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  1. The disparity in global pricing makes it hard to swallow in the UK I imagine. In Australia, I get every match streamed live, and on demand for the next week, free with my Optus mobile phone plan. Or I could purchase it for $14.99 per month or annually for $139. Iโ€™m sure thereโ€™s similar deals in many countries.
  2. Scored for Brazil in a 4-2 World Cup qualifier over Peru today. Played 90mins. Played his role in the first half on the wide right of a front 3, and an excellent second half mainly playing centrally. The best part, he tapped in on the goal line to take the goal from his team mate... Firmino ๐Ÿ˜‚ to level the scores at 2-2... Started the third, with a clearance from a corner, receiving the ball at the half way line, and playing a cross field through ball to send Everton with a run toward goal, ending in a penalty for a push. Had a Peru player sent off for an elbow shortly after.
  3. Long delay! What about Salesforce, JD.com, LG... All hypothetical I know but aspirations about global exposure are gaining momentum.
  4. The squad would be benefiting hearing Carlo barking instructions at the playing XI. A silver lining of no crowd to fast track the squad cohesion. We've seen plenty of shape/formation changes through games, and what looked to me like a defensive shape trial purposely to prepare for Liverpool for periods of the second half against Brighton to manage the game. Don Carlo ๐Ÿ‘
  5. Good for the attackers as well as Pickford in training, different types of keepers.
  6. Hope we are still in for him, very exciting, proper wide player. Would love to see him in a blue shirt.
  7. Wow.... Very, very underwhelming from a perspective of international exposure for the club. An aspect I believe the club continues to not be successful in and represents the largest gap between the top European clubs and where we want to be. Financials aside, this is hardly a step forward from the club from a branding perspective.
  8. Interesting analysis: https://www.premierleague.com/news/1635357 Compensating for aerial weakness Another advantage Chelsea have when using three centre-backs is the extra height it gives them when defending set-pieces and crosses. This has been an area of weakness throughout Lampard's first season in charge at Stamford Bridge. Most aerial goals conceded 2019/20 Headed goals Goals from corners Club Total Club Total AVL 11 AVL 9
  9. Sig wouldn't of been on the deck if he wasn't fouled. It's a foul anywhere on the pitch and a yellow card.
  10. Looked a fantastic player at the Copa America 2019. Fingers crossed as he is a profile of player we don't have, would be happy to see him push for Walcott's spot.
  11. Anyone else notice how slow we are to shut down players in our defensive 3rd when the ball is out wide. Sidibe and Walcott particularly guilty of this. Players seem to jog to close the space and hold there position too safely back, giving them way to much respect, and enabling them to get time to pick there crosses.
  12. I'm a Davies fan, thought it was one of his poorer games and felt like a weaker link overall in the match, compared to his recent performances. He had a couple of bad turnovers due to errors, and he let the opposition move further up the pitch than necessary at times from poor jockying position looking to knick the ball away.
  13. December 2019. The Everton midfield is depleted. What is the answer in January. Recruit, or wait on the injuries? My view is Gomes is 12 months from fully match fit, and 18 months from the player we love. We need another star.
  14. Cahill - 19 goals and 9 assists this decade Baines
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