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  1. Napoli apparently total waste of time who’s next
  2. I think he might be ours I hope so I’d sell Mina take him
  3. I don’t know enough of Roca to pass comment
  4. Haha yeah but I do like Twitter especially with what’s going on in the world at the moment
  5. Centre mid is the priority we need to get it right this time
  6. Been on Twitter for a few years I thought I would drop in for some different info nice to see most of the original guys are still here
  7. I'd definitely take this feller he has the pace scores goals but don't think we have a chance he will end up with a CL side
  8. He's going to be a top six player hope it's with us he was excellent against us a great investment.
  9. Got pace skill can score goals what more do you want move Walcott on I think he's a lot younger than Theo
  10. Bernard wouldn't give you the goals Gylfi does goals is Bernards downfall.
  11. 600 thousand a week no thanks can’t see anyone paying that.
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