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  1. I think that Iwobi would’ve been more likely to get a chance centrally if one of Richy or DCL had been available. I think Gray was put up top to give us some counter-attacking presence, with Rondon not offering much in the way of pace.
  2. Has much been said in England about the VAR intervention for the Man city v Southampton penalty? Thought the red card would be voided, as they don’t do “double jeopardy” on penalties anymore, but even Walker looked shocked at the decision reversal.
  3. I’ll be curious to see what formation we go with next match. Revert back to 4-4-2 with Richy and Rondon, or try for a 4-3-3 like we ended the Burnley watch with. I think in an ideal world Rondon starts for DCL, but I’m doubtful that he’s got a full 90 minutes in him.
  4. Upside-down people, thank-you 😤
  5. I just don’t know how he’s managed to flop at United and then get sold for a massive profit (especially considering the current financial climate). Can we interest Leeds in Iwobi at £40M considering?
  6. Seems a pretty good guy in the scheme of things for a footballer. He was one of the few Chelsea players that didn't down tools during their 2015/16 season that got Mourinho sacked (again).
  7. Funnily enough he'd basically be their new Demarai Grey! Just a sub/injury replacement for Harvey Barnes.
  8. Maybe I got that one wrong. I thought he was like Ings and wasn't interested in signing another contract with the club. Seems an odd piece of business to let go of your starting left back if it was Soton's choice, but I guess that's the post-covid landscape we live in.
  9. 1. Yea or nay Yes it counts for silverware/trophy No it’s a glorified friendly Somehow it's both 🤷‍♂️
  10. I don't think he rates their coach, plus the way Soton finished last season they'll be amongst the relegation spots for this one on form. I believe it's the reason why Bertrand jumped ship too.
  11. And I’m sure Brighton fans would say the same about White if they were linked to Godfrey for £50m. The bottom line is that they’re both quality, young CBs, but I’m not sure that he should be a priority signing considering our many other problem positions.
  12. It’s still my favourite Everton goal, honestly.
  13. You’ve pretty much listed all the players on my winger wish list (I don’t really watch much football outside of the prem). Iwobi hasn’t got anywhere near the pace and jinky-ness (?) of the others mentioned. Hence him usually having to bomb in early crosses when playing out wide, rather than taking on a full-back. It’s the main reason we struggle to break down deep defences. No one in our team has that ideal combination of speed, agility and skill. I’d love to have Neto out on our right wing, being able to cut both ways and generally making defenders look like idiots.
  14. I think it’s time we let the puns sima down lads... Doing a bit of research into the player himself though, it sounds like he’s raw, but with a dangerous combination of pace and height. If he works on his game and fills out a bit he could be a striker in the Haaland/Lukaku mold, but it might be a bit much of a jump from the Czech league straight to the prem. I’d still be excited to see what he could do off the bench though at his age.
  15. Yep! I actually have a kaiju brewery shirt 😂 Boatrocker I generally see has being pretty average and I used to enjoy a lot of hop nation beers, but they seem to have gone down hill. So there’s some shared opinions there.
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