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  1. I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t agree. Allardyce put together a back 3 (when we’re tactically comfortable with 2 CBs), started Mangala (who hasn’t had even a week of training), sent out a pairing of Gana and Schneiderlin (who we haven’t seen work well together for a solid year), neglected to play anyone who can connect play in midfield (Rooney or Sigurdsson, for instance), played Martina as LWB (when he can just barely do a job at LB), started Bolasie and Niasse (each of whom works hard, but they serve us better as subs), and clearly had no plan for how we would use the ball (you
  2. I’m not going to judge him on today’s performance, considering he was thrown into the worst possible situation. That said, beyond a few anticipated errors, he did better than expected with the ball at his feet and was even attempting to shout orders around. Hopefully we can settle him into a pairing with Jags or Holgate (and keep it together for more than one match).
  3. “Disaster of a loan. He won’t get any playing time,” they said. 😂
  4. And, I’m sure Sam is feeling like he deserves the credit for that goal. We’re down 4-1, mind you.
  5. Unreal sub. I, for one, hope Allardyce chokes on a ham sandwich tonight.
  6. I honestly don’t even care that he was offside. I hope the blame gets pinned on Allardyce. He will definitely blame the players for their lack of effort, even though he’s the fucking manager and he’s set them up for failure.
  7. I can’t (but, at the same time, absolutely can) believe that Allardyce isn’t going to make a change until the half, at the very least.
  8. This is unreal. That’s on Keane yet again.
  9. I’m glad I have a drink in my hand for this one.
  10. Yeah. Ideally, I’d have placed him somewhere like Bournemouth. Not to knock the championship, but I wouldn’t want him playing at a club that isn’t in the Prem, if he has a chance to go to a good club in another top league. I just think the trade off of less games with more education (remember, Lookman is still a very raw talent, and he has played a fair bit of games in the lower leagues) is better than sending him down. So, I think we’re on the same page in that we would want both a good education AND playing time, but we just weigh the possible options slightly differently.
  11. ...but where he will receive a good footballing education and train with top class players. I believe it was SAF who always told his players he’d rather have them go somewhere where they will benefit from top tacticians and players rather than somewhere they get playing time. Ideally, you’d like to see both. But, I really think it could be massive for Lookman’s development to be fighting for something at Leipzig rather than getting minutes in the Championship/League 1 and pulling off the same old tricks day after day.
  12. I’d rather loan players go to a club with a good manager and other good players around, honestly. Game time is important, of course, but I’d rather them get a more well-rounded education in the game.
  13. Sounds to me like Sam just doesn’t rate German football. This is a smart move for Lookman and Everton, honestly. If he isn’t going to play here, he will actually get an experience that helps him develop there. Fat Sam will be gone in the summer. We get back a better, more mature Lookman with a chip on his shoulder.
  14. Gahhhhh I know I’ve mentioned it already, but it’s such a beautiful thing to see Seamus out there making those runs. Once he gets his precision back, it’ll improve us even more.
  15. Why DCL and not Tosun? Makes no sense. We need someone who the ball will stick to, not someone to chase balls.
  16. Sam needs to make a fucking change. Rooney and Niasse off please.
  17. Another lovely little dink from Seamie. Must’ve been practicing these while he was out!
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