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  1. And the reason it was a great race is that there were more than two cars involved; never agreed with this being the oft quoted "classic season" because of the Hamilton/Verstappen head to head, two horse races are very tedious imo opinion no matter how good the horses might be.
  2. Devastated for Lando, drove a perfect race, until his decision to stay on slicks; his call so down to him but all the same. Probably the team should've overruled him but another day it might have been the correct choice. Was in a bar full of Hamilton fanboys celebrating his demise, knobs. He's British as well guys (and driving a British car).
  3. With the way he's been starting this year the guys ahead of him should be worried.
  4. Doesn't need to look in his mirrors, they're ahead of him, going to be fascinating to see how the rest of the season pans out. For one thing, if it's wet/damp tomorrow Verstappen still has loads of new tyres in the bank which nobody else does.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/jonathan.butler.946/videos/3030782197240838/
  6. That'll do for me, 'specially as I didn't have to sit through it.
  7. He's on the "dirty" side of the track as well, Sainz was pretty negative about it in his post Q interview.
  8. Well that's Ronaldo on pens then, what a shocker that was from Fernandes!
  9. Yeah, my mistake guys. Thanks for stepping in though Steve, I'll close this one down as the other already has several votes.
  10. It's a rare sight for sure, bit like you guys spotting a sasquatch.
  11. USA 1968 only time it's happened; Jackie Stewart, Graham Hill, John Surtees. Well documented I'm no Hamilton fan but I'd love it (preferably with Lewis on the bottom step).
  12. Get the fuck in! Lando pole, Russell third and three of the front four Brits, bloody loved that!
  13. You plainly didn't go school with Jane Atter, I was besotted with her from the age of five😂
  14. Ok so now the sun's not messing with my brain... Everton 0-0 Norwich None
  15. Yup, think youngsters are often put on the bench, at every club, just to give them the feel of what a match day experience is like. Very small chance of them getting on the pitch unless for the last few minutes when the game is well won.
  16. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58687026 Guess what? Here in Greece no queues for petrol and fully stocked shelves everywhere, and that's on an island which relies on everything coming in by boat (bit like the UK really). Wonder what the difference could be?
  17. Alternatively easy to download by less legal means.
  18. "False footballer" closer to the mark.
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