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  1. Player Details for mikeo 1st Place Finishes: 0 2nd Place Finishes: 0 3rd Place Finishes: 1 Top Ten Finishes: 27 Total Games In Arcade: 79 Total Games Played By mikeo: 40 ... ... ...but who's in the final of the Pacman tournament?
  2. ....curses...the evidence is destroyed and there are no witnesses ...you've got away with it this time..the perfect crime .
  3. ...now if that's not abusing your position as a cyber obergruppenfuhrer then I don't know what is ...
  4. ...actually thinking about it I'd you along with you two. Arsenal v Villarreal final would do it for me, and I could live with Arsenal winning it.
  5. Another attempted April fool... A clause found in the lease of Liverpool's Anfield home 14 years ago could mean that Everton can "evict" their local rivals after their lease on the land which their stadium is built on ran out in 1992. Due to the complicated nature of the split between Everton FC and John Houlding in 1892, it transpired that Everton in fact owned 51% of the land which the Anfield stadium is situated on, but had let the land back to Houlding for a nominal fee on a 100 year lease. In 1992, an agreement was reached whereby Liverpool paid Everton £1m a year rent for 15 years, at which point Everton became full owners once more, with the right to evict Liverpool from their home. It is believed that Liverpool FC thought they would have competed a move to a new stadium by this point, and did not extend the deal when offered in 2002. David Moores is said to be extremely embarrassed about the situation, and admitted this morning that his club had made enquiries to share with local side Wigan Athletic. However, so that Liverpool could remain close to their fan base, Wigan bosses recomended that perhaps Plymouth Argyle would be a better option for a groundshare.
  6. Writer: Dejonefc Date: Saturday April 1 2006 Time: 9:01AM
  7. Without question yes. It's already something of a consolation (but not much )that they've gone so far and put out ManU after we ran them so close. The better they do the better I feel about losing to them (not that we did ).
  8. .....stunned silence... ...need to give some thought to a response. That's not true actually, my double glazing fitter on Friday (not to mention my brother) was equally as magnanimous. Just unusual for a fair minded red to take the trouble to post .
  9. ...it's a bloody disgrace, where is everybody this fine am? Lying in bed nursing hangovers no doubt. You want to get a clean, healthy lifestyle like me , then you'll be up raring to go...watching Jensen Button blow his engine just short of the finish line after a heroic descent from first to fifth , getting ready to toddle off to Homebase to get on with the highly enjoyable and therapeutic gardening ....come on..wakey wakey hands off snakey (trying to think of an equivalent to that for the ladies now we seem to be attracting more...bit I can't think of anything just now)!!
  10. The result today ends any hope of the Uefa cup...no question. Does anyone know who has actually registered for the Intertoto? Bolton and Man city talked about it but I've only seen confirmation that Middlesbro and us are actually in it. Whether or not you think it's a good idea it'd be interesting to know who we need to finish above..
  11. It's a great story...good on them!!
  12. That's the end of any Uefa hope...not that there was much anyway..
  13. ...wasn't worried for a moment...did you see his reaction after his goal at Analfield(stupid thing to say..of course you did)? Anyone else you might have had me going Pat..try harder next yaer .
  14. Apology accepted. . The difference is that I've not commented on your life..just made a point about non-Evertonians coming on here and wondering about their motivation. There are many general football forums where you can argue to your hearts content. Here is not the place. Prick (sorry, that last bit just slipped out ).
  15. I am at home because I care for my disabled wife...is that OK with you?
  16. Certainly did..bully off then run for cover. Played on grass so the ball bounced all over the place and broke many noses . sigh...happy days .
  17. For God's sake what's the matter with you people? This is an Everton board...what posessed you to come on in the first place? You have no reason to be here. I just wonder what sort of life (or lack of) some people have. .
  18. Good stuff, congrats to her!!. My English teacher (and form tutor) at school played hockey for England/GB. Played a bit at school too...bloody dangerous!!
  19. Changing the subject completely (which is the beauty of this thread) I must report a strange occurrence in my house today. We had double glazing fitted to the back and, as you'd expect in the wilds of rural Devon, the work was carried out by a Manu and a Liverpool supporter . Nothing strange there I hear you say and you'd be right.....however, here's the shocker....the Liverpool fan actually came from Liverpool!!! Bizarre enough on its own I know but there's more. When I went into my sons room with a pointed stick and a piece of raw meat he said he'd actually prefer a coffee!! And he was nice about all Joshuas posters and his autographed Leon Osman photo and we had a sensible conversation about footie. I realise some of you may find this all a little far fetched but it's true!! Truth really is sometimes stranger than fiction .
  20. Good grief Zed...I've never seen that at a footie match .
  21. Didn't he buy Teflon & Jeffers ?? (And Tavlaridis )
  22. I shall never walk alone ...oh..I see what you mean thought you were talking about that dirge of a song.
  23. For anyone who cares >>>>Pat's Gibberish<<<<
  24. You obviously don't know where Pat's post comes from fishman, or you'd understand my reply .
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