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  1. It’s still my favourite Everton goal, honestly.
  2. You’ve pretty much listed all the players on my winger wish list (I don’t really watch much football outside of the prem). Iwobi hasn’t got anywhere near the pace and jinky-ness (?) of the others mentioned. Hence him usually having to bomb in early crosses when playing out wide, rather than taking on a full-back. It’s the main reason we struggle to break down deep defences. No one in our team has that ideal combination of speed, agility and skill. I’d love to have Neto out on our right wing, being able to cut both ways and generally making defenders look like idiots.
  3. I think it’s time we let the puns sima down lads... Doing a bit of research into the player himself though, it sounds like he’s raw, but with a dangerous combination of pace and height. If he works on his game and fills out a bit he could be a striker in the Haaland/Lukaku mold, but it might be a bit much of a jump from the Czech league straight to the prem. I’d still be excited to see what he could do off the bench though at his age.
  4. Yep! I actually have a kaiju brewery shirt 😂 Boatrocker I generally see has being pretty average and I used to enjoy a lot of hop nation beers, but they seem to have gone down hill. So there’s some shared opinions there.
  5. Ooo, you’re speaking my language there. The two breweries you’ve mentioned are both Melbourne based, so quite local for me! It’s pretty neat to see them making it all the way over to England 🤩
  6. I just can’t believe that we offered him a contract extension at some stage too. We’ve effectively gotten 1.5 seasons of playing time out of him over a 7 year contract. Diabolical.
  7. I only ever thought of him as solid, but unspectacular at Burnley and Liverpool, but he’s really impressed me over these last two seasons. He just does pretty much everything well, on top of being a clinical finisher. He’s unselfish and pairs well with other strikers, so would help to bring DCL into games, but has all the tools to do it alone up top as well. I’d take him in a heartbeat, provided his wage demands aren’t insane.
  8. Oh well, better start an online campaign to get VVD done for assault then. It’s only what any rational person would do 🤷‍♂️
  9. Wow. I’m sure plenty will still take it up (whether due to loyalty or stupidity), but seems like the sort of practice that people should be taking a stand against. Boycott all the way from me.
  10. Any news on the cost per match yet? It’s already cheap enough in Australia ($15 a month for all games live and most available as replays too), but I get mine for free with my internet plan 😂 English fans getting absolutely fleeced.
  11. Will it really matter when they’ll probably have a whinge regardless? Someone better give the Goodison grass a measure.
  12. Because he’s only one of 11 players on the field of that side? Also, it’s not like we haven’t found a bit of quality from relegated teams recently either. McCarthy, Gana and (hopefully) Doucoure all spring to mind.
  13. My James away kit is on its way currently too. It seems to be a bit of faux pas to get a player’s name on the kit as an adult, but can’t help but feel like it’s missing something without it.
  14. Man U looking shite, same for Tottenham despite winning 5-2 last week weirdly. Good chance to break into the top 4-6 this season.
  15. How have united won that one? Can’t help but feel they get all the big 50-50s called in their favour even now.
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