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  1. All the bile being spewed because 'plucky little Everton' have the nerve to upset the established order and be on top of the Prem.
  2. Maybe name someone who is fit to play right now?
  3. Why is he included in the 25 man squad if he's still injured?
  4. Top of the league, injuries, suspensions, you have to deal with it.
  5. No brainer to renew. Who else is available? Steve Walsh.
  6. Son wasn't thrown to the wolves because we have class, even Gomes acknowledged that these tackles happen. Sure some fans had immediate reaction to our players comforting Son but that was heat of the moment stuff.
  7. Agree with this but they are part of a stable team, look at us we've only just started. Just wait till this new look side really gel!!
  8. Mark, I get you don't like Bolasie yet you are not thrilled with those that are questioning Pickford but some were encouraged with him when he first signed. He wore our shirt and at 31 I hope he gets to play on for a few years.
  9. In a nutshell, family is everything to the Italians. Seems to be what Carlo is relishing here and instilling in the squad.
  10. Fat cats get fatter, I've got BT so can watch but one freebie from them would have been a great gesture. I paid £10 for the EFL game against Wham and thought that was reasonable. The £14.95 proposed by the PL is usury.
  11. I've got money, £10 in my wallet from the days when we used cash.
  12. Wondering how many of each squad have been in international action so far this break?
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