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  1. Guy is just class, if we can’t allow for one special player to relax defensive duties there’s something wrong. Not a chance he should be left out. If he’s fit he plays.
  2. Unless James is injured he starts every game for me - and the rest of the team HAVE just have to adapt around him to make up for James defensive shortfalls. He is that player who sees (and delivers) to parts others don't see. It would be great if James had the ability to put in defensive duties as well, but lets be honest with ourselves if he did have this in his locker he would still most likely be in Real's starting line up and not at Everton on a free transfer!!! Players that can do both come with a hefty price tag!!
  3. He provided a lot more this week than against Fulham. He is and will always be a luxury player to some extent. If we had more possession I think he'd do a good job controlling attacks in the middle and we saw that in those early games. When we don't have much of the ball he doesn't have as much involvement apart from to create chances on quick attacks. In that sense he did pretty well: 3 shots (2 on target) 5 key passes 2 dribbles Fouled 3 times 8 Crosses (though only 3 considered accurate - assume that includes corners/free kicks) 4 out of 7 successfu
  4. Just want to add, that despite the poor run of form were still 6th and 5 points off the top. Think most would’ve been happy with that start of the season
  5. No they won't. Burnley play the same way home, away, rain, clear skies, snow, wind.
  6. I think he did pretty well out of the window personally and he would have signed off on the final squad too. If he wanted another full back I am sure he would have got one but he said Niels would be back up. As Romey says though, given the calibre of manager he is, I would be very annoyed with him if it was the case.
  7. I think he along with Siggy, Delph, Bernard, mina, need trimming off the wage bill and better younger hungry players bought in.
  8. I'd be even more pissed off about it if that was the case, and I don't think it is.
  9. Allan by a mile for me. Which is strange because they really controlled midfield. But he did everything other than get us a win. Driving forward, shots, chances created. Pickford a close second.
  10. Allan is having a stormer today. Great run and shot there, but it’s not the first time he has driven us forward today.
  11. Exactly, shows how good coleman was at the start though and how much he picked up James defensive duties
  12. I agree, we need the midfield three so that Doucoure can cover James’ side of the pitch for me. As much as he is a luxury we can’t cater for, he also brings creativity that we can’t afford to be without.
  13. He was everywhere, but nothing came off for him. The whole teams been rough since the kopite game, and the system changing and him being bounced around positions made him look worse that he was. Doesn’t excuse the basic errors he made but nearly everyone was making them so I’m not going to single him out
  14. The game was in Leeds favour from the first minute. Yeah we were offside for a couple, but they hit the post and missed a few they should have scored. It could have been a really embarrassing score.
  15. There is a big difference from the start of the season in what we have around him. We had Coleman protecting him from behind, we had Doucoure protecting him from the inside, both of them were giving him options to pass to and link up with. We also had Gomes on the left looking to switch play to him in space. All of this has stopped. Yet somehow, he still manages to show quality. He was involved in goals at Fulham and could have been yesterday too. Right now I’d dread to see us play without him.
  16. He is what he is. He is never going be a hard working player unless an opponent is standing on him. But I would say that for the most part, when he had the ball he looked like he could create things. He did put in a few sublime balls that didn’t end up as anything, more because of decisions from others than himself. We need him on the pitch as he can create in a second. We don’t have others that can do that. What’s more important is putting the right players around him.
  17. When you’ve got to make a change, like yesterday, with Digne needing to be replaced, you want to keep the disruption to a minimum. Keep it simple and just bring Nkounkou in for Digne. Nope, let’s go all weird and make two changes instead and move Iwobi from the right (where he’d done well) to the left and bring in a player that’s barely played this season and have Davies play RWB instead. He is needlessly complicating things at the moment.
  18. I find it a bit odd that there is a lot of focus on Delph when he came on as a sub and actually did OK. Of all the performances we saw yesterday, I was least concerned by his.
  19. It's weird decisions like this that Ancelotti should be being questioned about. He's made the most changes to a starting 11 in the league this season, so it's no wonder we've struggled to make any system work and look disorganised a lot of the time. Yes, some of these changes have been a necessity but some of them have just been bizarre. Like this one.
  20. Completely unsurprised. He was completely hung out to dry in that position
  21. He was dispossessed nine times yesterday. Nine! And I'm not even angry with him for a poor performance because it was a ludicrous decision to play him as a LWB. It really was.
  22. Agreed. Allan is everything Delph thinks he is but he offers nothing, at all. I really hope Gbamin is a decent player and forces him out of the squad.
  23. Formation has been needs must situation in my opinion. Both our starting fullbacks out at once. Do that to liverpool and they will struggle as well. Lets not jump down Doucoures throat. Won the game last week with his goal. Knows he should have scored today as well but he’s in the right areas. He works damn hard and both him and Allan are struggling with the 2 man midfield which is understandable.
  24. I know it's frowned upon to say something like this but Carlo really needs to have a good think about what he's doing at the moment. Yes, the players are responsible too but he is not blameless for these wank performances. The way he's set us up for maybe the past month or so is very questionable and he must take his share of the blame.
  25. James and Doucoure have been disappointing after coming out of the blocks firing on all cylinders. Allan the only one offering something. Christmas is going to be crap this year for more than one reason.
  26. James needs to show for this one and put in a decent shift both ways, there’s no room for shirkers against this team their fitness and intensity is second to none, and we need to match them man for man.
  27. In all honesty if Niels is injured I’d rather have Davies there than Bernard Delph Gylfi or Gomes, at least Davies has some fight and bite to his game. Who would you put there?
  28. This is the reason I voted him MoM. The last ten minutes of the game was the Dom show.... we were going to concede again until he decided to stop the game and control it.
  29. I think Keanes made more mistakes than Mina personally. Which ever it is though, they need to sharpen up quickly.
  30. The hard bit with selling a player is needing someone to buy them. It’s all well and good saying sell them, but it’s never that simple.
  31. Always going to be a case of when we win no ones noticed James defensive efforts but when we lose it’s highlighted.
  32. I haven’t been impressed with him in the last few games, is lack of creativity is highlighting how poor his work rate is for me, you can forgive a player for lack of effort to win the ball back if they are creating or scoring goals but he isn’t doing that.
  33. What utter wank that was. Yeah, we had a few chances but Leeds were much the better side and deserved the three points. Their first win at Goodison in the PL. The players and Carlo need to do a lot of reflecting before the Burnley game because they haven't been good enough.
  34. He made quite a few forward balls, dribbles and tackles. Didn’t set the world alight but was clearly there to put a little more structure which meant showing for the ball and being safe with it. Nowhere near poor.
  35. We really miss the full backs. We are a different team with Coleman and Digne. I’m worried how we’ll cope without them now.
  36. The only plus points really were that Allan showed there is a lot more to his game than just being a defensive midfielder If we can ever get Gbamin fit enough to slot in to the DM role so it frees Allan up I’m really looking forward to seeing what he can do The other being Pickford, thought he looked back to his best with a string of excellent saves and no brain farts
  37. i think James has been fine. this isn't bastketball where 1 guy can just win the game each time. he's made some great passes and had a goal disallowed. delph coming on, iwobi?
  38. ? they have no quality, lots of huff and puff but they've had sitters they've missed. we've had 2 ACTUAL goals disallowed (rightfully). not sure where all the negativity is coming from, i'm guessing you don't watch leeds. they do this to every side they play. but they can't convert, that's their massive flaw. we are playing well, just need to keep having a go and let our quality shine through. i don't know who is on the bench but if we could get an actual left footed LWB i'd put them on to see if we can get some crosses in the box.
  39. If you give PIckford no time to think, just react - and he's just incredible.
  40. i like the look of godfrey and holgate out there, both have pace and are good on the ball
  41. Hope you both have a mild time of it, bit worrying though I'm sure.
  42. Don’t see why Niels can’t step up if he has the quality, tomorrow should give us some idea if so.
  43. I feel like not having adequate back up full backs could end up really hurting is this season. I hope that both Kenny and Niels can show their worth over the coming weeks and months. Even if Coleman is fit soon, he won't be able to play two games a week.
  44. Well that's Christmas ruined ain't it, proper love Digne so gutted about this. He won't be on the same level, but at least Nkounkou has been promising when he's played so it's not as though we're having to put some whopper there. Probably won't be a big enough injury to bring Sir Leighton out of retirement, but who knows. He'll more than likely still be in shape, so could be a cheap emergency option.
  45. Thing is he still has ample room for improvement. Physically he’s excellent and his positioning has come on leaps and bounds. It’s so refreshing to see someone who has worked their ass off and is reaping the rewards
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