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  1. Balotelli Mark II...half expect to see him outside his house displaying a Why Always Me T shirt. He's not worth the hassle and we should get rid of him
  2. Wow! Time will tell whether it's a good appointment for us at this time. However, a real statement of intent from the board. Welcome Carlo
  3. Could never vote for Corbyn I've still got the image of him at CND rallies wanting unilateral nuclear disarmament when I was in the army in Germany in the 1980's. Blokes a menace. No fan of the Tories either - I spoiled my paper.
  4. Moshiri was probably shown a picture of Steffen Freunds neck accessory and didn't like it.
  5. Good luck Marco. It's probably a relief for him that it's over. ........... Next !! ...........
  6. If it's Moyes I'm okay with it. We won't get relegated with him in charge and that's how low the bar is right now. Now's not the time to take a flyer on some fancy sounding coach who doesn't know the league. Moyes had us playing good stuff at times with not much money, did no worse at Man U then the next few managers they appointed. If we get relegated and don't bounce back we can kiss goodbye to Bramley Moore Dock. I can hear the howls now if we go down having appointed a coach with no knowledge of the league or language.
  7. Southall Stevens Ratcliffe Mountfield Van Den Hauwe Steven Bracewell Reid Sheedy Heath Sharp That would do it ! EDIT : Tried to delete but can't see how too. Was feeling a bit nostalgic.
  8. If we mess this appointment up we could get relegated with a massive wage bill and no guarantee of bouncing back for years. The new stadium idea will be put on hold and it'll be a complete and utter shitstorm. This is the most pivotal moment in the club's history. They best get it right.
  9. Dalian Yifang - Benitez's team play their last game of the season next Saturday. If you need someone to come in right away and make sure you're not in the bottom three in January it's him. I think it's a no brainer
  10. I would take Moyes as well if Benitez wasn't interested. Anyone at Man U was going to struggle after Ferguson left and his record there is no worse than the managers that succeeded him - apart from Mourinho accepted.
  11. If you buy players that are cast offs from top six teams then it's an absolute must to have a manager that is top six material. You can't do expect top six otherwise. The club's deluded and so are we if we think otherwise. They need to appoint someone who has had success in this league already and not someone who is wet behind the ears or kept a side in the league against the odds. It won't work. I've made peace with myself over Benitez and if we want to move forward it has to be him. I know he won't be popular with many but what's the alternative? More of this year after year.
  12. Pochettino sacked ... I bet Marco just swallowed hard.
  13. I'd go with Rafa. With him we'd be pretty much nailed on to be top six and pushing top four by the time we move to Bramley Moore. He's been successful in the UK before and I can look past his previous indiscretion. (Although if I'd been asked a year ago I wouldn't have been able too). We've just got to find someone proven and low risk. All these foreign managers have it all to prove over here. I wouldn't take a risk on Mourinho. That would either go great or incredibly bad. Give Rafa five years. We can sit back and know we'll be in a better place in the end. Boring but we
  14. I know the fat waiter is in China but if he's got a release clause in his contract would you? One massive downside obviously but plenty of upsides as well.
  15. Please no. Can't believe we are still being linked with him. He was not great in 2011 when this thread was started but would have been a decent signing as money was tight. Seven years on and he's not got better and we have more money.
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