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  1. He needs to start against Man U - he’s the nearest thing we have to Richarlison (albeit nowhere near as good) and will put the graft in tracking back that Iwobi and Bernard lack. Very disappointed that he didn’t start over Gomes or Gylfi today.
  2. I didnt know what role he was supposed to be playing today and it seemed that neither did he!
  3. Fucking hell, more than one needs dropping. I need Sigurdsson out of the 11 because it's getting very close to me actually hating one of our own players.
  4. A shit show from him today. He couldn't have got anything else wrong in all honesty. I know we had players missing but the negative line-up killed any chance of us getting a foothold in the game, and then the substitutions were bizarre to say the least. You know exactly what you're going to get from Newcastle and they gave us no surprises - be solid and compact, sit in and be willing to play on the counter. That is exactly what they did so why the fuck did Carlo go with the slowest midfield he could possibly start with? Not a single one of them was going to move the ball quickly or b
  5. More the fact that you're chatting absolute shite, a team filled with bang average dross yet you're jumping down the easy option which is Carlo. The game-plan was depressing, negative but arguably the right one with the utter shite we had to choose from out on the pitch. To somehow create an agenda and throw the manager under the boss shows a clear lack of understanding of football tactics. +1.
  6. I feel there are a few overreactions in here , yes we were shite but at the end of the day we lost away to a dodgy penalty and a lucky deflection That side is nowhere near our strongest Xi , in fact if you has said to Steve Bruce before the game that he could take 4 players out of that Everton side, bar maybe DCL the 4 that were missing (Richarlison, James, Digne & Coleman ) are probably the 4 he would pick We all know the squad isn’t good enough yet so to give Carlo stick for trying to make the best of a band hand seems harsh
  7. Oh here we go that’s how sack the manager starts.
  8. He’s a world class manager but no doubt he didn’t get it right today.
  9. Took way to long to even create something but good finish DCL. Think Carlo shat the bed with his team choice to be honest and some subs
  10. It leaves the game open to abuse, put it this way teams could rehearse that.... Aim for the defender on front post and get your attacker to run into his swinging foot when he goes to clear.
  11. If we could pick him up on loan in January and have a look at him it would be ideal, if that’s possible. But I’m sure he would be great for us, and would give the team a real boost!
  12. As long as we don't give loads of space in behind our backline we will be okay here. Rashford, martial and greenwood would be licking their lips at the opportunity to run against keane and mina. Go back to the 4-3-3 and please, please let Gordon play richarlisons role. No need to tweak tactics so much. I'm really not sure on the gomes situation. Im done with gylfi, maybe bernard with doucoure and Allan but the latter needs to keep fernandes under wraps.
  13. If the plan was to offer no threat then it definitely worked.
  14. Need a better midfield behind or he'll not see the ball.
  15. It was criminal that he didn't even get on.
  16. Think that was more down to the players not being up to it - Jon jo and Niels struggled to replace Coleman and Digne. I think the tactic of have Dacoure and Delph covering them (as both inexperienced at this level) to allow then to attack when in possession was the right tactic. Neither of their movement or end product wasn't good enough so. We needed to get lucky and have one of them have a 'great' game. One decent performance from either of these and we win this game. I can't be too critical of either Jon Jo or Niels as they don't have the experience or the usual 'winger' if front of th
  17. It’s not irrelevant. We probably have one of the best managers in the game, and that’s been said by many people more qualified than us to make that statement, for me Carlo’s selection wasn’t wrong his players let him down in certain area’s.
  18. If Carlo told Gylfi, Gomes and co to play shite then I would say ok. But. Gomes and Gylfi as I have spoken about numerous times are weak as absolute piss. When we were going well, Gylfi was on the bench and Gomes was getting carried. You can do that when you have Richarlison and James and Allan and Doucoure aren't overwhelmed by the amount of possession conceded by the likes of these 2. Ancellotti has done miracles with the little recruitment he's been able to do.
  19. Keeping Delph on was criminal. No playing Gordon as well. Another note on refs though - goal scored in extra time and booking one of their players for time wasting but plays 15 seconds into the minimum of 6 minutes is a joke.
  20. The last two matches have really highlighted our lack of depth.
  21. Wilson jumped into a leg that was swinging. No control over the ball, no chance of keeping position. Utter bullshit.
  22. It’s extremely generous at best absolutely no intent and then Wilson goes all Mo Salah with the dive
  23. Can’t believe that was awarded. Never a goal scoring chance.
  24. you sure? I am here but mostly reading nowadays as I am busy as hell and don't have much to watch games. So I do not share my opinions as I might have missed many things already. Regarding your other post, It is not a case that Besiktas not made a move because of he is offered to our rivals. We simply do not have money. We couldn't make a move for many, we weren't even active actually on the transfer window so that news is simply bullshit.
  25. Massive how much Richarlison positively impacts us both from an offense and defense perspective..... Huge.
  26. For those saying we have no width, we've included more midfielders to provide cover for Kenny and Nkounkou, who will more than likely play very offensive wing-back roles.
  27. Tony Hibbert offered more. Enough said really.
  28. Hopefully Godfrey and Keane until Holgate is back - then a welcomed headache.
  29. Made sense to allow a pacey player like nkoukou get at their full back and cover him with a player who can do the left back role.
  30. And to play Delph at full back and a fullback on the wing makes no fookin sense at all. Iwobi and Bernard are on the bench so why play a full back on the wing ? And delph shouldn't play anywhere cos he is rubbish.
  31. A shit penalty decision and some poor finishing on possibly our only 2 big chances has cost us dearly today.
  32. Shite Utter shite. Gomes and Gylfi can go ... Get in ... Come on.
  33. At least it is some intent from Bernard. It might not be much but he is moving the defence. Too many of the others don't commit anyone. Definitely tactics and then the players as well. It looked like a David Moyes team on paper. No wingers. Full backs playing as wingers. Midfielders, including our only box-to-box midfielder covering the full back spot. I agree the players haven't played well either but you can't tell me they arent terrible tactics.
  34. So your allowed to have a shot, miss the ball, and boot a player.... and it’s not a foul? Still a foul for me. But I see people’s point though, I just don’t agree mate.
  35. Wasn’t a pen though just more VAR shit
  36. Gomes waited for a corner to get to him and swung his leg out. Unfortunately there was a Newcastle player in the way. Clumsy and lazy.
  37. The fact we’ve not managed to win a single game when he is out speaks volumes, God forbid he ever gets a serious injury we definitely need to add more options in January
  38. Disappointed with Kenny so far. Industrious, but very poor on the ball and final product.
  39. Apparently Isco and James are close friends. There could be a lot of truth to this rumour considering he seems to have fallen out of favour with Zidane.
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