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  1. Everton are a cruel joke right now.
  2. Sky, rubbish build up to qualifying. Seemed to be big up the theatre of the event. Didn't hear anything of Bottas penalty. Few interviews. Anyway down to the business now.
  3. He's the constant when managers have come and gone. Make of that what you will.
  4. Then make him a bench player and give a youngster a go, seems it couldn't be any worse.
  5. I give up why do relegation fodder see us as an easy touch, always?
  6. Remember Fulham and Sheff Utd at home last season, games we should have won.
  7. Bottas 5 place grid penalty for using 6th engine this weekend.
  8. Rom didn't look great against Brentford last Saturday and was subbed but yes he'd do a whole better than Ron.
  9. Hope his injury doesn't drag on, then transfer in the offing and he does a Barkley and has his rehab here. I don't want him to go mind.
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