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  1. https://formulascout.com/why-mazepins-f1-seat-should-be-a-big-wake-up-call/71836
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if very few teams make signings this window.
  3. Loved Andre's awareness, running to the ball glances over both shoulders to see where to place the ball.
  4. Then you hear it's Martin Atkinson and John Moss on VAR.
  5. Merci Lucas, same resolve with Seamus and Andre. True Blue spirit.
  6. So, Lance will still be there donkeys years from now aiming for the title? Get real Lawrence!! I love and have confidence in my sons but am also realistic to their weaknesses.
  7. Oliver will be out to get us in some way when he next referees one of our games just to please the dark side.
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