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  1. When our players have options on a counter we have no fuckin idea
  2. Someone did it last season in prem I think..not sure who
  3. Soft going down from Barry then And Williams didn't fuckin touch him
  4. All that good defensive work undone there...that was too simple for city.. We will lose now..that's it
  5. If they score this we'll lose...jags has really fucked up there
  6. ROM!! THAT IS WHAT YOU DO MATE! Fuckin class tackle from jags to start that..and then that touch was delicious...and the finish...class
  7. Rom is pissing me off...when he does win a flick on or summat he should be busting a gut to get forward..just ambles!
  8. First time I've seen gueye lose concentration...does it twice in 10 seconds!
  9. Didn't our team watch the spurs game?! Close the fuckin keeper and defence down...they shit themselves! Lennon would be better for that
  10. Fuckin commentators...stek took a big step off his line...it was minimal compared to most!
  11. Gerry been poor for me Oviedo...always liked him...never realised how out of his depth he is
  12. This is atrocious...we look like a league 2 side
  13. Should have sent it a lot earlier..bolasie had acres
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