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  1. I’m all for stats and their usefulness, but the expected stats don’t do it for me. Concrete stuff like passes completed, tackles won, headers won, I’m all for that because there is a definitive outcome. But expected goals, nah, not having it. The goal goes in or it doesn’t. That stat isn’t making the game better for anyone. Someone has created that stat to make their job at Opta a bit more important. 😂
  2. they did a lot of things differently and much later than Europe
  3. Pretty sure I saw somewhere (and can believe) that it's written into Lewis' contract that he has a say on who lines up with him. I'm pretty sure that it was in Vettel's contract at Ferrari too, as there was talk of him being involved in discussions when Kimi left from Sauber. To be honest the Bottas scenario is an understandable, if uninspiring one from Mercedes POV. He's basically always going to be 2nd or 3rd, getting the points needed to both mop up the Constructers points and keep the likes of Red Bull (and Ferrari last year) at bay. He's not going to rock the boat, preventing a ''Ro
  4. If I'm being honest there are two sides to this and I can't really decide which is right. When I was playing in the (Everton) Academy we would see and be up against trialists from all over the world and this was when I was 13/14. It wasn't as though I was trying to prove myself as the best goalkeeper in the North West (which would have been difficult) but I was having to be better than people from all over the world. Australia, France, Sweden and Poland are just a handful of the nations that I remember, it's insane. From a selfish, English point of view then it's virtually impossible to make i
  5. If we get him hopefully he is more Digne than Mina.
  6. No, only when a player plays the ball forward can offside be called. If it came only off their player, then it’s a goal. Because Richie hits it forward first, it’s offside at that moment. The subsequent touch from their player doesn’t matter as it’s always called on the first incident. like when a player gets fouled and retaliates, he might get sent off, but his team still gets the free kick.
  7. Just want to add, that despite the poor run of form were still 6th and 5 points off the top. Think most would’ve been happy with that start of the season
  8. What caused the fire was that the car was ripped in half right where the fuel tank is. This accident should put an end to any people still against the halo. Grojean himself has said tonight that he wasn’t a fan of it but he’s changed his mind now. It’s probably responsible for his head still being acquainted with the rest of his body.
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