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  1. And we have. If he expected something other than he has been given then that would be an issue, and given his history we would find out quickly enough in his press conferences.
  2. He knew what he was getting into.
  3. All of the leaders in the western world knew of the issue and all took too long to respond. Blood on their hands too in my opinion.
  4. 15th now. To add to the frustration I’ve received an email reminding me what to bring to the match on Saturday, included on the list is my ticket. I’d absolutely love to bring it with me. Would be nice if they gave it to me.
  5. Just got to three and a half hours on hold. Good job the boss isn’t in work today.
  6. That would be ace if I was unemployed and could head to Goodison with about 15 minutes notice like the club seem to expect. But I work about 45 miles away from Goodison and I work until 6:30. Thanks Everton.
  7. It would be nice if they bothered to communicate this to the fans. Shambles.
  8. Been on hold for an hour and a half and still only position 64 in the queue. On what they told my Dad about using previous tickets; bit of confusion. As he took over his friends ticket they had posted out the tickets in the previous names to the previous address. They said use it until we can send another ticket out. Getting really annoyed with them now. Nothing published for people waiting for cards, so if no one calls them what would happen? Absolute shambles!
  9. I don’t expect issues on Saturday because it’s a system that’s already tried and tested. The system I trust. As I said though, not getting the mobile tickets sent out is an issue.
  10. Is that what that is? I always assumed it was a season ticket 😂 I got to the wolves game and got a mobile ticket that worked fine. They are a nightmare but not even surprised. I don’t expect many issues with the mobile ticketing on Saturday, but Everton messing up sending tickets out is just, well, normal.
  11. My Dad has been told today they are working on reloading last seasons tickets for people who haven’t received new ones. Piss take!
  12. We would only really need half to break even on him now he’s a couple of years into his contract. Fingers crossed someone fancies him.
  13. You guys aren’t even playing the same sport as me with those handicaps 😂 edit; I don’t mean because mine is low either!
  14. It was just a joke Bill, no idea what we pay for prime to be honest. Saved the day big time with shopping during lockdown though.
  15. If I knew catching Covid would improve my golf I could have saved a fortune on lessons and just stopped wearing a mask 😂 Glad you’re feeling better though mate.
  16. I get free shipping from Amazon though. For £10.99 per month.
  17. Both. I’ve just been watching too many US political dramas and optics is all they talk about. But you know im partial to a drink or two.
  18. Maybe he’ll have a break clause in the loan to bring him back if needed, provided we don’t charge a fee for the loan.
  19. In typical Everton fashion there are a few issues. My mate who I go the match with always buys our season tickets on his credit card and I give him the money. But he’s on holiday at the moment trying to arrange his wedding in Kiev, so won’t be back in time for the game. The club will be sending links for both of our season tickets to his email address, great. To reduce any issues I called the club a few weeks back and paid the £10 for us both to have cards, I trust the iPhone app but doesn’t work when taking someone else, and explained why and they agreed to post both of our tickets to my address. There is now a possibility that the club have posted both our tickets to my mates address, but they can’t confirm this but I should wait a couple of days and see if they turn up. If not I’ve got to go and bother his soon to be Mother in law for the spare key and start looking through his post. Fan services. Excellent. My Dad also hasn’t received his season card yet, but he’s already expecting to be stood on Bullens Road on Saturday afternoon and not get into the ground.
  20. I’d be more than happy for us never to buy a player represented by Raiola ever again. He’s an absolute bloodsucker!
  21. That got me! I forgot all about that. Back when being a blue was fun. 😂
  22. I really want to like this post, but I’m concerned about the optics.
  23. Maybe they would take Delph and keep Longstaff 😂
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