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  1. 7 - Manchester United have conceded in seven consecutive European away games for the first time since February 1965. Exposed. Aggravating cunts
  2. Bloody hell steve...you not have a tele?
  3. Best friend at high school came out to me when we were 16..was scared of telling anyone at school and when it did come out the "cock of the school" battered him at a disco cos some little weasel said my mate fancied him..he didn't but the little rat wanted to stir shit..I got detention for battering him in his form room..wasn't really proud of fightin but fucks me off how some people treat them like they are a different species or summat
  4. Wasn't suggesting giving him the armband by the way..doesn't need it to be vocal
  5. Herrera most blatant foul in build up to utd goal...the ref waved no penalty..unreal..couldn't have fucked it up any more
  6. Yes from me..he's been stale at utd for ages and in need of a change..almost looks like he's lost his love of the game...his boyhood club might reignite that..and if it did then we'd have a proper captain and winner on the pitch amongst other things
  7. Soft cunt when it comes to curry...my 3 stone on horseback sister makes her beast of a little brother look like a pansy when we go out for one...fucker could drink lava
  8. No one...too pissed off again...they can get fucked
  9. Apart from the goal did we actually create anything? I can't remember fuck all...too much fuckery again...barkley just shoot or fuck off lad..you ain't gonna beat 5 men
  10. Fuck off ref!! Rom has had hands on him all fucking game..and that's a foul from cleverley?!
  11. 91 minutes and you bring a striker on...you can fuck off too Ronald...as well as the ref...fucker shouldn't be on the pitch to score
  12. Unbelievable....that's what you get for fuckin about. Fuck off oviedo giving shite free kicks away for no reason..dickhead
  13. Fuck off Bryan...starting to dislike him and it's not his fault
  14. It's so fuckin annoying supporting everton...what a shit result this is gonna be..too much titting around at times
  15. I don't rate valencia...but we need a goal and have an attacker on the bench...why put cleverley on?
  16. Clev for gueye? Fuck sake...rather someone attacking
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