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  1. If we buy a player for £30m today we don’t actually spend £30m today, we would probably pay somewhere between £5-10m. We can afford to put that into this years accounts. Walcott, Bolasie, Bernard and Besic all coming off the wage bill and being replaced only with Townsend and Grey gives us some wiggle room. Relax a little Rob, you’re going to have a heart attack mate.
  2. Must be a real worry for some that so many reports claim Yerry Mina earns more money than James.
  3. But we won’t be paying up front for any players, so we don’t need the money up front now. But we know it’s coming so we can plan for that in our current spending. That’s my point.
  4. Year one €3m Year two €4m year three €9.3m year four €9.3m year five €9.3m potential bonuses €3m Thats a great deal!
  5. We never buy players with the full amount paid up front. Most clubs don’t pay up front. So we know we have payments due from Juve over the next three or four years, so we can use those incoming payments for deals that we set up. We will probably still owe Juve some money from buying Kean two years ago. Spreading payments like that suits selling clubs as well as buying clubs as they have guaranteed money coming in. Juve with this deal will have to declare the loan fees now and then when they buy him in two seasons they can declare him as an asset and spread the 28m amortised over the term of his permanent contract. This all just helps them spread it out longer. If we buy a player for £30m now and agree to pay it over three years we only need the agreed first payment to handover. But in the accounts (relevant to FFP) the £30m would be spread over the length of the contract. So if it’s a four year deal then £7.5m per year.
  6. Exactly. Just need to have options. Yeah, they want rid of him, but if we can’t then he should be used to help the team. The likes of Norwich at home. Get him on the pitch, put the game to bed and move on. If we see a bit of magic along the way then brilliant!
  7. But @RuffRob we will also buy players with spread payments so it is spendable.
  8. This is what I’ve been thinking. With runners like Grey, Richarlison, Townsend and now Doucoure, I think it could be lethal. Especially at home against teams with ten men behind the ball.
  9. You said bigger than the club, not putting the player ahead of the team. Can only react to what you say mate.
  10. Well Rafa must have a plan for the full back positions. We should just trust him and get behind him. I did not have a straight face when typing that.
  11. Pete isn’t saying he’s bigger than the club. We’ve played Southampton, Leeds and Brighton. Things aren’t all perfect just yet mate.
  12. You know the full details hardly ever come out right? We don’t even know the details of what we paid for him in the first place. We probably still owe Juve some money too.
  13. I agree with this. He’s not perfect, but he may not be so easy to replace.
  14. Leighton is still at the club. Don’t worry. 🙈
  15. Doesn’t he? Because he still hasn’t said this anywhere and neither has his agent.
  16. No, it’s really not recognised. It’s pretty much how Bailey explained it.
  17. Josh doesn’t want you getting in his way 😂
  18. Let’s hope we have a team successful enough in the near future to find out. 🤞🏻
  19. You ok Mike? A lot of your gags have been like this lately. You Randy old dog! 😂
  20. Why would you think they didn’t pay a loan fee? It’s the absolute norm for clubs to pay a loan fee. The price is just rarely published unless it’s something really big. The only time teams tend not to is if it’s a goal keeper who may need to be recalled to his parent club. You can’t recall a player from a loan if a fee has been paid.
  21. You brought the last dance into the Rodriguez thread 😂 Im just picking up on Rodmans attitude and lifestyle and everything I’ve seen of your opinion on footballers over the last decade. I don’t think for one minute you’d be happy with a player like that for Everton. Everything about Rodman off the court is pretty much everything you don’t like in a footballer. But being ok with it because he produced the goods? Lukaku would have scored two goals for Everton in the same week as talking about playing for a champions league club and you’d kill him for it. But you’d be ok with Rodmans lifestyle because the Bulls won that year? Just doesn’t make sense to me. You don’t tolerate players giving what you deem to be less than 100% and I respect that, but you accept it because they are winning? That’s not something I’ve seen from you in the last decade mate. Yeah Everton haven’t won a thing, but I’m shocked you would consider it ok on the basis of team results.
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