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  1. I might decorate my Christmas tree (in blue of course!)
  2. Second Sprint confirmed at Monza, 10-12 September.
  3. Not forgetting we are a mid-table side, hardly attractive to top players who also expect European competition. We really have to prove ourselves this season or twelve months down the line it will be, same old. Hopefully the new faces will be keen to do just that.
  4. Barkley is yesterday's man and no thanks to Winks. Reasonably happy with our 'bargain'signings so let's spend decent money on players we know will perform.
  5. If he's still carrying the injury, doubt anyone will pick him up at the moment.
  6. Surely an improvement on its current holder though.
  7. Wasn't it the police who said that a 31 year old player ha been arrested? Not the club's fault then.
  8. It was hard not to join in the comments but the conversation here was very measured and respectful of the situation. Definitely right to lock the thread as did other forums.
  9. One like that in the derby Andros and you'll be a legend!
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