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  1. COYB, it's 7:30a in the states had to wake up early for this. love the lineup
  2. http://outsideoftheboot.com/2015/12/28/100-best-young-players-to-watch-2016-defenders-3/ sorry top 100 players.
  3. he was rated one of the top players under 25 in the world when we bought him, not saying he will be, but he was no slouch. i don't think he's going to take allan or doucoure's spot but if he can live up to his billing we could have a quality player to rotate and provide depth.
  4. yeah, we don't get everton games in the US, we get a couple cherry picked games that NBC wants to show, usually a big 6 club. the only way i can watch the team is illegal streams. the league cup is on espn+ which i pay for so i'm compliant there, but saying i'm a thief is short sighted.
  5. it's interesting, the article i posted in the match day thread also said Carlo is a man of very few words. Not a big rah rah type guy, just encouragement, and something small to improve on. i'm guessing so many of these managers are yellers and screamers that when you get a calm collected Carlo, it's a different experience for the player. probably why so many love him
  6. there are no words to describe denise, just constantly amazed at her. well done.
  7. https://www.espn.com/soccer/everton/story/4208292/everton-are-top-of-the-premier-league-and-primed-to-end-decade-of-derby-futility-vs-liverpool good article and read. Interesting comments from Davide Ancelotti as well.
  8. its wild how nike has taken over the golf world. when i grew up they didn't even sell golf anything. they were a nothing in golf. it was all Ping, Cleveland, TaylorMade, Callaway, etc. Tiger Woods hit the scene, they went HARD with him and now they have a massive market share.
  9. yeah im surprised there aren't more leaving.
  10. same here i've always backed him i really hope he can stay healthy it would give us depth at the Allan position.
  11. let's hope he's saving himself for the derby otherwise that's not good news
  12. good to just get the wages gone, mutual contract termination i'm guessing, best for both parties.
  13. that part is ridiculous. just call it what it is, the old boys club just listened to an english journalist on espn, he had an interesting point. he said he believes it might be an outlandish proposal to try and get the government to do something. by making such a heinous proposal the government will be forced to get involved whereas they currently aren't. not sure if i believe that but i'm always open to hearing others opinions.
  14. Someone educate me, do all EFL clubs get a vote? If they do I could see league one and two sides saying we’ll never be in the premier we need the money and vote yes. That’s the worry. If it’s just premier league teams I don’t think this passes.
  15. https://www.espn.com/soccer/english-premier-league/story/4206723/project-big-picture-is-an-attempted-power-grab-by-liverpoolman-united-and-premier-leagues-elite espn's analysis, i liked this "nothing less than a big cheque now in return for submission for the future"
  16. i read about this over the weekend. the 6 votes needed to pass anything bit is scary too, basically the robber barons just saying lets get back to early 1900 ways and just take over again. i hope everton and the FA oppose it. yeah i thought it was the sky 4. i guess the new stadium put spurs into the club.
  17. yes and i am all for this. i was speaking to the people who are saying this will benefit us in a sporting way, i don't see that ever happening. it's more an EITC thing (which i love and support) than a sporting thing IMO.
  18. Has an Everton mar player ever made the premier league? Have they made any major league for that matter? Wouldn’t it make more sense to partner with a top club in Brazil where they churn out quality? Not trying to be negative, I think the Everton/Everton is clever and cool from a club and commercial perspective. But I’m not expecting anything player wise from them.
  19. 15 a match? how much is a cheap seat ticket to the game? once covid ends you'd think people would just go to the game for that money.
  20. can swedes golf? or is it endless winter up there?
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