of the table with only Aston Villa perfect as well. No one could have predicted it. I said earlier that big teams are dropping points and it’s continuing. As long as we keep ticking along and grinding out the tough wins where we need to we could potentially open up a nice gap. Target has to be win the league, every season along with every game. Miss your target slightly and then settle for Europe.
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