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  1. Increasing defence spending by £4b whilst people starve... just when you thought they couldn’t get any more depraved in their actions, the Torys step up.
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  2. Btay


    Should be at least 3 years. Never been an athletic/pacey player so would hopefully play well into 30’s ( similar time David Silva ) Would hell James a lot though, “if” we have Europe next season I think it’s becoming increasingly obviously James won’t be playing 2/3 games a week consistently.
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  3. Romey 1878

    Carlo Ancelotti

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  4. Btay


    Absolutely ridiculous to be having them
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  5. Aidan


    Love it richy lad.
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  6. StevO


    I’d like to think we’d be getting three of his best years at that age. Would be very exciting!
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  7. Aidan


    Yeah I hope it is a transfer. He's 28 now youd like to think we'd be his last club at this level.
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  8. pete0

    General Election/UK Politics

    This interview is painful https://m.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/rambling-hancock-unable-to-explain-why-self-isolating-boris-wasnt-wearing-a-mask_uk_5fb22f21c5b6d8781808ba21?fbclid=IwAR0fdSaR6yUvw32p-22R8GxsCLBNS38Jy9jYox8llG0gojCbE91_DtZQJr0
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  9. Bailey

    Cenk Tosun

    The issue with Tosun has been his physicality to play the one up front role that was asked of him under previous managers. His finishing and touch is generally good. If you look at how Ancellotti is playing DCL then it would suit Tosun better than previous managers. He isn't going to set the world alight any time soon, but I could see him chipping in with a couple of goals and assists if he is needed regularly enough.
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