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  1. Still totally pulling a number out of their arse with zero factual evidence to back it up. Personally I don't think in a million years we'd agree to pay anyone £250k a week, not a cat in hell's chance. Not suggesting he's "only" on the £90k widely reported elsewhere, imo it's somewhere in the middle.
  2. 24 white winners out of 27 is very nearly 90% though, and the US is around 60% white. Perspective.
  3. Cracking, so happy for you.
  4. Totally clolour blind me (I like to think), I just can't get the sense in any of it. Your skin colour is down to where your ancesters were bought up, if they were from a sunny place they'd have dark skin, if they weren't they'd be white. Madness.
  5. There are people wiser than you Mark? Find that hard to believe😂
  6. Screw your pessimism guys. Everton 8-0 Norwich Pickford. (I reserve the right to change this, Jordan may still be injured😁)
  7. Fair question. Not seen any of it so difficult to comment. Thing that annoys me though over here is the MOBO awards, if anyone suggested having a MOWO ceremony everyone's head would fall off.
  8. Here we go then, should point out that we're two hours ahead of BST here so it's around 12.40, thus not a morning drink. I may well be taking total bollocks sometime soon. But I do that most of the time anyway so no noticeable change 😂
  9. Me and my brother were trying to explain Saint and Geavsie to my son earlier, settled on Carragher/Neville but just a hundred times funnier.
  10. Jimmy Greaves dead, such a lovely man. Will watch the Spurs game later though hadn't planned to. Sure there'll be a tribute, what a talent he was.
  11. Spot of lunch with a view, happy days!
  12. If we lose this I'll be seriously pissed off (obviously) but loving the way we're playing. Gives hope for the future. So different from the shite last season, big wins aside
  13. Have to say if I was a neutral I'd be loving this, both sides going for it big time, entertaining stuff.
  14. Villa 1-1 Everton Condom, no, Rondon. My mistake.
  15. 😂 Still not tried the iced tea yet, still on the "to do" list. Finally have my brother wearing the shirt though, 63 isn't too late to see the light is it? 😁
  16. Getting advice here, my brother says 2-0 Everton, Townsend and Josh saying 2-1 Everton, Richy. Will have to have a think but if either of them has a ten pointer I'll be pissed right off.
  17. I thought today was Friday, sun messing with my brain.
  18. So few recognise my genius, pleased to see someone noticing😂
  19. You only went and did it, now we all know what's going to happen ya numpty😁
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