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  1. Prosecution destroying the use of force "expert" at the moment, if Chauvin doesn't get found guilty it's going to get very unpleasant.
  2. My stream froze ten minutes ago and I only just noticed.
  3. Rarely (if ever) been so bored watching the seafoams play, feel a bit sad.
  4. Rarely (if ever) been so bored watching the Blues play, feel a bit sad.
  5. Can someone give me a nudge when the game starts please.
  6. Current Player of the Season standings.... Abdoulaye Doucouré...94 Jordan Pickford...90 James Rodríguez...89 Dominic Calvert-Lewin...81 André Gomes...73 Allan...70 Michael Keane...69 Tom Davies...65 Richarlison...51 Ben Godfrey...51 Yerry Mina...46 Gylfi Sigurðsson...41 Alex Iwobi...36 Niels Nkounkou...34 Séamus Coleman...31 Robin Olsen...28 Lucas Digne...13 Mason Holgate...13 Anthony Gordon...12 Bernard...10 João Virgínia...3 Cenk Tosun...1 Thierry Small...1 Previous MOTM winners... Crystal Palace (H)*...James Rodríguez Man City (H Cup)*...An
  7. The sun has finally decided to show its face in Devon so I am off to the pub!☀️
  8. From the official Everton website. I don't know what the actual amount was, nobody does because it wasn't officially announced so any jouro who says they know is guessing, nominal is defined as, "Trifling, token, or slight; not real or substantial" and £5m isn't that.
  9. Absolutely, let's bin Brands and bring in their DoF! As a wise man once said (@c1982) even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  10. Said it elsewhere but how's he done with Benrahma? Paid (up to) £30m and not a single goal to show for it, that's one expensive fuck up. For every Cahill there's an Anderson Silva de França (I was lucky enough to be there for his three minute Everton career).
  11. Sounds like a self-effacing Disney super-hero to me😂.
  12. What's the difference between reading it online or a hard (toilet paper) copy?
  13. If you believe what you read in the Express then there's really no hope for you. Edit: Actually let me rephrase, if you read the Express there's really no hope for you😂.
  14. West Ham tried to sign King for £13m last October but Bournemouth wanted £18m and they also signed Benrahma for (up to) £30m, how's that gone for them? And I still can't find a reputable source that supports the idea that we paid £5m for King, TalkShite says we did but that's meaningless. As far as I know we paid a nominal fee and £5m ain't nominal in anyone's book.
  15. We pain "a nominal fee" for King.
  16. Billboard plugging the FA Cup third round in 1996. Was in the Exeter services on the M5.
  17. "Excluding penalties, Liverpool haven't scored with any of their last 127 shots in Premier League home matches, with the Reds having a further 12 attempts so far today."
  18. Well there's a thing, Leeds have two shots to City's twenty-nine, play more than half the match with ten men and win 2-1.
  19. I really don't give a shit to be honest (though I do wonder what his belly button did in the war). What's pissed me off also is that BBC1 and BBC2 are both showing the same programmes tonight dedicated to him, he was an embarrassment so often with his thoughtless and racist (had they come from anyone else) comments. Big deal being made of him supporting his wife, but who wouldn't on that gravy train? So much hypocricy in the tributes. I was waiting for the final of Masterchef which isn't now on.
  20. One of my girls getting married next month she's just told me, only 28 guests allowed (she always wanted it small anyway) but I get to walk her down the aisle....and I don't have to make a speech.
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