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  1. something is better than nothing but they are a small club in chile, and James is from colombia. like trying to woo ronaldo by getting links with real sociedad or something. not really applicable. but nice to see them doing something positive!
  2. article said friendlies in both americas, so we're good
  3. i hope they do the pre-season friendlies when covid dies down, i would love to see a proper everton match in the flesh!
  4. this all day long. Carlo doesn't suffer fools, he will be gone if he doesn't shape up, he's got this season to prove himself. i wouldn't be surprised if come the new year Olson is the regular starter. you heard it here first.
  5. if that was the case they wouldn't have signed thomas for 45m. the guys salary is likely 50k, laying him off does nothing to offset the Thomas cost.
  6. yeah it shows what they care about. proud to be an evertonian with the way we have handled COVID
  7. something about this club and left backs. plays for U-18 so gonna be a bit, but nice to see some talent in the academy
  8. Haf, Bailey is a lawyer, his favorite thing to do is argue, he’s just practicing on here in between episodes of Perry Mason!
  9. @RuffRob one more thing about the wages discussion you mentioned. Thomas is on 250k a week at Arsenal. What is comical is that Ozil who is frozen out is on 350k a week. just doing nothing. Arsenal will run themselves bankrupt at this rate if they keep handing out these wages, they aren't even in CL this year!
  10. i doubt he plays for us again, he will be off after PSG likely back to italy. Mina Raiola is no mug, he gets more money if his client moves again.
  11. we hired more expnesive and more experienced strikers? 1.5m DCL??? what the fuck? kean was the more expensive striker, he was a flop.
  12. No on welbeck. Plenty of quality in the championship if we need it. I’m not worried.
  13. He’s been a completely different person. Leave him alone! 😡😡
  14. madrid or barca the only ones i think he would go for, lots of brazilians and portuguese at those clubs so the transition would be easier. juve or bayern i don't see as enticing, very little brazilians/portuguese, languages very different, also one team leagues.
  15. can't the mods move this to general football? he's gone from everton and the minute the loan ends his contract is up with us too, he's gone gone gone gone gone.
  16. we are finally getting rid of the last of the terrible walsh signings. many of us hoped this day would come, Brands has overall been positive. had one stinker year of windows, but has now had 2 very good years to offset that one. i would think he is here to stay.
  17. why? he is happy and we are winning, unless it's barca i don't see it happening. and barca is in a dire financial situation right now, i doubt they are gonna spend 100m on him.
  18. just basking in the glow of this transfer! oh, and fuck off steve walsh!
  19. i wonder if he will go in january, his old manager is at roma, seems like it could be something he wants.
  20. thanks peter, i don't care about distribution because we play out the back all he has to do is roll it to a CB. yes the Ruben wages are stupid, guy doesn't even play at chelsea and is on 150k. what a joke! spurs under Potch were 100k and under, he had them working hard and not paying a ton, i think we are trying to do the same. I am suprised arsenal is paying that much, Wenger was a notorious tight ass, same with Kroenke. I like JOsh king, i've said previously i'd want him here. it would be a smart signing.
  21. updated for you with Godfrey in, Sandro and Walcott out, olsen loaned in. hope to see more outgoings in the coming days to lower league english sides
  22. just popped in here, remember when people wanted this guy? (i for one did not) contract mutually terminated 100k a week at west ham. likely headed to the championship. i think league one might be more his speed to be honest.
  23. Besic will go to a championship side I wouldn’t be surprised if bolasie does as well.
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