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  1. And (believe it or not, where does the time go) today is the five year anniversary of my last treatment, which means I'm all clear. I still have one final check to come in May but it's just a formality, five years is the magic number so I'll be around for a while yet. Sorry.
  2. Hey, I'm also a Turkish supporter and after reading the topic, I thought I could also inform you about Cenk and give you a general idea of what to expect from him. I'm a Fenerbahçe fan indeed but I've watched all of the Beşiktaş matches this year. (That's because my team appointed a scabies manager who loves defensive football and watching Fenerbahçe games was torture for me.) Anyway, Cenk was one of the players which I really respected from opposite teams. The thing you need to know about the Turkish league is, its a harsh league for players, especially offensive and creati
  3. Decent old game of footy that. We won 2-1. Could have lost 2-1. Could have won 4-1. Could have lost 4-1. Might have been 4-4!!! So impressed with Coleman. He makes babies with a broken leg then comes back like he's played every week. When they do his autopsy, they'll find wires and circuit boards. If he gets cremated, there'll be no ash, just a stream of molten steel. 60 grands worth of the earths finest natural resource.
  4. Life changing. That was absolutely the most amazing sporting experience of my life. As a stateside fan I chose Everton because Tim Cahill embodied everything I want in a footballer and the club was known for its familial atmosphere. Having been a fan for 10+ years now of course I was concerned that the experience/club wouldn't live up to the expectations created in my head all these years. Live up to expectations? This experience confirmed everything I was hoping for and then some. Just a spectacular day I will never ever forget. Thank you to all the fans on this forum, and the entire fan
  5. His bio on Twitter says he lives in Everton England instead of Liverpool. I love him already 😍😍
  6. Hello guys, Im a besiktas fan from Istanbul so let me give some info. First of all if he was playing at germany or any other euro country you would pay much much more. Euro has good value here so club needed this kind of money. We also earn lots from CL but still it was time to send him away. He is great player and also great person. He can do alot at premier league. We bought him very cheap, he was 2nd option for most of his career at besiktas but he keeps improve improve. he started his football career at germany then come to turkey. He never gives up and always looks to improve hi
  7. Carlo Ancelotti is fucking brilliant and is our manager. Stop talking about Bisto Tits for fucks sake, he's gone and I want to forget that cunt was ever here. It's an embarrassment that he was ever charge. Edit - Even more embarrassing is the fact that people are arguing over his time here!
  8. Didn’t mean it to be a downer boys n girls. Just thought I’d throw it in. After 00:00 the world is a different place. It’s amazing if you stop to think for a minute that we are all over the world. We all have our own things going on. Troubles, happiness. We fall out on this website from time to time. We don’t know each other but the thing that bonds us is the blues. We are a family. Whatever this club is the one thing I know for sure is we are a family. Love everyone on here and wish your loved ones all the happiness that 2020 can bring.
  9. For someone so inexperienced he handles himself brilliantly with the media; puts most established pros to shame. Whatever his future he's a credit to himself and the club.
  10. I’m with you mate , he is an absolute fraud. Some of his signings have been absolutely shocking Digne is our worst LB since Baines both fucking useless, and as for that other Portuguese pile of shite Gomes , he is definitely the most clueless midfielder we’ve had since Arteta He has to go we need to start bringing in more quality , proven players like Coco and Niasse
  11. 1. Win the league. 2. Win any other trophy. 3. Qualify for the Champions League. 4. Quality for the Europa Cup. 5. Finish as high up the league as possible.
  12. Talking about attack in relation to that period under Bisto tits is too funny, Pete. We barely had shots on goal, never mind shots that actually hit the target! Scrap that, we barely entered the oppositions fucking half of the pitch! You say you’d have liked him to have been given another season... I was so put off by another second of that dick head that I wouldn’t have set foot inside Goodison again until he was gone. I’m not even sure I could’ve stomached watching us on the tv/a stream. The attack was getting worse the longer he was here, the defence were shipping goals (he didn’t shor
  13. Hey everyone, Really hope you don't mind me posting on here. I am the programme cover artist for Wolves this season & for each game have been painting a player from the away team as well as the home team, before both paintings are blended together to create the cover. My A2 watercolour painting of Richarlison, signed by the player, is one of ten (from my covers to date) available via a 10-day auction launching tomorrow at 9pm & finishing on Sunday 28th October at 9pm. All funds raised with be shared between Cure Leukaemia, Race Against Blood Cancer, YMCA Black Country & G
  14. We have the Russians working on that. I mean if they can rig an election across all of America, surely they can fix this shit right in their back yard? Give us a waiver slot for being the only team in the world who has to play soccer against footballers. Plant dead mosquitoes in their luggage and quarantine the Costa Rica team for malaria. Invade Croatia and pin it on Serbia. Whatever, just make this shit happen so we don't have to have the FBI start indicting the entire governing body. See, we're not an unreasonable lot.
  15. Professor Ancelotti !💙💙 And I particularly like this quote "A strong part of my game is marking and the desire going in to win absolutely every ball," he explained. "I believe with my desire I can put in really good performances to win the fans over and I hope to win things as well. There will be a tremendous amount of dedication from me, a lot of dedication – a lot
  16. It was perfect Haf, went exactly as planned down to the last detail. Celebrant was superb, "wake" was joyful. Seems ridiculous to say but the best day I've had in weeks.
  17. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/03/06/jamie-carragher-meets-carlo-ancelotti-not-one-last-payday-going/ My allegiance to Everton ended over 25 years ago, but there is a moment during an hour with Carlo Ancelotti when the heart of the schoolboy within me beats faster. “Next season we have to qualify for the Champions League,” Ancelotti tells me. “I am here for this.” I pause. I have not heard an Everton manager speak like this since I stood on the Gwladys Street. “Is that really possible given the strength of the competition?” I ask. “I am sure this club
  18. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/02/sports/everton-liverpool-merseyside-derby.html#click=https://t.co/BANmPuvGYI Everton made the New York Times today. A couple wonderful points: 1.) Everton makes its players sign an agreement to participate in community events; and 2.) At one point Tom Davies had to be reminded to leave an event but said, "I'm busy coloring unicorns." I love this club more than anything other than my wife.
  19. More tackles and more interceptions than anyone else on the pitch, despite us having more of the ball. Made more passes than anyone on the field and only Cenk had a better accuracy (only played 10 minutes). His job isn'tt to position himself correctly, his job is to press the ball and win it back as quick as possible, which he is one of the best in the world at. If he is so bad then why has he been first choice for the last 4 managers we've had? I can't understand this constant bashing of the poor lad!
  20. So, he gave an interview to one of the biggest and oldest newspapers (Milliyet) in Turkey. Let me try to translate the relevant parts of it; P. S. Please excuse typos and grammar mistakes if there are any. P. S. #2 Oh I've missed some parts at the end. Below;
  21. The more I think about his comments after the Arsenal game the angrier I get How can he complain about consistency when he doesn't pick a consistent side? Or a consistent formation? What fucking idiot decides to change from a back 4 to a back 3, which is a formation we just don't look comfortable playing? Not only that but away at fucking Arsenal! Furthermore, who then decides that as part of that 3 we should play a CB that has only been at the club a matter of days?! Never mind that even the established players would have found this a tough ask because we had limited time to work on it h
  22. Guys i am a besiktas fan, and you guys just singed and amazing player. I believe you ll sell him in a better price anyways but he will do amazing in your team... well i wish him and everton a good luck for the leauge! You guys will love him
  23. http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/what-future-hold-loan-everton-14061445 Just leave him where he is. The odd appearance for us until the end of the season will do him no favours whatsoever. Leave him where he is, playing every game, learning more. Then get him back here for pre-season and let him show the coaching staff what he's made of.
  24. Finally letting me go home today The nurses are all inconsolable....or did I dream that bit?
  25. Hello from Colombia.. I leave my creation in honor of King James and the club. Everton win the premiere league this season..certified.
  26. Regardless of what happens this has been levels above what I expected. I hoped for positives but this is like a new team.
  27. Just a quicjk thank you for what has been said to me recently i appreciate it all i am out of the hospital now and i hope to stay out for a while now and also i want to thank the folks who sent me birthday wishes too thanks to you all i anm so proud to be a toffee COYB
  28. Allardyce was toxic to this club, if he had stayed do you think we would have signed the players we did under Silva? Do you think Brands would have been able to work with him? I don't. People complained about Moyes coming back and rightly so, both are footballing dinosaurs whose tactics and methods do not suit the modern game. At least Moyes loved the club, Allardyce saw us as a gravy train he could slurp from, he showed contempt to the fans, our tradition and to the kind of football we love to see with his negative dour tactics. Marco failed, badly but at least he wanted us to pla
  29. Should have stuck with Allardyce the press said. Get back in your box the press said. Don’t aim too high the press said. 43 shots on goal in two games! Break the fucking box and aim high!
  30. It is utterly ridiculous the amount of headers he wins. He's a player I really want to do well. He never puts anything less than 100% in and he comes across as someone that genuinely realises how lucky he is to be playing for Everton and wants to repay the faith shown in him.
  31. When you haven't won anything since 1995 I don't think you can have the privilege of calling any trophy "Mickey Mouse". I get what you are saying don't get me wrong but as someone who was 2 years of age the last time we lifted something I'll take whatever I can get. A Carabao Cup would be fantastic and let's not forget that going all the way guarantees the Europa League, albeit from the qualifying rounds.
  32. Officially discharged 😁. I got quite emotional actually which I wasn't expecting.
  33. We have just beaten Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Utd and got a very creditable draw against The Shite Given the fact the Gana has been instrumental in all of the above games can we now safely put to bed this notion that he can only perform against the lesser sides?
  34. “I just wanted to be a professional soccer player in Europe, lo and behold Manchester United offered me a contract so I grabbed the nearest pen and I signed it," Howard said. "Things didn’t work out there for me, so it was time for me to move on. Little did I know, the single greatest thing to happen to me after my children was to sign for Everton Football Club. Who would have known that? I spent a decade there, Everton has a piece of my heart that can never be relinquished.” Nice that.
  35. The one thing that excited me about this signing when we bought him was he always scores against the shite. It was a shame the lad got injured and I hope he does well at.Villa and gets a move. He was always respectful and positive towards the club so I hold no animosity towards him.
  36. Bollocks to it we can play the statue at CB if needs be, couldn’t be any slower than the ones we have currently
  37. On a positive note, sitting at Mr. Dennehy's in NYC with JoeQuince watching the match.
  38. Much respect to Unsworth for stepping in. Took over with us in the bottom, stands aside with us in 13th. Some nightmare results in there but he gave it a good, honest go. Evertonians appreciate that.
  39. Thanks Gwlad buddy, tweltfh night here tonight, hopefully another week or so and I'll be home. All still going smoothly but had a real rough time for the two or three days after the op (when the drugs wore off), still no picnic but getting there slowly and team are all still very confident it's done the main job. Question now is whether it's done the secondary job which would mean I can eat and drink normally in time if successful, should have an idea Monday.
  40. Not a nice way for a proper legend to go out.... sharing a pitch with a bunch of half arsed millionaires. Thanks for the memories Leighton, a genuinely brilliant player, ambassador and the best left back I've seen in a blue shirt. You deserved far better than that today.
  41. That’s not what it’s about for me. It’s another game to go to, another day out, another trip to Wembley. If we get to Europa, it’s a chance for a trip away with the lads or my dad to watch the blues. I’d love nothing more than a trophy, that’s what the game is about, and making memories while you’re there. We might never make the top four, so enjoy the ride trying to get there. Picking up any trophy helps the club grow, and enjoying playing European football is a good thing regardless of which tier for me.
  42. Someone had to do it- I feel dirty doing it but it’s done now. Fact is- we are in a bad place right now- clearly the first choice second etc were either unattainable or didn’t fancy it. We need someone in to steady the ship and keep us up and in his defence he has a perfect record of saving teams from relegation. Where this leaves us afterwards if he saves us is entirely another matter. I don’t like it one but but I do understand why this move has been made. We all need to get behind the team now as getting relegated just isn’t an option with a new stadium on the horizon. Dark day f
  43. In today's market, 4.5M is a steal. I'd rather give him another chance.
  44. Anyway- Happy New Year to each and every one of you- I sincerely hope it’s a prosperous and healthy one for all our posters and hopefully the blues can make it an even better one. COYFBB!!!!
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