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  1. Got to look at the positives, we are probably safe from relegation.
  2. Does anyone else think that Fat Sam phoned Carlos and suggested that line up?
  3. Not sure what this tells us? All the teams above us in the league have scored more goals than us and two teams below us have scored more. Does 'clinical' include missed chances? The most depressing thing about the missed chances was that for 3 of them there was only the goalie to beat but the goalie didn't have to make a save as the shot went straight at him and hit him. There is no excuse for that from a Premiership striker. For the Aguero's and Kane's of this world, the ball would have settled neatly in the corner of the goal.
  4. If you look at the teams above us, they all have a far superior goal difference (even West Ham!). Not surprising when you see the chances we missed tonight. Break the bank and buy Aguero, we need someone who knows where the net is. Aguero would have had a hat-trick tonight.
  5. The EU are in exactly the same position with the US over 'tech tax'. It's not just a UK issue.
  6. Mike, I'm really surprised that you find other peoples misfortunes funny.
  7. You're right there Palfy. One further story about that voyage was that my mates arranged for a record to be played over the ship's tannoy to celebrate my birthday. The next day, there was another birthday record played and it turned out to be the guy I had sat next to at school. I remembered that his birthday was the day after mine. There were over a thousand troops on board and he took some finding, but I did find him and we had a good chat. That was the last time I ever saw him. I schooled in Liverpool and we moved to Leeds in 1951.
  8. Reading an article about the Suez Canal blockage. It said that ships may have to go round the Cape of Good Hope. I thought 'what's new'. In early 1957 the Suez Canal was still closed due to the Suez crisis. My troopship, returning from Singapore, had to go round the Cape. Took 42 days to get to Southampton and I had my 21st birthday in the middle of the Indian Ocean.
  9. FIFA - License to print money. Scandal and fraud has been following them for decades.
  10. johnh

    Jokes thread

    Several Sheffield United players are in trouble over the Census form. Apparently, they declared themselves as 'footballers'.
  11. The last two England rugby matches have involved French referees. I think they have to attend a meeting with Macron in the week before the game to get their 'orders'.
  12. Just booked my first trip, in May, to Iceland. If all goes well, then will follow up with Asda in June and Tesco in July.
  13. Agree with this and would also add that when we play the top teams in the division we seem to have the mental attitude that 'we can't win this one'. When we play our best, it seems to be against those sides who are a similar level to us. We know it's going to be hard but we have a chance of a win, so we work hard. It's a psychological problem which is down to the manager to sort out. The other (and major) problem is that we only have the bare bones of decent Premiership players. The bench is mostly Championship level players and we can't afford many injuries.
  14. I give a 'thumb's up' and keep it up until I know they've seen it.
  15. Thought Liverpool did well to hold Fulham to 0 - 1. Be fair, with all the injuries they have and no crowd on the Kop, everything is against them. You can't help laughing though.😁
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