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  1. Google the word woe and check what the Oxford dictionary definition is.
  2. Steve, you're not on the same drink as Biden are you?😁
  3. Ha, Ha, very good. We never got past one engine failing and we were 'up there' all night twice as we flew through the night twice. Flight took 5 days instead of 4 due to engine problems.
  4. When I flew to Singapore in 1955 it was on a four engine (propeller) Hermes. Notorious for engine trouble, which we had the whole way. (We got there in the end!) Have a great holiday Mike.
  5. Don't know how that got in this thread and I haven't had a drink yet today! By the way, you have a good holiday Mike.
  6. Had a cold phone call today, talking about insurance on my washing machine. I said 'I haven't got a washing machine, we are fortunate to have a stream running past the end of our garden and we beat the clothes on the rocks.' 'Do you do insurance for if the stream runs dry'? Click.
  7. Thanks Matt, enjoyed that. Missed MoD on TV so first I'd seen.
  8. He should feel at home in the Everton forward line then.😁
  9. Eldest son and grandson are visiting tomorrow. They are calling on their way to the match at Brighton, both being season ticket holders at Goodison in spite of living in Nottingham. Haven't seen grandson for over a year so looking forward to it. He always phone's me to give me a run-down on the Everton games. He's now 6ft 7 inches tall and weighs 15 stone so I'll have to get used to calling him 'sir'!
  10. I suspect her bag of stuff would contain steel wool and bleach. Take my chances with the bath!😁
  11. Getting old doesn't help. Had arranged a game of snooker today and as I have had a back niggle, decided to soak in a hot bath last night to try and ease it a bit. I filled the bath quite full and when I was getting out, I slipped and fell back into the bath from almost a standing position. Fortunately, I didn't break anything but have several bruises and sore bits. I did create a tsunami wave which flooded the bathroom floor. My mate said I should ensure I land on my head to avoid serious damage! Back to showers from now on.
  12. Ted Dexter has died, aged 86. RIP
  13. I thought it was rather ironic the other day as I was stood there in my mask drawing a rather large amount of money in the bank.
  14. Thanks Palfy. That all happened after a match against a Huddersfield Town eleven. First time I had ever played under floodlights. The team I played for was a representative team but I can't remember which team it was. I think it was either: West Riding County or Leeds & District FA. I remember that we lost but can't remember the score. I was appointed captain, though only because I was centre-half and they always made the centre-half captain in representative matches. After the game and shower, I went into a large room where a buffet was laid on. I saw one of our officials talking to Bill Shankly and when he spotted me he called me over and introduced me as 'our captain'. I have been very fortunate with my many special moments.
  15. Sadly, Denis Law is the latest footballer to be stricken by dementia. I remember back in 1958, I was 22 and was introduced to Denis Law by Bill Shankly. Denis Law was 17. The introduction went as follows: Bill Shankly 'let me introduce you to a future Scottish international'. I shook hands with Bill Shankly then shook hands with the young blond lad stood next to him (who looked about 15). The name 'Denis Law' that followed didn't mean anything to me at the time. Bill Shankly was manager of Huddersfield Town and Denis Law was playing for Huddersfield.
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