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  1. I could see him coming off the bench to replace Gomes if we needed something different. Wouldn’t have any issue with that.
  2. Im sure the club could ask. But how many players will walk away from money that the club have already agreed to pay them? The players we want shut of all have nice contracts that they won’t get at their next club. If they also run the contract to the end they will get a better signing on fee at their next club. It’s worth more to players like Gylfi, Bolasie, Besic and Sandro to drag it out here. I think this is why it doesn’t tend to happen. I don’t blame the players for this either, the club agreed to pay them and they want every penny.
  3. Completely agree too. I think the players mentioned in this thread are all technically good enough when it comes to striking a dead ball. I wouldn’t expect a player like Mina to be stepping up.
  4. Cancelling contracts is very expensive. You’ll have to pay them every penny they are owed. If we don’t sell now we may get the chance to get some money back or at least a free transfer in January, saving the club millions in wages and helping towards financial fair play.
  5. They have. And Ally McCoist and Jamie O’Hara still said he was the best English keeper. Wont be taking too much notice of Perry Groves, he never has anything good to say about anything Everton.
  6. Still trying to hold onto my youth at 36 mate
  7. Spend more time with lads in their 20s, you might feel different. Look at Foden and Greenwood. Just the same. There will be others in our team who are just the same.
  8. I expect petulance and immaturity in lads of 20 because it’s normal. I don’t see why that makes him have a bad attitude. I don’t see why he’s unhappy at the club.
  9. How do you feel about his actual performance though Rob? I disagree with the rest of your thought obviously. I’ll ask, why would Juve want him back if that’s what he’s really like?
  10. I don’t see a bad attitude from him, because I don’t know him to know his attitude. I don’t see an issue with his behaviour, in the same way I don’t with Henry or Lukaku. The only people who can judge his attitude are Carlo and the club staff, and I trust that if they see an issue with his attitude they will handle it as they see fit. Yeah, I think a lad of 20 is immature, I don’t think it’s an issue, I think it’s normal. Two lads work for me who are 22 and 21, I heard them talking about asking their girlfriends to lick their arses the other day. Pretty immature conversation to be havi
  11. Good to have them both on form. Six goals between them in the three games they both played, fantastic!
  12. I know, dreadful! If he literally stands still for the second the ball probably hits him in the face and stays out It’s a good job the lads at the other end of the pitch have got their scoring boots on.
  13. Of course I don’t know. But why would the assumption be a negative? I’ve only seen his actions. The action I saw was a striker come off the bench and score a goal a few minutes later. That’s nothing but positive news. We’ve seen plenty of petulance from Richarlison since he signed, seems to have calmed down with it as he’s grown up a bit more hopefully Kean will too. Is it unnecessarily fancy when Jorginho does that on a penalty?
  14. Not a chip on my shoulder at all. Yeah I agree with option two, but why is it a discussion? The lad comes off the bench and scores. Why is the discussion not well done to Kean for coming off the bench and scoring a goal? Why don’t we discuss how he actually played when he came on? Like the actual football? I don’t see the need to look into how he celebrates.
  15. 😂 Loved that LB! He was shit tonight though.
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