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  1. Held first up and then very long Fernandez service game which and she breaks, quality on both sides.
  2. So "innocent until proven guilty" not a thing in patto-land then, convicted on Twitter rumours for you. Fair enough, I'm not surprised.
  3. If he's found not guilty (or he's not charged) why not?
  4. Be happy if they finish in the order they start, though unlikely as Merc will get Bottas to move aside, understandably.... whether he does it is another matter. Would give McLaren the second row to themselves tomorrow.
  5. They weren't warming down eagerly enough
  6. Can't see that quote anywhere, just... "I think he realised he has to improve in a lot of things. He has to focus, he has to show his commitment. That's what he's trying to do and that is good for us. "If he stays with us, it's good news for us because he can give us something more. We don't have any doubt about his quality, we have to be sure that we have players playing for 90 minutes with the intensity we're looking for. "Each player has his characteristics, and some games where he can be the difference. "If James is staying with us, we need to find the right games for him, and he has to show his commitment and his desire. It's something his teammates, fans and staff are expecting for him. "If he can do that, he can make a contribution for the team." Benitez confirmed that he was not involved in any transfer discussions regarding Rodriguez over the summer. But he's aware that he now has to manage the situation, with the playmaker staying at Goodison Park for the foreseeable future. "I was not in the conversations, I know that there were some clubs that had interest but that's it," the boss added. "If the offer was good, you know the financial fair play rules and the problem we have with salaries, it was important for us to create some space for another player. "We couldn't do it, and now we have to manage that." Not in his plans though according to the press, doesn't sound that way to me, just challenging him to step up.
  7. Happy days. Love a bit of positive news!
  8. Back on it today please Lando; been screwed by misfortune, other driver's stupidity (listening Valtterie?) and a bit of misjudgement for the last three races, time to put it right. Had a great lap in P1 that would've placed him second but deleted for track limits, no matter, the pace is there.
  9. I believe not, there is a school of thought that agrees with him.
  10. Not seen the video, was commenting theoretically.
  11. If you remember clear as day maybe you can link to where you got the info and put us all out of our misery. Googling "james rodriguez to get pay rise in second year at everton" gives diddly squat to back it up.
  12. Eagerness is immedietely apparent while fitness needs a longer look, so I'd say yes.
  13. 😂 Had to cry off today because I had some breathing problems overnight. It happens occasionally at home and is fairly easily fixed by putting a little plastic tube down my throat, last night couldn't get the thing in for bloody ages, was on the verge of getting medical help when it popped in thankfully. Medical team said hot/humid weather might cause problems, won't happen again though because I'll go back to putting the tube in every night while I sleep like I had to in the early days. Actually in the early days it was in 24/7. No big deal, everyone should have a hole in their throat to stick a tube in, makes piercings look girly😆
  14. Our accommodation owners just messaged me asking if they could cook Sunday lunch for us, and serve it on our terrace, some service that! Don't get that sort of thing with Thomas Cook 😂
  15. Was in here on Tuesday https://www.dailyadvent.com/gb/news/c36095d8190bf35dac5cd3e2c6f4a025-Police-make-arrest-after-knifeman-incident-at-petrol-station
  16. Great win for England in the final test though! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/58512624 Shame.
  17. Bloody hell! And she's not just beating people, she's destroying them.
  18. Bloody annoying that it's at 2.00am in the UK which is 4.00am here, I'll have to chack on it when I wake up; if she reaches the final though I'll be watching whatever the timing.
  19. Palfy wants me to post this.. https://onefootball.com/en/news/moise-kean-and-james-rodriguez-embody-evertons-muddled-transfer-strategy-33714800?variable=2021-09-07T08:43:38Z
  20. Busy with a friend at the mo Palf👍🍺. Will do it when I get back to house.
  21. Doesn't say he lost his pension either so I assume he didn't.
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