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  1. This. They are even called “Belgian waffles”. They are delicious. Just not with chicken, that has never made any sense to me.
  2. I can’t count very well in the early hours 😂
  3. Sorry, I was very drunk and being a dickhead.
  4. The only thing that worried me lately was your absolute lack of grammar.
  5. Great. Let’s try to be like the early 80’s, 30 years later. The game has moved on. You should too.
  6. Firstly, that just sounds like you were a bit of a dickhead with your team mates. If that gets the desired results why doesn’t that kind of thing happen as much as it used to? Roy Keane doing it to his team mates is probably why he quickly became irrelevant in the modern game and failed as a manager. Secondly, if you have one player who can do something to win you the game I believe that’s more valuable than 11 men running their arses of. Henry didn’t have to work his arse off defending at Arsenal, Le Tissier at Southampton, neither did Zola at Chelsea, special players can make the difference. Give them what they need to win you the game. We had all this with Lukaku, doesn’t work hard enough but puts the ball in the net. As Mark said, we’ve had it with DCL. Some might want a team full of work horses, I want to see us score goals.
  7. How many of our back to back U23 league winners have made it into the first team? Thats why no one considers these lads as first team options yet.
  8. Nil Satis Nisi Optimum doesn’t translate to run your arse off and track back. 😂
  9. So don’t play him out wide. Play him in the middle. Completely disagree about no consistency. He consistently made chances, the only change was the other players started missing them.
  10. What the fuck am I reading? Ive had one gin. There is no way I’m drunk. Right?
  11. I know Branthwaite, he’s a kid who struggled to get in Blackburn’s team last season. He shouldn’t be considered at all. Anderson? The kid hasn’t even got close to the first team. I doubt you’ll see him this season unless we have a nightmare with injuries.
  12. If Richarlison was as good offensively as James, with his work rate, he would be up there with Ronaldo and Hazard. But he’s not. I love Richarlison, he’s very effective but he doesn’t have that magic.
  13. Out of curiosity, how many goals did we concede from James losing possession and trying tricks in his own half? Ive seen every minute he’s played in an Everton shirt and this has just not been an issue.
  14. You ask why we can’t have a luxury player? Read this thread. I wonder if there are Barca forums where they complain about Messi not putting enough tackles in. 🤔
  15. Absolutely! Why don’t we get on the defenders cases for not scoring enough goals? As long as James is creating enough chances that’s what he’s on the pitch for.
  16. Comparing defensive effort of a centre half and a number 10? Makes sense. Jesus Christ!
  17. Keane, Mina, Holgate, Godfrey? I can’t think of any others.
  18. We’ll be seeing the same people who want rid of James moaning about our lack of creativity a few months after he’s sold. At least the new lads work hard though.
  19. Keeps picking him. Not sure where this idea of lack of fight or effort comes from. He isn’t going to be tracking back all the time, we don’t need to be playing with ten men behind the ball.
  20. I’m an admirer of him because he is that exceptional a talent. If you saw him play last season and didn’t see someone with a level of creativity that we’ve not had for a long time then maybe your eye test is due 😂 To hear anyone think he isn’t an exceptional footballer is mind blowing to me. We must like different things. He looked good last season when he had Digne, Richarlison and DCL on form. When we started to miss these players his impact decreased. A player who can pick a pass like he can will shine when he has runners. Im hoping Benitez has seen this and that’s why he went straight in for wingers to give him those runners.
  21. That’s what your mates stag weekends are for! 😂 Also, when your mates are all married you need to get a bunch of younger mates.
  22. I agree with the first paragraph, disagree with the second.
  23. After some of the shit players we’ve seen for Everton over the last three decades, the young stars who never made it (or did make it and leave), the strikers who ran the channels not scoring goals, the big names who were on the last legs, the players who kept us in the league by the skin of their teeth, and people want rid of James. We have literally one of the biggest names in world football, bringing the club to the attention of people that wouldn’t have given two shits who Everton were before he arrived. And he's still at his peak, he's only just turned 30 (before anyone starts with his injuries he’s always had these issues they won’t change), he’s never been a player with pace so won’t be losing it. Did anyone who wants rid of him actually watch him play for us last season? He did played some unbelievable football. The only issue is he didn’t play more, so why have him play even less by letting him leave. We can’t buy another player who has that level of ability right now. We got him in a perfect storm, so make the most of it. He is the most talented player we have had in our team since Rooney was a teenager. If he leaves before I get to see him in the flesh at Goodison Park I’ll be absolutely gutted. We should be enjoying seeing such a talent in a blue shirt and enjoy it while we can.
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