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  1. 4evablu

    Hi All

    A man after my own heart. Why say in one word what you can take one hundred to say? First impressions of forum are good and I will try to refrain from being contentious...I did say try
  2. 4evablu

    Hi All

    Normal then...handbags at fifty paces..... everyone has their own opinions but my motto is if you think it....say it
  3. Tongue in cheek comment I reckon, although you could understand it from his perspective.He just wants playing time as they all do...
  4. Personally I like Roberto. The more I hear from the interviews that he gives the more convinced I am that he may well be just the right choice. One thing for sure is that he will be given time to either make or break...... Lets hope he can improve the squad and live up to his goal of getting us into Europe on a regular basis...
  5. This could be interesting... http://www.101greatgoals.com/blog/barca-starlet-gerard-deulofeu-heading-to-either-everton-or-spurs-on-loan-el-mundo-deportivo/
  6. 4evablu

    Hi All

    New to the forum and thought that I would intruduce myself. Supported the blues since I was a lad and look forward to each season with the same hope and enthuiasm as I did back then. Live down south now with my wife and kids so although I can't get to matches I still consider myself to be an avid supporter. COYB.
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