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  1. I'm just pleased that the name 'Pulis' hasn't been mentioned anywhere.
  2. If Benitez comes in, then it will be as a temporary fix - until the next temporary fix..........................
  3. When I played, about half a dozen times in a season, I used to get fairly major heart palpitations during a game. Fortunately, it never happened during a crucial stage of play as I was unable to move for several seconds. I never went to see a doc as I didn't want to be stopped from playing. That's probably connected to the atrial fibrilation that I have had for the last 20 years. I used to get about a dozen incidents per year (heart going at 230 per minute on one of the occasions I was in hospital). Saw a new specialist about 18 months ago and he changed my medication. Haven't had a single incident since! Hope the lad pulls through OK but fear it is the end of his playing career.
  4. Quoted in the Telegraph Sport today, Henderson says 'I was confident, but it was a good save. It wasn't a great penalty, a good height for the goalkeeper, but I am not too bothered'. If he's not bothered he shouldn't be there.
  5. Our current squad couldn't handle Bielsa's training methods. He demands that players play at 90 mph for 90 minutes. Most of our squad couldn't handle 90 mph for 5 minutes.
  6. During the second half of the season particularly, the problems with the team (squad) were there for all to see. In the 'matches' thread on two Everton websites the same criticisms were coming up after each game. Poor midfield, lack of pace, lack of effort. Obvious to spectators, even more obvious to an Ancelotti but nothing done. I honestly don't think he was bothered. He knew he was going a long time ago.
  7. Talking to grandson a while ago after a couple of poor results (Sheffield Utd and one other). I mentioned that I had seen a couple of Youtube interviews with Ancelotti after these games and said that I was concerned by his complete lack of interest in the proceedings. He was a total misery throughout. In one, he thought that the session was over but another question cropped up. You could see the annoyance on his face. I said to grandson 'he will be gone in the summer, he will not be sacked he will decide to leave.' Not surprised by this, I don't think he really had his heart in the job from day 1.
  8. Apparently, Carlo has stated that we will definitely be in a European competition next year - even if he has to write the song himself.
  9. Zaha will want to stay in London anyway and he has plenty to choose from.
  10. I agree. Following the Wolves game Ancelotti was interviewed on You tube. He came across as totally disinterested and miserable. When he thought it was over but there was another question, you could see the irritation on his face. I think he may make the decision to go in the summer.
  11. Of all the teams with a negative goal difference, we were the lowest at -1. Is there a prize for this?
  12. The last thing we need is the Europa Conference League. Flying down to some god forsaken place in eastern Europe for a Thursday night game isn't what we need. Depths of winter too. Though we would probably be out of it before it got too cold,😁
  13. Agree with this. It is down to Ancelotti, the buck stops with him. We have had some games this season where we have played some excellent football and had good wins against good sides, so the quality is there. Unfortunately, for most games, that quality disappears. Players can't be arsed. No effort, no work rate. First, it is down to the manager. The problem has been staring him in the face for most of the season. Second, we need a 'Roy Keane' type captain who can sort out the players on the pitch. Like someone posted on here, am not interested in the final games. Not bothered if we lose and if we win then its too little too late.
  14. The summer priority is a clear-out. All those who jog through a game and have a poor work rate. We don't even need to replace with better players. Just getting players of equal ability who works hard and earn their wage would be a plus.
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