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  1. tough one, i do like neville in the middle. but if keane wouldnt play all of every game, and we know neville is our future team leader, and keane could really help our other midfielders, and our youngsters!
  2. can louise get in the shower in this programme please Adam?
  3. unique visitors is the number of individual people who have visited the site, while total visits is how manytime the unique visitors have hit the site. i think thats it anyway
  4. well it is officialy one goal, the first was called as an og for the keeper said sky sports
  5. i love the redknapps, the most indecisive crazy family in football!
  6. JIMMY MAC!!!!!! another assist for VDM
  7. ive been more imprssed by davies since hes been in the middle, but i gone for the second one
  8. apparently moyes went to tranmere v swansea, and wasnt impressed by trundle at all. guess we have to wait and see
  9. i would say yes, he has superb leadership skills. better than weir, but we all know he isnt our leader anyway is he!
  10. said before and ill keep saying it, everybody at Everton is under the impression robbie keane will be our new fire power. that deal is supossedly done
  11. arteta is a doubt too, so we could see the return of kilbane. hopefully arteta will be ok and we can get neville in the middle
  12. fake rappers or whatever. they both have more money than kenwright, and p.diddy has more money than our board combined. shame it wouldnt happen
  13. i wish i knew as much as blueboys im really sure he cant play till jan, or there would be more of a rush to sign him. and moyes has now confirmed talks have taken place
  14. thought moyes signed yobo a couple of days before wright?
  15. HA HA HA HA HA that should get rid! it would get rid of me anyway!
  16. good work comedy dave, think hes trying to get foreign investment while hes in NYC
  17. ta folk, nearly pissed myself first time i saw it but any news on this vid?
  18. firstly, PAT you have too much time and too much info at your disposal buddy! secondly, there are a lot of "genius" in their own wright on there, but im sure Owen wouldnt have a clue about any of them. Thirdly, i will mourn maradonna death, as i beleive him to be the greatest player to EVER live. but it is my opinion and that is all i care about thanks
  19. right, my source told me the info tonight. Keane wants to go into management/coaching. the plan was united but as we all know thats done and dusted. Jimmy Lunsden wants to retire soon, so Keane has been OFFERED a player/coach deal. he will earn his coaching badges with help from moyes/irvine/lunsden then go onto a fulltime coaching role when all badges are done. He will be payed approx £32,000 (or whatever BT is on ie the top line at the club) BUT Kenwright and Woods will double that out of their own pocket, as Gregg doesnt want to bring him in. That is the current offer on the table, yet it has not been accepted or rufused at the moment, but Everton believe this to be keanes best offer so far. also one more thing; it is still believed at Everton that robbie keane deal is set up and will still go through asap in jan. hope this help chaps
  20. as stated earlier in this thread Owen this is a thread to show a little respect to a footballing legend who has died, regardless of concequence. if you want to discuss alocholism start a new thread and talk about it there. this is not the place
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