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  1. In December, it was £31.63 vs. the cost of hosting which is usually $70 USD (£50). But the we were bumped up to the $100 package because viewer numbers increased.

    Matt, didn't we have a discussion about this a while ago and it was decided to be unfair as it'd introduce a two-tier system? I think that was what was said but it was a long time ago.

  2. This may be Kenya-only.




    Media Statement


    The gaming industry has been Operating in an extremely challenging business 
    environment for the past couple of months. 

    Sportpesa as a business has been subjected to punitive measures by regulators such 
    as delayed license renewal and the suspension of paybill numbers with these actions 
    considerably reducing the level of business operations. This despite the existence of 
    a court order prohibiting the regulator from taking such actions 
    This has brought about immense pressure on the business necessitating a re- 
    evaluation of some plans. In light of these developments, we regrettably wish to 
    announce that due to the uncertainty of this situation Sportpesa will be cancelling 
    sports sponsorships effective immediately. All clubs and partners will have received 
    notices as provided for in their contracts. 

    Sportpesa is passionate about sports development in the country and this decision 
    was regrettably arrived at haltingly and after a lot Of deliberation and thought. We 
    greatly value our partnerships and we will endeavour to resume support to the best 
    Of our ability when the business recovers. 

    Sportpesa has, over the last 5 years of operation, grown as a 
    business that endeavours to create value for all stakeholders. We have always been 
    compliant with all the Statutory and Regulatory requirements. We are a law-abiding 

    For now, we remain positive that the current situation will be resolved amicably and 
    urgently, and we continue to seek the goodwill of all actors towards normalising the 
    environment for the gaming industry. 



  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47960695



    "I did a medical for Paris St-Germain on a Friday and we had to wait until Monday so they could make both signings [me and another player] official," Onyekuru told BBC Sport.

    "Then I spoke to my friends because I have some good friends, and I asked if it was a good idea to play in Paris and they gave me their opinions.

    "I also spoke to my mother and she said she just wants me to play because I'm young and still need to improve, and from there the right club will come.

    "So I decided to go with my mother's advice so I just cut the deal off - just like that. I told my agent to call PSG that we are not going ahead with it."

    The player explained that Everton had been looking at him long before that summer, and after speaking to his mother he opted for the Merseyside club.

    "The conversation with my mum helped my decision-making, so it was to a club with better plans for my development," said Onyekuru.

    "We had Everton before PSG and we all knew getting a UK work permit was going to be difficult. But their relationship with Anderlecht helped a lot in finalising things.

    "I was going to be an Everton player then play on loan at Anderlecht who were competing in the Uefa Champions League.

    "I wanted to get the exposure and experience of playing in the Champions League hence the decision to join Everton via Anderlecht."



  4. On 13/04/2019 at 13:45, Paddock said:

    Also does this mean donations are no longer required or still needed to run the site?

    Since I put the adverts on, on 10 March 2019, it's earned £17.09 in that tme.

    The site costs around £50 per month. It doesn't cover costs, but it's better than nothing.

    I also had to renew the toffeetalk.com domain this week and the GoodisonPark.com one is up for renewal soon.

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