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  1. He looked good a couple of years ago but never improved I hope we don’t go for him a loan at most
  2. I feel sorry for his family to go through all this is awful
  3. We've got the bench now get some quality 😎
  4. Pity about his injury’s last season but good to see him scoring goals again let’s hope he can get a good loan or some bench duties
  5. Make a decision your still in it
  6. It looks like the agent is holding this up due to how much he gets paid.
  7. When I say leaving us behind I mean in transfer business we beat Spurs Arsenal with the right signings we can beat them again but we need at least 3 decent signings not freebies
  8. Well it’s looking like we have 1 though the door already only terms to be agreed
  9. Thank god Marcel is still recruiting young academy players that might come through that’s the only way forward so far I think it’s 3 at the moment.
  10. We’re on our way to America and so far the new signing looks like it could be a 34 year old keeper why aren’t the players you mention already in the squad and yes I’d love them players but all the vibes are towards ageing layers who are cheap.
  11. Looks like Everton are about to drop the peoples club logo to the pensioners logo the players we are being linked to is embarrassing why are we still looking to sign old players we are still trying to get rid of the ones we have
  12. Dare I say Leicester Leeds Arsenal we will be lucky to finish 8/9th then there’s Spurs Villa
  13. It’s a pity small could be playing now in place of Digne
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