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  1. as has been said, it was 50/50 and any GK worth a lick is doing the same thing. that's why there's no reason to apologize. it's part of the game. freak accident, had nothing to do with jordan. VVD is a CB, WTF is he in the 6 yard box?
  2. the way i see it, allan is the deepest and doing the most defending, the least in attack. doucoure does equal parts defense and attacks and has the pace/stamina to be running all over the place. gomes is doing the least defending and is doing the most in linking the attack and helping transitions to be fast and to be available to link up with the forwards.
  3. no reason for him to apologize, was a standard tackle.
  4. nice to see the Villa supporters have our back
  5. Gonna be honest as an American I didn’t see as much of the bias. But after this incident it’s clear it’s us against the world. Thankfully we have a great squad manager and owner so I think we are well positioned. But this has really opened my eyes. I hope the lads enjoy their backs against the wall and use it to motivate them. COYB
  6. i agree, people are getting confused because they expect him last year, HE'S NOT PLAYING THAT POSITION ANYMORE. he's the top of the midfield three. Doucoure is now doing what Andre did last year. Change your expectations folks.
  7. sounds confident and excited and willing to learn and grow, all things we want from a player.
  8. Agreed, it was a 50/50 ball. Had it gone in as a goal we’d be roasting him. He did the right thing.
  9. in case anyone forgot we are still top of the table and undefeated
  10. he was off the pace today but i wouldn't say he was hiding. just not a good game for him. gylfi didn't do much better when he was on. due to our players now the more advanced of the midfield 3 doesn't see the ball as much (we go through the flanks alot or James) and since they are more advanced they don't defend as deep either so we don't see them smothering with a press. we just need them to be able to link midfield to attack and do it quickly which andre does well with his passing range and quickness. like bailey said against a team that will give us space you will see a lot
  11. i put the lineup we are going to see, not my dream scenario (palfy at CM, and MJB at CB, messi at CF)
  12. i think the opposite he's thinking i got this
  13. updated the lineup since i found out kenny will be fit. put him RB and put Godfrey at LCB over Mina.
  14. my bad then. great news though, maybe he will start now!
  15. won't happen with both coleman and kenny injured
  16. i was looking forward to your response today i agree, we never get the "rub of the green", it was nice for once. glad the red shite got a taste of their own medicine. they get the calls every week.
  17. i loved seeing him yelling at pickford about his bad distribution, he's right. don't just punt it unless someone is open.
  18. this is a winnable game here. we are still undefeated we have to go in and play our game. sadly Richarlison will be out, Carlo said Kenny will be back. could be iwobi or bernard in for richarlison. Pickford Kenny Keane Godfrey Digne Allan Doucoure Gylfi James DCL Bernard
  19. i had to get off them on my stream, went to a US stream (NBC) it was just as bad. i hate the kopite media
  20. having seen him now i'm very excited by this signing. he wasn't fazed by the nature of the big game and seemed very calm and did his work. played out of position and was never at fault for either goal. i can't wait to see him at CB
  21. wild ride but a point is a fair result for what happened. still undefeated, on to the next. i have always said you beat the teams below you and have a go at the top sides, we got a point, better than previous years. progress is being made, continue moving forward. allan my motm, thought keane did well too. special shout out to Godfrey, thrown to the lions he did well.
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