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  1. Carlo Ancelotti is fucking brilliant and is our manager. Stop talking about Bisto Tits for fucks sake, he's gone and I want to forget that cunt was ever here. It's an embarrassment that he was ever charge. Edit - Even more embarrassing is the fact that people are arguing over his time here!
  2. Didn’t mean it to be a downer boys n girls. Just thought I’d throw it in. After 00:00 the world is a different place. It’s amazing if you stop to think for a minute that we are all over the world. We all have our own things going on. Troubles, happiness. We fall out on this website from time to time. We don’t know each other but the thing that bonds us is the blues. We are a family. Whatever this club is the one thing I know for sure is we are a family. Love everyone on here and wish your loved ones all the happiness that 2020 can bring.
  3. Professor Ancelotti !💙💙 And I particularly like this quote "A strong part of my game is marking and the desire going in to win absolutely every ball," he explained. "I believe with my desire I can put in really good performances to win the fans over and I hope to win things as well. There will be a tremendous amount of dedication from me, a lot of dedication – a lot
  4. It was perfect Haf, went exactly as planned down to the last detail. Celebrant was superb, "wake" was joyful. Seems ridiculous to say but the best day I've had in weeks.
  5. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/03/06/jamie-carragher-meets-carlo-ancelotti-not-one-last-payday-going/ My allegiance to Everton ended over 25 years ago, but there is a moment during an hour with Carlo Ancelotti when the heart of the schoolboy within me beats faster. “Next season we have to qualify for the Champions League,” Ancelotti tells me. “I am here for this.” I pause. I have not heard an Everton manager speak like this since I stood on the Gwladys Street. “Is that really possible given the strength of the competition?” I ask. “I am sure this club
  6. Finally letting me go home today The nurses are all inconsolable....or did I dream that bit?
  7. Hello from Colombia.. I leave my creation in honor of King James and the club. Everton win the premiere league this season..certified.
  8. Regardless of what happens this has been levels above what I expected. I hoped for positives but this is like a new team.
  9. Just a quicjk thank you for what has been said to me recently i appreciate it all i am out of the hospital now and i hope to stay out for a while now and also i want to thank the folks who sent me birthday wishes too thanks to you all i anm so proud to be a toffee COYB
  10. Allardyce was toxic to this club, if he had stayed do you think we would have signed the players we did under Silva? Do you think Brands would have been able to work with him? I don't. People complained about Moyes coming back and rightly so, both are footballing dinosaurs whose tactics and methods do not suit the modern game. At least Moyes loved the club, Allardyce saw us as a gravy train he could slurp from, he showed contempt to the fans, our tradition and to the kind of football we love to see with his negative dour tactics. Marco failed, badly but at least he wanted us to pla
  11. Should have stuck with Allardyce the press said. Get back in your box the press said. Don’t aim too high the press said. 43 shots on goal in two games! Break the fucking box and aim high!
  12. It is utterly ridiculous the amount of headers he wins. He's a player I really want to do well. He never puts anything less than 100% in and he comes across as someone that genuinely realises how lucky he is to be playing for Everton and wants to repay the faith shown in him.
  13. Buoyed by their first ever PL title in 20/21, Everton improved the squad further over the next summer. They prevailed on four fronts, winning another PL title, the FA Cup, the Carabao Cup and, famously, their first CL crown, demolishing Liverpool 5-0 in front of no one. TT posters were somewhat divided about whether this constituted a successful season. Most, however, were too drunk to take the last few months in.
  14. Thanks Gwlad buddy, tweltfh night here tonight, hopefully another week or so and I'll be home. All still going smoothly but had a real rough time for the two or three days after the op (when the drugs wore off), still no picnic but getting there slowly and team are all still very confident it's done the main job. Question now is whether it's done the secondary job which would mean I can eat and drink normally in time if successful, should have an idea Monday.
  15. Well didn't expect this. Went as well as was possible apparently. 7.5 hours surgery, zero tongue removed (which should mean normal eating possible in time), no ICU just high dependency and now safely on ward, being woken more than once an hour for obs, drips but not a problem floating in and out of consciousness. Quite pleasant in fact, must be the drugs😂. Not being able to speak feels a bit odd, I keep forgetting and attempting but nothing comes out, but no pain at all; again maybe the drugs. Walk in the park so far, I imagine trials to come but so far so good 👍. Bit of internal bleedin
  16. Mike, I've only just seen that you've unfortunately had to update this thread. I know there's nothing I can say really. Today is the anniversary of my Dad's death 3 years ago & I thought I was okay but this has really upset me! (Nothing like making it about me, eh?). As lot's of others have said, and I'm sure you have many people around you in the real world, but if you do need anything I'm not too far away in London, so don't hesitate... I know he doesn't know me, but please tell Josh I'm thinking of him - with his mum gone & the worry he will have for his dad he must be hav
  17. If you’re a midfielder at Everton, you need to seriously step up you’re game if you want to play again. Not a single one of them will get a look in if they aren’t at least twice as good as they were last season. The standard has moved, time to improve or get out of the way.
  18. think best leave him where he is - apparently couldn't hack the faster pace in Germany and then did even worst in Spain - as good as he is in Italy it doesn't sounds like he travels well. As a current challenger for this seasons European golden boot we would have to be paying significant transfer fee and big wages for him this summer - if he did flop on his travels again, next summer we would be stuck with a 31 year old on massive wages. Even though we have been offloading some, we still have too many dead weight players on massive wages that nobody is going to buy from us. Do we really want t
  19. Gutted today. Not arsed about the result, not arsed about the performance, not arsed about anyone else on that pitch today. The man has been a class act, I’ve been lucky enough to meet him on quite a few occasions. A few times (in my 30’s) I’ve acted like a shy school girl around him and he’s still been sound. Had one really weird week where I met him at my place of work, then at two different restaurants in town within a few days. The third time I said to him I’m not following you, I promise. And he laughed about it. He shouldn’t be going out at an empty Goodison, he’ll probably be h
  20. Not a nice way for a proper legend to go out.... sharing a pitch with a bunch of half arsed millionaires. Thanks for the memories Leighton, a genuinely brilliant player, ambassador and the best left back I've seen in a blue shirt. You deserved far better than that today.
  21. To put that into perspective we have two members ( no pun intended !) in here who still think Idrissa Gana Gueye was shite
  22. Just had this email promising refunds if season gets called off or has to be played behind closed doors Dear Ste, I wanted to get in touch with you again as we prepare for a very different Easter weekend for us all. Under normal circumstances, Easter is not only a time to be together with family and friends but an opportunity to enjoy football - and Everton - as part of our football family. Over the years Easter has produced some great memories for us. Who of a certain age can forget Wayne Clarke’s Easter Monday hat-trick against Newcastle United which moved us closer to our nin
  23. Wow.... we win and guarantee Delph doesn't play next game..... Result.
  24. When I was at school I didn’t really like football, never played it. I was one of the quieter kids. One of the school sports stars was in the same class as me and went around the lads asking everyone who they supported. I could see it was my turn soon and was shitting myself as I didn’t even know any teams names. Yvette Leurs was a few tables away from me and she said she supported Everton. And she was pretty fit for a 12 year old (that sounds so bad) so here was my chance to impress her, while not looking like a complete pussy at the same time. So I said Everton. That wee
  25. Dunc said he wants his players to fight for everything and never stop running, he did neither and so got hooked, ruthless maybe but I’m absolutely fine with that
  26. Hopefully that means he will be fit for Fulham! He is another starting to pick up regular muscle strains. On a side note, whoever thought international matches and friendlies was a good idea in the current climate needs shooting.
  27. HAHAHAHAHA! For far too long things have gone against us in derbies, so I do not give a shiny shite that we should have lost out with decisions today. I'm going to revel in it.
  28. I don’t get the Spurs we’re poor. We made them look poor, they didn’t get a chance to show anything
  29. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/everton-transfer-james-rodriguez-plans-18895190 Very encouraging that it appears like the marketing boys are on to this already by announcing Everton stores in the US and South America We signed him 5 minutes ago and a pic of him on his FB profile in an Everton shirt has already got over 31.5M likes !
  30. Perhaps it has been mentioned elsewhere but someone expanded on Allan’s characterization of Ancelotti as “professor” to make it “Professor Ancelotti and the School of Science”. It sounds like a lost Harry Potter volume but if there is any chance we can make it a thing I think we should.
  31. Youre both moaning but you two lads seem to need to book a test for yourselves!
  32. Makes me sad and angry that this “issue” is still around. The sooner people refer to people as people rather than anything else, the better.
  33. As overjoyed as I am to see them leave I can’t believe people were actually letting off fireworks around by ours last night to celebrate their departure
  34. A neutral venue would be the last straw for me. I really fancied our chances to get something from derby under lights in a rocking GP after they’d been knocked out of Europe and were on their worst run of form with a couple of injuries. Now it’s looking likely we’ll play them in another stadium with no fans with maybe 5 subs. How can that be seen in anyway as keeping the integrity of the competition? Especially if other teams don’t have to play in a neutral venue. I appreciate this is unprecedented times but let’s not get fooled that this decision is for ‘public morale’ but is only driven by m
  35. I just thought I’d drop a message out given the current circumstances of what we are all going through right now. During this time of isolation if there’s anyone who during this period of isolation feels they are struggling, alone or just feel that need a chat, drop a pm at any time and we can organise something. Lots of love to everyone 💙💙
  36. OK so a lot of it over the years has been complete drivel () but @Romey 1878 has today become the first to post 50,000 times on TT!
  37. Yesterday Kenwright donated £140K to Speedo Mick. Wow!
  38. "Results against the "Big Six" have been Everton's weakness this season and in the past...." Except than in our last twelve games against the "big six" we've won four, drawn five and lost only three (all against the "big two" so we're actually unbeaten in nine against the other four). Do your research dimwit.
  39. I only had £40 in my wallet when we clocked him so I gave it to him and he said, "No mate a tenners enough" but I put the lot in his rucksack; already donated online anyway. The guy's a one-off; decided to swim the channel and then thought it might be an idea to have some swimming lessons first. And all he wanted to talk about today to me and my lad was Everton, nothing about what he's done, just about the Blues. Very special man.
  40. This is nonsense. Lack of ambition? No, sensible with a long term plan under a world class manager. The right players clearly aren’t available. What should we do? I know let’s sign more substandard players so we can be stuck with them on high wages. We’ve already got Tosun, Sandro, Bolasie, Besic taking up valuable wages and doing nothing - thankfully Niasse and Martina’s time is almost up - but we’ve got the likes Schneiderlin, Walcott, Sigurdsson and Keane who are on huge wages but aren’t likely to take us forward - I’m glad we’re not adding to the squad for the sake of it as we’ve made
  41. Why the flying fuck does a seasoned professional on conceding a goal completely out of the blue to put the score at 2-1 to us, knowing full well there is only 30 seconds left to defend the lead, then decide to launch the ball straight into the Newcastle half straight from the kick off thereby gifting them possession? A 10 year old kid playing Sunday league football would know all he needs to do is keep possession . Pass it back to the keeper, pass it to the left back or the right back , just pass it to any fucking Everton player but keep the ball for thirty fucking seconds and the points
  42. Have a great Christmas all and an amazing new year. Hope all your hopes and wishes for the year are fulfilled my beautiful Evertonians! COYB’s!!!!!!
  43. Just want to put on record that regardless of what happens tomorrow we, the entire club, owe Duncan Ferguson a huge debt of gratitude. Remember where we were 14 days ago. We've since beaten Chelsea, tied Utd and 'tied' Leicester. Not only the results he has represented the club so well on the touchline and through the press. Say what you want about his technical/tactical ability you cannot take away his love for the club. Thank you Duncan. That being said the players better be up for it tomorrow and send off Duncan with a win. They owe it to him. We all do. I want to see him with his hand
  44. Sitting in Maccys to stay out of the rain till the gates open. Got me 9 year old with me at his first ever match. COYBs!!!!
  45. Not read any of the comments yet, but my two cents on the Moise Kean double sub is 100% a situation between the player and Ferguson. I know that in the interview that he wanted to waste some time but nobody is that naive, don't believe everything you see in front of a camera. Kean looked off the pace and didn't really look that arsed. Fluffed a few clearances, late to his challenges and didn't really do anything up in the United third. He was removed from the game for that reason and replace with Niasse who is renowned for his work rate and energy, not a chance that he was taken off just
  46. Now that it's done, I wish him well. Even though his tactics can be called into question, I don't think you can question his commitment to the team. What pissed me off about Koeman is towards the end he didn't look like he gave a shit, we were shipping goals left, right and centre without looking arsed. Silva always looked as though he was desperate for a win (or a point) but just wasn't getting the run of the green and/or good enough. Unfortunately, I don't think his tenure will be remembered in 10-20 years time. Moyes took us from fighting relegation to Europe, Martinez brought t
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