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  1. I’m all for stats and their usefulness, but the expected stats don’t do it for me. Concrete stuff like passes completed, tackles won, headers won, I’m all for that because there is a definitive outcome. But expected goals, nah, not having it. The goal goes in or it doesn’t. That stat isn’t making the game better for anyone. Someone has created that stat to make their job at Opta a bit more important. 😂
  2. I agree, we need the midfield three so that Doucoure can cover James’ side of the pitch for me. As much as he is a luxury we can’t cater for, he also brings creativity that we can’t afford to be without.
  3. I agree Matt. I think on the right hand side of a three he looked a lot more effective. Covering for James defensively and then linking up play too. Just had a few poor games by his own standard. If he scores in the first half the game is completely different, but small margins.
  4. The game was in Leeds favour from the first minute. Yeah we were offside for a couple, but they hit the post and missed a few they should have scored. It could have been a really embarrassing score.
  5. There is a big difference from the start of the season in what we have around him. We had Coleman protecting him from behind, we had Doucoure protecting him from the inside, both of them were giving him options to pass to and link up with. We also had Gomes on the left looking to switch play to him in space. All of this has stopped. Yet somehow, he still manages to show quality. He was involved in goals at Fulham and could have been yesterday too. Right now I’d dread to see us play without him.
  6. Neils just needs to come in at left back. Let him know a few bad games won’t be the end of the world, let Allan cover his side for the extra support, but stick with him.
  7. I honestly think with that system, if you put Coleman and Digne in there they have the know how to stop the attacks out wide, and they probably don’t go for it as much. We can also be more compact in the middle of the pitch and Richarlison and James have a lot more freedom. I think we beat them comfortably. As much as Coleman isn’t at his best, he’s too clever a player to be without him.
  8. We really miss the full backs. We are a different team with Coleman and Digne. I’m worried how we’ll cope without them now.
  9. About £10m, the tv can deliver itself. 😂
  10. If it’s in the rules it’s the rules, so the authorities can reject the player being registered I guess.
  11. It’s not a coincidence that contacts always expire on 31st June and 31st December, and IFAB giving authorisation for clubs to extend contracts for a few months when the seasons were extended in the summer. It gives players a level of protection. If you signed a player in August on a two month contract, then don’t renew they can’t work until January as they can’t sign for another club. Hence why contracts end when windows open.
  12. He can sign whenever he wants, but I’m pretty sure lengths are determined by IFAB
  13. I think you have to give contracts to each transfer window. So he could sign on until the end of December, then he could sign on until the end of the season.
  14. This! Retired too early. But coming back in might be a step too far for him. I would love it though.
  15. It’s exactly like trying to sell any of them, you can add Bolasie and Besic to that list too, selling players isn’t easy. Ive got this tv here Mark, do you want to buy it? It’s ok, not great, it’s cheap though. You might already have a tv, your tv might be better than this one. But it’s still cheap, and it’s relatively new. You want to buy this tv from me? 😂
  16. They signed Kilian Ludewig. They weren’t going to just not get a right back because they didn’t get Kenny. They were a team willing about six months ago, and got an alternative. The game moves fast.
  17. He’s more driftwood than deadwood, that’s what you meant right? 😂
  18. The hard bit with selling a player is needing someone to buy them. It’s all well and good saying sell them, but it’s never that simple.
  19. That’s the last thing we need!
  20. Would be ideal, but I can’t see us buying a right back in January to be honest. Not unless Kenny or Coleman get a big injury. It’ll be nice to to get to the point where we just buy one of two players in the summer, rather than the five, six, seven we’ve had in recent times.
  21. I’d like to think we’d be getting three of his best years at that age. Would be very exciting!
  22. Maybe you see Keane the way you think others see Mina? Like every fault that Mina does gets picked on by others, where as every fault that Keane does gets picked on by you? We all do it. We all have our opinions on players and don’t find it so easy to change them. Besic would have to get in our team and we win the league for me to think he’s anything more than garbage. Also, I agree with you that Holgate is the best, or at least he was last season pre lockdown, but he needs to get back to form. Since lockdown Keane has been much better for me.
  23. Neither are world class, but there is no competition who is the better player of the two.
  24. Anyone been watching the Masters? It’s nice to see how the course really looks, only ever seeing it with fans in between all the holes and the grandstands put up. Amazing how nice you can make a course look in November with a few cans of green paint too.
  25. Me too, he’s never going to be good enough. Need to find someone to push Dom.
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