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  1. Then hope they stay fit and don't keep ending up in the treatment room as has been happening to many this season.
  2. Martin Tyler as usual is doing my head in.
  3. Why do we only get 4 days between this and Tottenham?* Other fixtures could have been played Friday with teams having 5 days break. *I know because we are Everton.
  4. When a teenager in the late 60s, I used to add curry powder to baked beans and serve with boiled rice.
  5. Guess he feels valued there and that gives him confidence. I know I'm being shallow but it sticks that West Ham are going so well under Moyes.
  6. No vote but I think Ben gave it a shot for the last 15 minutes, like always he wanted a result.
  7. Absolutely hate to say this but has Dom lost the will, is he going to be lured away? We saw what happened with Rooney when GNev (allegedly had a word in his shell-like).
  8. Squad and attitude not good enough and I don't want to be humiliated in Europe. Maybe for the best if we don't qualify.
  9. Imagine improving our goal difference if today's had all gone in?
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