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  1. Hopefully that means he will be fit for Fulham! He is another starting to pick up regular muscle strains. On a side note, whoever thought international matches and friendlies was a good idea in the current climate needs shooting.
  2. Guy is just class, if we can’t allow for one special player to relax defensive duties there’s something wrong. Not a chance he should be left out. If he’s fit he plays.
  3. Put him in the box, feed him the ball in the area, he'll score. Simple as that. Goals win games and he's scoring goals. It's why I love him playing for us and why I loved Lukaku and Yak playing for us. Strikers can do fuck all else for all I care.
  4. He said: “I think it was a ball dispute, he went over the top, if my foot was stuck it might have even broken my ankle, but I think it wasn’t bad. “He tried to steal the ball and ended up missing the ball.” Compare this to the shower over the park. Hopefully Cavani doesn't get death threats.. oh wait proper fans don't do that. The shite over the park could take a lesson in class from Richarlison.
  5. Got a job offer, remote working but based on the UK. Means leaving our home of the last 8+ years and a place we love in Switzerland, but moving to be closer to family and the jobs going to be really interesting. They basically made exceptions to get me and it’s been 4 weeks from first call to contract being presented.
  6. The issue with Tosun has been his physicality to play the one up front role that was asked of him under previous managers. His finishing and touch is generally good. If you look at how Ancellotti is playing DCL then it would suit Tosun better than previous managers. He isn't going to set the world alight any time soon, but I could see him chipping in with a couple of goals and assists if he is needed regularly enough.
  7. I'm proud of Georgia right now. The election of state governor two years ago was one of the most corrupt of recent times. One of the two candidates was Georgia's Secretary of State, responsible for overseeing the election. He managed to invalidate hundreds of thousands of votes for his opponent, ensuring that he won. In contrast, the new Secretary of State, also a Republican, is playing this very much by the book. Stacy Abrams, who unfairly lost that gubernatorial election, has been mobilizing voters in the city of Atlanta, and they voted early in droves. That, together with the legacy of John
  8. I think DCL's recent rise just shows how the right manager at the right time with the right system can work wonders for a player. I think he has improved his all round play but I don't think it is by that much. The difference to DCL is that he is playing in the right areas far more often and he is getting the service. His movement has always been very good but it has been wasted down the channels or with poor quality delivery. Now his movement is so much more focused and when he gets those chances he is invariably scoring. I dont think I have ever seen a striker score so many goals from
  9. Yeah I agree with what you are saying but if world class midfielders are on offer we need to take that opportunity before sorting the defence out. Defence is the priority, but why waste an opportunity on a world beater?
  10. I've got no problem with a player that realises they aren't able to help the team.
  11. No, they're probably saying hes one of the best in the world who is also capable of making mistakes.
  12. https://secure.avaaz.org/campaign/en/covid_vaccine_85/?ccwFHab
  13. Coleman started well but since his injuries he has also struggled with his performances IMO. I would say Digne is the only consistently good one out of the lot of them at the moment. Hopefully they can settle down again after this international break, stay fit and get back to what they were doing at the start of the season.
  14. Everyone received the email about the next batch of surveys about the match day experience? Im looking forward to this one. This is the make or break finer detail stuff. Exciting.
  15. More fool those who follow Shukes...
  16. I understand how that feels.
  17. I've shed a few tears today. This has been a long, exhausting, emotionally draining 4 years. I wish it wouldn't have even been this close, but ya know, white supremacy. Now let's rally behind Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, flip that Senate in January, and FIX THIS BROKEN ASS COUNTRY.
  18. I don’t understand why we’ve suddenly stopped pressing higher up and set up much deeper. Our dominance early season was making opposition teams panic and since Liverpool we’ve just sat back and conceded time and time again. I don’t get it at all.
  19. I’m not disappointed with him, but I dont think we’ve seen anywhere near the best from him yet, something I’m looking forward to.
  20. Unless James is injured he starts every game for me - and the rest of the team HAVE just have to adapt around him to make up for James defensive shortfalls. He is that player who sees (and delivers) to parts others don't see. It would be great if James had the ability to put in defensive duties as well, but lets be honest with ourselves if he did have this in his locker he would still most likely be in Real's starting line up and not at Everton on a free transfer!!! Players that can do both come with a hefty price tag!!
  21. Just want to add, that despite the poor run of form were still 6th and 5 points off the top. Think most would’ve been happy with that start of the season
  22. I think he did pretty well out of the window personally and he would have signed off on the final squad too. If he wanted another full back I am sure he would have got one but he said Niels would be back up. As Romey says though, given the calibre of manager he is, I would be very annoyed with him if it was the case.
  23. I think he along with Siggy, Delph, Bernard, mina, need trimming off the wage bill and better younger hungry players bought in.
  24. I'd be even more pissed off about it if that was the case, and I don't think it is.
  25. Allan by a mile for me. Which is strange because they really controlled midfield. But he did everything other than get us a win. Driving forward, shots, chances created. Pickford a close second.
  26. Allan is having a stormer today. Great run and shot there, but it’s not the first time he has driven us forward today.
  27. RB and Isco if possible. The GK, CB and a forward in summer
  28. Fantastic in the first half and was in my running for MOTM at that point. I want more of that positive play.
  29. Don't like Hugh Grant the actor but Hugh Grant the Fulham fan is a top man.
  30. trump has lost every single legal battle and recount. he needs to give up. he's a pompous windbag
  31. Increasing defence spending by £4b whilst people starve... just when you thought they couldn’t get any more depraved in their actions, the Torys step up.
  32. Very good post. I edited it to take out the parts that specifically refer to the USA. If you read it now, it could be about pretty much every country in Europe too. The US is definitely not alone in this. Few countries, however, have had the misfortune of having the uninformed contrarian view get to a majority. Thank God the US, for one, took a little step back to sanity with the election of Biden.
  33. Just took the survey and I’m very impressed with the ideas displayed. Love the idea of having bars and restaurants inside the stadium, it’s a shame they look like they will just be for premium seating though. If they put a couple of real pubs inside the south stand and opened a couple of hours before kick off they could pick up some of the money that currently gets spent on County Road. They could stay open a couple of hours after the match too, it would filter the traffic a bit around the ground and scoop up more money. I like that you might be able to upgrade to hospitality on a
  34. I agree mate for me I find incomprehensible that fellow Evertonians are looking for him to fuck up every game, so much so that they have to nick pick on the smallest insignificant incidents every game, I can understand that from supporters of other team's but our own very poor. Referring to yesterday's incident I myself said fucking hell Pickford catch it, which I take back and apologise to him for, others won't in fact knowing now what happened they still hold him responsible, some even claimed it was a Stonewall penalty that Pickford had fouled McGuire, no hands up I was wrong instead
  35. But he did get pushed, there’s no point discussing what would’ve happened. Try jumping with your hands up trying to catch a moving ball and have someone push you slightly in the middle of your chest. Your arms immediately move inward, you move back and you’ve lost balance. Maguire has even said he “probably” fouled, so why is this even a discussion?
  36. My god, the whiplash from 45 to 46 is real. I had forgotten how a President is supposed to sound. Joe and Kamala said everything they should've said, but one thing that really stood out to me was Joe's specific shout-out to the black Americans who propelled him to the presidency. They brought him back from the brink in the primaries, and I think it was important that he specifically acknowledged the black electorate. January 20th cannot come soon enough.
  37. Agree with you 110%, these games have hit home to how wafer thin we are outside 5 or 6 quality players, to be so night and day between poor and great is astounding and surely something that has rang alarm bells at board level.
  38. International break has come at the perfect time (it is next week isn't it?). Three winnable games but ones that we need to be absolutely up for, unimaginable if we lose to the likes of Fulham and end up making this run go on. I'm more angry about today's result than I have been for a while, do the basics and we quite literally win that, two goals that you'd hate to concede at Sunday League level - the third scored as everyone was up the pitch which I can forgive. Just really, really, really pissed off at what could have been.
  39. You’re right, can’t make it up. And we need to call it what it is, fascism in action. I would not propose to call all Trump supporters active, conscious proponents of fascism. But we do need to try to understand how widespread is fascism in Trumpism. Here’s my tentative first take. Trump and inner circle — fascists, grifters, liars, cheaters, scofflaws, white supremacists. There is absolutely nothing they will not do to retain power, now ominously including disrupting the counting of finished ballots and encouraging neo-Nazi militias to “stop Democrats from stealing the election.
  40. Are we the team that ends up being managers last the most? Ancelotti and Moyes spring to mind. Any how, personally hope he keeps the job after we beat them.
  41. I think there are “officially” 5 states still in play: North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. 1. NC - Trump highly likely to win. 2. Of the other 4, Arizona has already been “called” for Biden, but there are still enough uncounted ballots that Trump still has a small chance. 3. Of those other 4, Biden needs to win any 2. Thus, Trump needs to win any 3. Of the 4, as the ballot-counting continues, Biden is favored to win Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. Georgia is thought to be a toss-up. 4. So, Biden very likely but not 100% certain to win. 5.
  42. Can't say how grateful i am to have Carlo here, i truly believe he epitomises our club in his personality and approach. However, that doesnt make him above criticism. I can honestly say i woke up at halftime ( 12.30am kick off and off the back off a 28 hour shift ) messaged my brother and asked if we had injuries in the first half. It was moyesesq when we use to play Rodwell at RM. If Silva put that team out he would get crucified. We go again however!
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